KD in Afghanistan in Adaalat - Promo

 Apr 5, 2013     1431        
By: TiaKapoor  

KD in Afghanistan in Adaalat - Promo     

KD to solve unusual case this week in Adaalat - Promo

 Mar 15, 2013     1276        
By: TiaKapoor  

KD to solve unusual case this week in Adaalat - Promo     

Adaalat is good

 Dec 30, 2012     1773    
By: Kaustav  

You can sumbit a written update of an episode, your views/analysis on serial, episode or actor, your storyline or any news you want to share with the viewers of theis website. myView should be      

Adaalat - becoming disappointing

 Oct 3, 2012     2     2903    
By: SP   addalat is good by pooja    

I love watching Adaalat but the recent episodes are dragging. The do the 2 episode series which really drags the story to death making it really boring. They really need to stick to the 1 episode per      

Stop 2 day drag on! Simply does not make sense!

 Oct 1, 2012     1376    
By: Interested fan  

Like a few other serials, this was a great show with fantastic beginning. However, this 2 day serial have lost the interest. Either the writers have lacK of ideas, or producer want to save money or ma     

CID in 14th July Adaalat - Promo

 Jul 10, 2012     4022        
By: TiaKapoor  

This week will be the sangam episode of Adaalat and CID. Watch the promo video of 14th July Adaalat      

Please stop this Shifalee drama

 Jul 10, 2012     1956    
By: Big fan of Adaalat  

This is the best going on Indian TV and our producer and writers has to start screw up by bringing an invisible character named "Shifalee" which has no value other than eating up couple on m     

CID & Adaalat 2gether

 Jul 10, 2012     2548    
By: PS  

Wow.... K.D. Pathak is going to fight a case for D.C.P. Shamsher Chitrole of CID against his own CID team (ACP, Daya and Abhijit). Sala ek bhi chance gawata nahin CID ko badnaam karne ka, I really ho     

KD in jail in 7th July Adaalat - Promo

 Jul 6, 2012     2175        
By: TiaKapoor  

The promo shows the new timing of Adaalat ie at 7:30pm This time KD will be in jail for the murder of his client. Watch the pr0mo video of 7th July Adaalat      

Still the best show

 Jul 3, 2012     1001    
By: Niren  

This show has great actors, structure, good analytical, and a good story line. I would quest two things to both Mr. Roy and to producers so that it does not falls into the same story as other soaps in     

Interesting Episode - Egyptian Mummy ~ Adaalat - why not shooting abroad?

 Jun 24, 2012     1459    
By: Smile  

This episode (aired on 23rd-24th june) is very interesting...Adaalat has always taken up different cases in different ways.....and this is why it's concepts are appreciated for its uniqueness.Initiall     

Copy of Monk Episode

 Jun 12, 2012     2     1635    
By: Sonal   About copying by Niren    

I like watching Adalat, storylines are usually pretty decent. the episode that aired on 2-3 June 2012 was well excuted, but not much of mystery as it was a complete copy of an episode from Monk (Ameri     

KD Pathak in Delhi in 12th May Adaalat E24 Segment

 May 12, 2012     2952        
By: TiaKapoor  

12th May Adaalat E24 Segment KD Pathak is shooting in Delhi for his next case. KD is not very happy with the Delhi weather He says that people of Delhi are very nice. Watch the video of 12th May      

Next Saturday 7th April 2012 Adalat Clue

 Apr 2, 2012     1923    
By: Hitishi  

Adalat some of episode story line is been copied from Famous MONK Detective stories in USA. on that ground I like to predict the method of killing the person who was doing exorcise using weight bar.      

There will be no telecast of Adaalat on 25th March

 Mar 25, 2012     1955    
By: Sameer  

There will be no telecast of Adaalat on 25th March     

Celebrations in 22nd March Adaalat IBN7 Segment

 Mar 22, 2012     1312        
By: TiaKapoor  

22nd March Adaalat IBN7 SegmentAdaalat has completed 100 episodes. In the segment KD pathak answers some of the questions.Watch the video of 22nd March Adaalat IBN7 Segment.      

Ghost case in 17th March Adaalat - Promo

 Mar 17, 2012     1428        
By: TiaKapoor  

This week KD will solve the case of a bhoot.Adaalat is one of my favourite serials. KD is awesome as a lawyer. Watch the promo video of 17th March Adaalat     

Adaalat is not aired on 19th Feb due to Filmfare awards

 Feb 20, 2012     667    
By: Sameer  

Adaalat is not aired on 19th Feb due to Filmfare awards     

name of actress who played mastani's role

 Feb 16, 2012     835    
By: Samrat  

I liked nagin as well but can somebody tell me the name of the actress who played role of mastani.      

Tantrik Special - 4th February Adaalat - Promo

 Feb 4, 2012     645        
By: TiaKapoor  

This week on Adaalat KD will take up the case of Tantrik.Tantrik is charged with the murder. In the promo Tantrik tells KD that to save him, KD has to risk his like. Going from the past episodes, this