Unwritten Destiny-Found My Love

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By:    Chapter Three by Sanchita    

a love story of arshi with little romance....collab by me and sanchita peep in and comment     

Snowfall ~ Fanswords~

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By:    FH...WTM? Link by Nanak    

Hey people, how many of u can still have smile thinking about Frozen hearts..Will they melt? story by snowfall?? Doesn't she deserves a appreciation page by her fans? Peep in...     

YOU HAVE ME.........

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By:    YOU HAVE ME............ by Achu01    

My Another Story ................

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By:    My Another Story...... by Jelebigirl    

Guys this is just a new idea about our arshi came into my head while i was having a talk with my colleague in office about ippknd .....and here goes the story     

Mohabbat door jaane na de...Nafrat paas aane na de

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By:    Mohabbat door jaane na de...Nafrat paas aane na de by Lechuarshi    

What will happen if Arnav's past rule his present? What will happen when Khushi's heart is broken brutally by ASR who is blind in his anger abandon Khushi in their remarriage day.      

"esa koi zindagi me aae jo zindagi ko zindagi banae"

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By:    "aisa koi zindagi me aae jo zindagi ko zindagi banae" by Sadiyafanofaarshi    

"esa koi zindagi me aae jo zindagi ko zindagi banae"     

Ocean's happy

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By:    Ocean's happy by Nakshathra    

The story of ARSHI whose characters r exact opposite. Arnav believes in love whereas khushi hates love nd mens     


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By:    PART - 4 by Tinni6891    

Will Arnav and Khushi give more importance to their misunderstanding than their true love? Will they able to be destined to be together?     


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By:    Khushi tell her feelings to arnav & step into next level of marriage by Arshi_Siva    

Marriage turns many people life into heaven or hell. now how this marriage turns arnav and khushi life. Marriage bring happiness or sad in their life. if u want to know it please peep in.     


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By:    "hurdles in love" by Sadiyafanofaarshi    

what if anjali di come to know about her **** husband's true face & she punnish him for tht........     

Innocent Wife

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By:    Arshi first kiss & arnav's teaching by Arshi_Siva    

Short story about arnav's innocent wife khushi. how will arnav manage his innocent wife. Please peep in.      

Second love change life

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By:    arnav buy bangles for khushi by Arshi_Siva    

arnav loves his lady love so much but she went away so far from him forever. will second love change arnav life or not. will khushi make him fall on her. please peep in.     

Revealed: Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon producer finally talks about Barun Sobti’s exit!!

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Revealed: Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon producer finally talks about Barun Sobti’s exit!!     

Love Change Life - 2

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By:    arnav tell truth to khushi & khushi's reaction by Arshi_Siva    

Will love change life of arnav and khushi. new plot and new story.     

Please Love Me

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By:    seducing khushi & shyam's condition by Arshi_Siva    

will khushi understood arnav love and accept her husband who forcefully married her. ss about arnav      

FF- winner takes it all

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By:    THE WINNER TAKES IT ALL - 103 by Raani82    

Best offscreen comments By Barun!!

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By:    English translation of Barun's comments. by Meetu1002    

Best offscreen comments By Barun!!     

Nakshathra's Crazy creations!!!

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By:    Another new creation by Nakshathra    

Way for my creations.... My index....     

one shot - silence

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silence between relation melt or froze still at end     

An ode to a writer

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An ode to a writer     

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