Breaking News: MAMR to be released on Dec 12th 2014!!

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By:    MAMR trailer coming soon !! by Ocean    

MAMR to be released on 12/12/14!!     

Oh Yes, Thats Love - Season 2- Chapter 1

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They were meant to be, Love was set to conquer all, but could it?Was the Present strong enough to outdo the Past?They parted ways, but Love remained.Will they Unite?Will Love Win??      

Oh Yes, thats Love - Season 2- Chapter 1

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By: OhYes,Thats Love-S2  

They were meant to be, Love was set to conquer all, but could it?Was the Present strong enough to outdo the Past?They parted ways, but Love remained.Will they Unite?Will Love Win??     

y isq hai ya kch aur hai y ..

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y isq hai ya kch aur hai y...     

FF: Silver streaks

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By:    .....Chapter 378..... by Dhalia    

It was a dark and stormy night and rain seemed imminent. There was temporary power failure and Khushi was alone at RM in her room staring pensively at the flickering shadows of the plants near the poo     

msg to vsahi

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By: Sradgi  

msg to vsahi     

FF- Oh yes, Thats Love!!(Arshi and Asya )

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By:    Imp Note -30/10/2014 - I am back :-) by Arnavkhushi1    

This my FF on Arshi and Asya, since both of them are my favourite couples, i came up with this thought to combine them together into One...:-)     

FF - The Desperate Kingdom Of Love

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By:    Important Note -30/10/2014- I'm back :-) by Arnavkhushi1    

They say…Love conquers all, but will Love ever blossom in the hearts which have been cast under a spell of hatred and revenge….??Will Love Finally Be Able To Conquer it All??     

SS - ASR’s Angry Mode…

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By:    ASR's Angry Mode - 18 by Kalai    

The mighty ASR… due to his over affection on his sister… forced Khushi to lose everything to him… including herself… how destiny has planned them to be with each other. Peep in guys… to know     

A Girl in my life

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By:    A girl in my life by Raindrops    


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By:    Trust!!! Part 48 is Up......30/10/14 :) by Sviji    

Trust has an very important role in every relationship, between husband wife, between siblings, betweens younger and elders......if there is no Trust, relationship crumbles under the storm.     

Second Chance!!!

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By:    Second Chance!!! Next Part Is UP!!! 30/10/14 by Sviji    

Four Shot on ArShi!!!     

Zhukaa Aasmaan

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By:    Jhukaa Aasmaan Part 16 by Sankadevi_Lg    

Will her Love changes his hatred towards people who are lesser than him in status?     

Second love change life

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By:    Arshi dance & khushi and sandhya drink alcohol by Arshi_Siva    

arnav loves his lady love so much but she went away so far from him forever. will second love change arnav life or not. will khushi make him fall on her. please peep in.     

Love Never Dies: It's Bond Beyond the Love

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By:    Love Never Dies: It's Bond Beyond the Love by Tanu_Rshi    

It's Sequel for My Story of ARSHI Karwa Chaud: "ARSHI: Bond Beyond The Love"     

FF - ** //Dairy Entry//**

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You are the one with whom I can share my everything... and you will be the one........     

First Love

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By:    khushi ask arnav to marry her by Arshi_Siva    

It is short and sweet story about first love of arnav and khushi. How it feel when u r first love going to marry someone & how u feel when u realise u r first love. Please read it and enjoy     

Me and My Secretary

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By:    chapter 9 by Chamkililaadgoverner    

Love story of a boss who falls in love with his secretary.     

Arshi... Story of their Love

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By:    PART-11 by Happydays    

Arshi... Story of their Love     

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