'Crime Patrol Satark' to show how to be alert, cautious

 Jul 11     137     2    

'Crime Patrol Satark' to show how to be alert, cautious     

A new story......

 Apr 17     212        

duty, love, romance, faith, trust, friendship, sacrifice, relations, respect nd many many emotions      

Sakshi Tanwar to narrate the Delhi Gang Rape Case on Crime Patrol

 Apr 5     339    
By: Sony Entertainment   

After almost a year and a half, post modifying rape laws in our country, it’s sad but the situation of women remains the same! On browsing online, be it Maharashtra or Gujarat; Delhi or Kol     

Debt Dies

 Feb 24     131    
By: Make a show on this  

Debt Dies     

A year after Nirbhaya's incident, do you feel safe?

 Dec 17     303    

A year after Nirbhaya's incident, do you feel safe?     

Woman Law

 Nov 7     219    
By: Manish Buliya  

Woman Law Loss Man     

We want Singham Cop in Crime Patrol

 Sep 2, 2013     415        
By: Jyotsana  

We want Singham Cop in Crime Patrol     

there is a case related to kidnaping in regards to be a rich man very shortly.

 Jul 29, 2013     453        

there is a case related to kidnaping in regards to be a rich man very shortly.     

Jwalamukhi Chautala turns into a ghost in 'F.I.R.'

 Jun 15, 2013     599    

Actress Chitrashi Rawat. Popular show "F.I.R." will soon have a-ghost-based episode and Chitrashi Rawat, who plays sub-inspector Jwalamukhi Chautala, is excited about playing a ghost.     

Crime Patrol - Promo

 Apr 26, 2013     921        
By: TiaKapoor  

Crime Patrol - Promo     

Foolidhness of Women

 Apr 5, 2013     617    
By: Ritu  

Foolidhness of Women     

ladko se mat khele

 Apr 4, 2013     718    
By: raj kumar  

jab koi ladka ladki se khel kar chod deta hai to sab log ladki ka sath dete hai or agar iska ulta ho to      

Minakshi palwal-faridabad dowry case burn killing

 Oct 20, 2012     5002    
By: Subhu  

The case of Minakshi from Palwal who was married in Faridabad but later murdered by her husband, mather in law and father in law by burning is very touching. I have the sympathy for her family from th     

BPO data entry consultant how cheat small centre / end pople

 Oct 13, 2012     1572    
By: Santosh Rathod  

Dear sir,I have story of today how to cheat consultant through on net . day to day cyber crime goes to very high but end people is nothing to do against fraud company and consultant . police does't t     

Murder of Mukesh Sharma in Satna Kindly help us to investgate my brother death.

 Oct 3, 2012     2552    
By: Rakesh sharma  

My brother was living in satna .He brought all the saman of our nativeplace home with the help of father in law & his wife from hindwar (mauganj) Dist: Rewa(M.P).My brothers father in law Mr. Aana     

Crime Patrol

 Sep 27, 2012     2793    
By: Roshi  

What u guys showing in the crime patrol is it true about the police that they really work this fast? I had come into US because India isn't safe Specially about the police? compared to India us polic     

apharan, 5 ghante ki bachchi ka.

 Aug 31, 2012     1767    
By: govinda thadlani  

ghatna- 25 aug., 09 pm., city hospital, pwensdra-bilaspur (c.g.) se 5 hours ki bachchi ka apharan.xcity hospital me, pwensdra kwe pass gram bagasdi ki rahnwe wali gulabiya bai(20) nwe ewk navjaat bacx     


 Aug 17, 2012     1126    
By: sharad bhatt  

i watched the episode where varun suri, aka vikram deshmukh and her pseudo sister monika suri conspire and kill/rob young aspiring film people. the show was produced,scripted and directed much better     

Story of 13 year old in 17th August Crime Patrol - Promo

 Aug 16, 2012     2243        
By: TiaKapoor  

The promo shows the case for this week where a 13 year girl is tortured. Watch the promo video of 17th August Crime Patrol      

crime patrol 3rd aug kidnapping case - human trafficking

 Aug 7, 2012     1386    
By: b k  

female foeticide and infanticide should be dealt with very stringently this will be situation everywhere in country and law and order will would be worst in world this type of human trafficking will      

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