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By:    my index by Madhu20    

All the MeD Talented Writers and Readers - Peep in for most amazing Index of Creative work done by MeDians... Submit your Index Now and Get Featured here!!     

Kyaa Dil Ne Kahaa?

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By:    Chapter 28 - Dadi and Nani by Angel23    

Love has his own unique ways...      

Edit It Up- An editing contest

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By:    Here is my edit :( by Farakhan    

Take up your editing brushes and join this contest     

Unique devil Angel.

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By:    Unique devil angel.... by Fathimasumaiya19    

A devil Angel craving for love.     

Kaisa Ye Pyaar Hai?

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By:    Chapter 8 - Were we meant to be? by Angel23    

Samajh paaun na main tujhko.... Naa tu mujhko…      

Rani Tu Main Raja *New updates are up*

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By:    Update-39 by Krithika_Rshi    

she always refuses him....but fate only bring her in his area only....wat will happen to both of them at last who believes the everything happens for a sake??believe me its a different story     


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By:    Update # 27 by Tinaarun    

I'm happy to begin new story.... my apology for each and every mistake i commit in this story...     

OS competition (previously posted as round two of "Mazaa" NOW OPEN TO All)

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By:    My entry by Spriya    

now it's open to all not only the participants of "Mazaa"      

My wait paid off

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OS for Asu29494 competition     

DOLI UDEGI...???! From Daljeet

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By:    Chapter 25 ( The End) by Ranianjali    

From the Author of ZINDAGI OF ARSHIS’ and to the readers of ZOAs, Arnav and Kushi in DOLI UDEGI. Romantic Comedy Genre. Have Fun      


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Friendship can lead to Love.........But can Love lead us back to friendship??!!!      

TS: Tit For Tat

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Is Khushi a follower of 'Tit For Tat'? Any Idea? No, then peep in.... Another Sheetal Track....     

FF - The Desperate Kingdom Of Love

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By:    Chapter 31 - THE TRILLION BROKEN PEICES OF MY HEART - (27 APRIL,2017) - New by Arnavkhushi1    

They say…Love conquers all, but will Love ever blossom in the hearts which have been cast under a spell of hatred and revenge….??Will Love Finally Be Able To Conquer it All??     

Nafrat Karo Ya Pyaar? (Hate me or love me?)

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By:    Part 5.... by Khushisingh96    

Hate before marriage, Love after marriage or Is it their love from starting itself? To know more About their love story..Peep in :)     

Old but unseen #Goa #Barun Sobti ,Mohit Sehgal ,Akshay Dogra

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Old but unseen #Goa #Barun Sobti ,Mohit Sehgal ,Akshay Dogra     


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By:    Note and Teaser till part 15 by Nanduarshi    

Hurdles which have to be crossed by two lovers...     

Barun with Sanaya , Nia & Krystal for Star Parivaar Awards 2012 Promo

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Barun with Sanaya , Nia & Krystal for Star Parivaar Awards 2012 Promo     

Don't give up!!!!!!!

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By:    Part 12!!! by Kasr_Sd_Asr_Lg    

What will happen when Khushi refuses to come back home with Arnav after contract marriage??     

My little bride.

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By:    My little bride. by Roja_Arshi    

They were bonded...by a thread called Marriage.     

Love Me Like You Do

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By:    Chapter 4 Part B by Twinkle_Alisha    

Its FanFic.. In Childhood They Were Separated By Fate One Making To Evil Other Making Amensic, Now After 12 Years They Met Will Their Love Story Will Be Proceeded Or Not. Get To Know PEEP IN