an hour ago     173     166492     17431    
By:    Childhood buddies by Nakshathra    

The tale of Childhood friends how their relationship blooming on their every stage of their life..     

Suprising her (OS)

 an hour ago     347     5        

Please peep in      

FF - The Last Battle Of LOVE !!!!

 3 hours ago     4     2010     47        
By:    chapter - 3 .....21 years latter...... by Luckyarshi    

what happen when the ghost of past come alive to do the unfulfilled task of past. and this time there will be a battle to save future from past in present.!!!!!     

"First Kiss" changed my life!!! Version2

 4 hours ago     6     9557     518    
By:    "First kiss " changed my life!!! Version2- Shot 6 by Nakshathra    

Short and cute love story....      

FF - The Little Butterfly

 4 hours ago     24     20919     1489        
By:    Chapter - 20 by Luckyarshi    

Bonded by the thread of marriage at a early age will they ever able to understand each other and be a ideal couple???????????     

FF:Not Just A Dream

 11 hours ago     519     11        
By: Sravv  

FF:Not Just A Dream     

A Girl in my life

 14 hours ago     5     5498     415    
By:    A girl in my life by Raindrops    

Broken Flower...

 15 hours ago     32     16224     535        
By:    Chapter 31 by Starmuski    

BROKEN FLOWER...shielded with thorns....will Arnav be able to remove thorns from his personal broken flower with whom he fell in love     

Me and My Secretary

 16 hours ago     9     14771     891        
By:    chapter 8 by Chamkililaadgoverner    

Love story of a boss who falls in love with his secretary.     

Mohabbat door jaane na de...Nafrat paas aane na de

 17 hours ago     14     20125     1481    
By:    Mohabbat door jaane na de...Nafrat paas aane na de by Lechuarshi    

What will happen if Arnav's past rule his present? What will happen when Khushi's heart is broken brutally by ASR who is blind in his anger abandon Khushi in their remarriage day.      


 18 hours ago     468     9    
By: Supersanam  


ArHi SS : Ancient Thread

 21 hours ago     12     6914     180            
By:    Chapter 6 Part 2 by Jossy    

Connecting the Threads of Destiny     

Always yours.

 21 hours ago     12     19220     1367    
By:    Always yours. Epilogue by Kattty    

Arnav and Khushi love each but Sheetal enters their life and creates misunderstanding.     


 21 hours ago     65     40743     2684    
By:    Emptiness... Part 65 ((Last Part)) by Taanihalai    

Devastated- The Shattered Trust

 22 hours ago     20     23136     1665        
By:    Teaser for next chapter by Arshiforever92    

An Intense story on Arshi.     

Arranged Marriage.....Part 23 Is Up!!! 25/10/14 :)

 22 hours ago     27     54172     4797    
By:    Arranged Marriage.....Part 23!!! 25/10/14 by Sviji    

hi everyoneeeeee......

 23 hours ago     113     3    
By: Vyshuuuu  

hi everyoneeeeee......     

Sang Hoon Tere!!!! Next Part Is Up!!! 25/10/14

 Oct 25     20     28497     2717    
By:    SHT......Part 18!!!!.........25/10/14 updated :) by Sviji    

Heart's binding them in one beat, Love rules their whole being moulding them in one another in perfect synchronization. A Story about two SoulMate..     

Mom... Her Name Is Khushi..Part 77 and arshi are back!! 23 8 2014 ( 2 updates today!!

 Oct 25     94     106307     13552        
By:    Mom.... Her name is Khushi.. Part 79 ;-) A new beginning! Part A by Coolbakes    

She loves him more than he ever knew and he loves how more than he will ever show!     

Life after Marriage

 Oct 25     65     112173     9389        
By:    chapter 63 by Chamkililaadgoverner    

What would happen when u marry a person suffering from mental imbalance for ur family     

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