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By:    stories index by Sandiamalikabc123456 by Sandiamalikabc123456    

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betrayed trust

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By:    part 24 by arshi_love    

Bond of Love

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By: Kiddolove  

Together we shared a bond not even death would violate.     

Love !!! Magic beings...

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By:    Love !!! Magic beings... by Nakshathra    

A simple story where a gal who never allowed to take her decision on her life, discovering a new feelings for a guy against her rules.... Will she give in to her feelings or overcome it.     

undesireble love

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By: Lakshmi55  

hey looking for a story

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By:    link needed plz by Blackshimmer19    

hey looking for a story     

SS: I will be always with u

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By:    chapter 35 by Chamkililaadgoverner    

A short story based on trust. A pure Arshi story     


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By:    ARSHI LOVE STORY by Arshiipkknd    

This is my first ever story penning down. It’s a very simple love story with family entertainment, fun, teasing, love silly fights, etc…. ARSHI LOVE STORY     

Need help to fing arshi ff

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By: Vinni  

Pls peep in      

Second love change life

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By:    Rain romance & family enjoy in rain by Arshi_Siva    

arnav loves his lady love so much but she went away so far from him forever. will second love change arnav life or not. will khushi make him fall on her. please peep in.     


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By:    arnav make khushi happy by Arshi_Siva    

Marriage turns many people life into heaven or hell. now how this marriage turns arnav and khushi life. Marriage bring happiness or sad in their life. if u want to know it please peep in.     

ArShi SS | Addiction

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By:    Addiction - Chapter VI by -meow-    

It was fascinating the way he took control of her life, the way every thought consisted of a lazy kiss.     

My soul is u

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By:    akash ask khsuhi about baby by Arshi_Siva    

SS about arnav and khushi who are in deeply love and do anything which make others happy.      


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By:    Emptiness... Part 19 by Taanihalai    

Life after Marriage

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By:    chapter 30 by Chamkililaadgoverner    

What would happen when u marry a person suffering from mental imbalance for ur family     

OS : Arnav I am pregnant

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how khushi and arnav tell to their family khushi is pregnant. how will arnav react if he knows khushi is pregnant when they study in clg. please peep in. it is random os.     

OS : Arnav I am pregnant

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how khushi and arnav tell to their family khushi is pregnant. how will arnav react if he knows khushi is pregnant when they study in clg. please peep in. it is random os.     

My ipkknd

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By:    My ipkknd. Part 41 by Kattty    

FF - The Little Butterfly

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By:    Chapter-15 by Luckyarshi    

Bonded by the thread of marriage at a early age will they ever able to understand each other and be a ideal couple???????????     

Kaisa Yeh Pyaar Hai..

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By:    Kaisa Yeh Pyaar Hai.. by Sanjana_13    
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