Love !!! Magic beings...

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By:    Love !!! Magic beings... by Nakshathra    

A simple story where a gal who never allowed to take her decision on her life, discovering a new feelings for a guy against her rules.... Will she give in to her feelings or overcome it.     

Khushi's Secret Husband

 5 hours ago     19     25494     1600        
By:    arnav tell khushi about his love by Arshi_Siva    

Title Changed. How u feel when u live in u r husband house without knowing anyone u r his wife. did      

First Love

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It is short and sweet story about first love of arnav and khushi. How it feel when u r first love going to marry someone & how u feel when u realise u r first love. Please read it and enjoy     

Cursed Life

 5 hours ago     9     7372     407        
By:    Last Part - Happy life by Arshi_Siva    

Arnav who is lovely husband try to change the fate of his wife khushi whose life is in danger. Both love each other but what make khushi life is sad and cursed one. Will she live for arnav.     

Possessive Love (Forced Marriage)

 5 hours ago     25     39384     2503        
By:    khushi share her fear with anjali & khushi comes to know about arnav by Arshi_Siva    

story about arnav who is arrogant fall in love with innocent khushi. Possessiv asr married khushi forcefully did he get her love or did khushi change him. did they live happily or not. Pleas     

A Girl in my life

 8 hours ago     4     4229     311    
By:    A girl in my life by Raindrops    

BATTLING DESIRES -part 24!!! A must read story!

 14 hours ago     39     37992     2543        
By:    Battling desires part 28 by Coolbakes    

Fates tricky route to destiny!! the Kushi suicide scenario!! DON MISS IT!     

anjali di little prince her chotte

 15 hours ago     30     13464     634        
By:    Shaaravs first diwali :) by Anamehreen    

daljeet aka anjali di with baby shaarav     

Steamy night

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By:    Steamy night by Nakshathra    

An expected nite changed their life unexpectedly without knowing to each other.............     

marriage of convenience and the baby

 16 hours ago     29     32824     2070    
By:    chapter 23 by Tanvipandit    

story of two sworn enemies who unite laying their hatred for each other on side to protect a precious life which is dear to both of them.what turn will their life take?? please peep in....     

Back in the wonderland !!

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By:    Welcome back Di:))))) by Vsahi    

Back in the wonderland !!     

Love (SS)

 17 hours ago     25     16633     438        
By:    LOVE (Part-19) by Amrita_Sweetu    

SS of ARHI ,just peep in guys... :)     


 18 hours ago     61     51224     4866    
By:    Chapter 52 - "I LL SHOW WHO IS ROMANTIC AND WHO IS UR HERO, KHUSHI!!" by Vsahi    

A story which ll bring a smile in ur lips with romance/emotional/laughter at d end of each update;)      

Sang Hoon Tere!!!! Next Part Is Up!!! 23/10/14

 18 hours ago     19     27096     2552    
By:    SHT......Part 17!!!!.........23/10/14 updated :) by Sviji    

Heart's binding them in one beat, Love rules their whole being moulding them in one another in perfect synchronization. A Story about two SoulMate..     

Sacha Pyaar...

 19 hours ago     4     2841     64        
By:    Sacha Pyaar (Part-2) by Amrita_Sweetu    

Fan Fiction | Bhabhi

 19 hours ago     11     10768     539    
By:    -Chapter Seven- by LittleMissStubborn    

No Preview *wink* Do peep in :D     

I am Backk ..........

 19 hours ago     165     2    

Please peep in.........     


 20 hours ago     64     40141     2618    
By:    Emptiness... Part 64 by Taanihalai    

Devastated- The Shattered Trust

 20 hours ago     19     21934     1568        
By:    Chapter- 17 by Arshiforever92    

An Intense story on Arshi.     

"First Kiss" changed my life!!! Version2

 23 hours ago     5     8954     481    
By:    "First kiss " changed my life!!! Version2- Shot 5 by Nakshathra    

Short and cute love story....      

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