Mom... Her Name Is Khushi..Part 77 and arshi are back!! 23 8 2014 ( 2 updates today!!

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By:    Mom.... Her name is Khushi.. Part 79 ;-) A new begining COMING UP NEXT! by Coolbakes    

She loves him more than he ever knew and he loves how more than he will ever show!     

Life after Marriage

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By:    chapter 63 by Chamkililaadgoverner    

What would happen when u marry a person suffering from mental imbalance for ur family     

Anjaan Raahein

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By:    prologue by Anamehreen    

for I4arshi. After a fight with her mother, Garima, concerning her father. Khushi left her house. Walking aimlessly, she is hit by a car. Not knowing what to do the driver take her with him     

Unwritten Destiny-Found My Love

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By:    chapter 13 by Sanchita    

a love story of arshi with little romance....collab by me and sanchita peep in and comment     

Supernatural Love...

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By:    Chapter 48 by Starmuski    

A new unique love story from me and asyalover270(manal)     

Her marriage!!! A sin to be destroyed

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By:    journey to their new life... by Nakshathra    

A gal fell on his trap in the name of marriage without knowing his true face, what would happen when she came to know about him who just going to replace her as a call gal in their absence     

Arnav and Khushi- Between Mist and Shadows [AK-M&S] [SS]

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By:    39th update by Spoon    

Trying to survive in a world where you can't even trust yourself?... Goodluck!     

Love Change Life - 2

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By:    Thier little prince naughtiness & sweet shock by Arshi_Siva    

Will love change life of arnav and khushi. new plot and new story.     

Arnav aur Khushi ki kahani - Thread2

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By:    Arnav aur Khushi ki Kahani by Aadhya    

Guys.. the story continues here.. welcome to A2K3!!!     

Always yours.

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By:    Always yours. Part 10 by Kattty    

Arnav and Khushi love each but Sheetal enters their life and creates misunderstanding.     

Get My Love Back

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Short story about how arnav get his love khushi back in his life. it starts from their remarriage. Please read it. Will arnav get his love back or not please peep in to know about it.      

Love !!! Magic beings...

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By:    Love !!! Magic beings... by Nakshathra    

A simple story where a gal who never allowed to take her decision on her life, discovering a new feelings for a guy against her rules.... Will she give in to her feelings or overcome it.     

Khushi's Secret Husband

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By:    arnav tell khushi about his love by Arshi_Siva    

Title Changed. How u feel when u live in u r husband house without knowing anyone u r his wife. did      

First Love

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It is short and sweet story about first love of arnav and khushi. How it feel when u r first love going to marry someone & how u feel when u realise u r first love. Please read it and enjoy     

Cursed Life

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By:    Last Part - Happy life by Arshi_Siva    

Arnav who is lovely husband try to change the fate of his wife khushi whose life is in danger. Both love each other but what make khushi life is sad and cursed one. Will she live for arnav.     

Possessive Love (Forced Marriage)

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By:    khushi share her fear with anjali & khushi comes to know about arnav by Arshi_Siva    

story about arnav who is arrogant fall in love with innocent khushi. Possessiv asr married khushi forcefully did he get her love or did khushi change him. did they live happily or not. Pleas     

A Girl in my life

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By:    A girl in my life by Raindrops    

BATTLING DESIRES -part 24!!! A must read story!

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By:    Battling desires part 28 by Coolbakes    

Fates tricky route to destiny!! the Kushi suicide scenario!! DON MISS IT!     

anjali di little prince her chotte

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By:    Shaaravs first diwali :) by Anamehreen    

daljeet aka anjali di with baby shaarav     

Steamy night

 Oct 24     89     118064     11100        
By:    Steamy night by Nakshathra    

An expected nite changed their life unexpectedly without knowing to each other.............     

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