Second love change life

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By:    Arshi dance & khushi and sandhya drink alcohol by Arshi_Siva    

arnav loves his lady love so much but she went away so far from him forever. will second love change arnav life or not. will khushi make him fall on her. please peep in.     

Love Never Dies: It's Bond Beyond the Love

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By:    Love Never Dies: It's Bond Beyond the Love by Tanu_Rshi    

It's Sequel for My Story of ARSHI Karwa Chaud: "ARSHI: Bond Beyond The Love"     

FF - ** //Dairy Entry//**

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You are the one with whom I can share my everything... and you will be the one........     

First Love

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By:    khushi ask arnav to marry her by Arshi_Siva    

It is short and sweet story about first love of arnav and khushi. How it feel when u r first love going to marry someone & how u feel when u realise u r first love. Please read it and enjoy     

Me and My Secretary

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By:    chapter 9 by Chamkililaadgoverner    

Love story of a boss who falls in love with his secretary.     

Arshi... Story of their Love

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By:    PART-11 by Happydays    

Arshi... Story of their Love     

ku hua y isq ....

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By: Bhavyadwivedi  

ku hua y isq ....     

ku hua y isq ....

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By: Bhavyadwivedi  

ku hua y isq ....     

TS : Pehli Nazar Ka Pehla Pyaar

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By:    TS : Pehli Nazar Ka Pehla Pyaar by Arshiminakshi    

TS : Pehli Nazar Ka Pehla Pyaar     

Teri Meri Love Stories- Short Story Part 9

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By:    Teri Meri Love Stories- Short Story Part 9 by Apopinion    

Teri Meri Love Stories- Short Story Part 9     

Life after Marriage

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By:    chapter 65 by Chamkililaadgoverner    

What would happen when u marry a person suffering from mental imbalance for ur family     

ku hua y isq...

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By: Bhavyadwivedi  

ku hua y isq...     

My soul is u

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By:    Happy life & khushi's worry by Arshi_Siva    

SS about arnav and khushi who are in deeply love and do anything which make others happy.      

Steamy night

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By:    Steamy night by Nakshathra    

An expected nite changed their life unexpectedly without knowing to each other.............     

Khushi's Secret Husband

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By:    past continue & present arshi life by Arshi_Siva    

Title Changed. How u feel when u live in u r husband house without knowing anyone u r his wife. did      

Fan Fiction | Bhabhi

 19 hours ago     12     12177     597    
By:    -Chapter Eight- by LittleMissStubborn    

No Preview *wink* Do peep in :D     

Full Circle: The Longest Season of Darkness

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By:    Full Circle: Longest Season of Darkness.. by Arshirandomfan    

What will you do for your family, your loved ones? Will you sacrifice everything? Your only hope for happiness for them? Will you walk to the ends of darkness for justice..     

Love Happens...

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By:    Love Happens... by Tamana23    

“-Giving someone all your love is never an assurance that they'll love you back!”     

FF - The Little Butterfly

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By:    Chapter - 21 by Luckyarshi    

Bonded by the thread of marriage at a early age will they ever able to understand each other and be a ideal couple???????????     

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