Savdhan India (India Fights back)

 Jul 8, 2013     1547    
By: Nihar Raj  

Savdhan India (India Fights back)     

Rucha praises crime-based shows for creating awareness

 Jun 27, 2013     847    

After doing "Savdhaan India", television actress Rucha Gujarati feels such crime-based shows are essential for the audience. Not new to the small screen, Rucha as been part of popular series "Kku     

Why Mohnish Bahl is so less in SI

 Apr 8, 2013     2     1646    
By: AS   Not fair to avoid Monish in Savdhan India by Prof.Dr. Mrs.K.Sanka    

We started to watch Savadhan India due to Mohnish Bahl .. But now a days his appearance is hardly once a week. Why SI team is giving Priority only to Sushat . I heard some where ie the reason Gaurav C     

Sooo Inspiring

 Oct 18, 2012     892    
By: Simran and Jasbinder  

I am a twelve year old from Canada and me and my mom love this show. We have never missed an episode and are very inspired by this show and the courage of those who fought against injustice. We hope t     

I endorse Swati's view alittle more of fight should be shown

 Sep 30, 2012     909    
By: Sp  

Malaya,' fight till end to get justice for his wife ,applaudable.Khud toot gaya ladte ladte but apni fighting spirit ko nahi tootne diya! He knew he owed this much to his brave wife! Uski sacrifice vy     

SI Team, Increase Fight Back Period

 Sep 29, 2012     732    
By: Swati Yeole  

Yday episode again one more heart wrenching story.Start of the episode , MB 's happy full of smile face when he said marriage of two patrakars after love..aaha, what a pleasure !!! MB looked so handso     

Kya gribi hi ladkiyon ke kharid fahrokt ki jad hai?

 Sep 25, 2012     964    
By: Sp  

Ek had tak hum garibi ko jummewar thahre sakte hain! kyonki baap nithaalla nahi tha,scooter chalaata tha.Bus haalat ka mara tha! phir yeh Dubai ke paiso ki chakachaundh! But apni hi masoom bachhi ko      

Request Letter To " STAR " Group

 Sep 24, 2012     647    
By: Ashni Mathur  

To,Star Group,Sub- Request Letter to "Star Group "Dear Sir / Madam, Congrats " Star and Life OK " as their GRP increased... I started watching Savdhan India after Mohnish Bahl entry ..I     

MB's human touch to Veer's and his Nana Nani's Fight against inhuman crime

 Sep 21, 2012     801    
By: Sp  

Another eye opener True story of fight of veer against Barbaric behaviour,a heinous crime of his father and step mom,with the help of nana nani.Mb rightly said how can a woman jismein maa nivaas karti     

Ladka ya Ladki,bhagwan kaa prassad mankar sweekar karo,no more female foetus

 Sep 20, 2012     717    
By: Sp  

Became aware of Si only with MB"s entry . Yesterday's epi on Female foetus was eyeopener too ,V Well conducted by Sushant."Yatra Naryastu pujyante ramante tatra Devta",aisi bhoomi mein     

TOI_Article reg MB

 Sep 18, 2012     630    
By: Ashni Mathur  

There are very few actors who have been successful on TV as well as in Bollywood and one amongst them is talented actor Mohnish Behl.He won accolades for his performance in Bollywood blockbusters like     

Mb You are best, amazing ,leave your stamp here too

 Sep 18, 2012     532    
By: Sp  

Yesterdays, epi,well conducted.I am very impressed and want to make parents savdhan becoz such things do happen in life .be observent of your child's behaviour ,Only then you can help your child.3o ye     

Golden Touch of MB

 Sep 17, 2012     530    
By: Swati Yeole  

I started watching Savdhan India after Mohnish Bahl ‘s entry .. I really like this show as it “Fights Back “.. Some criminal other shows like CID, Crime petrol , Adalat in that problem sorted out b     

Mb rocks in mahashukravars' dil dehlanewala epi

 Sep 15, 2012     492    
By: Sp  

You are bestest .The pain seen in your eyes the diction,your tone all amazing.It looks like you were inflicted with Meera's pain and if bus chalta toh you will dhakel dete us scoundrel of a father     

Want more of Mb in SI

 Sep 15, 2012     512    
By: Sp  

Much awaited return of adynamic artist at his best. Welcome Mb in your new Avtaar here also you rock with pain in your expressive eyes and perfect body language As actor toh you are superb but as Sut     

Parul Chauhan in Savdhaan India

 Sep 14, 2012     628        
By: TiaKapoor  

Parul Chauhan is back on TV in Savdhaan India Watch the video for more information      

Show MB more in SI

 Sep 14, 2012     369    
By: PK  

Mohnish Bahl, u r the best anchor. Love u as an actor now love u as an anchor. Its my request to SI , show MB more in SI. Sushant is also very good but love MB. And one more request to Savdhan India ,     

Open Letter to Mohnish Bahl

 Sep 8, 2012     521    
By: Ashni Mathur   

Hi,MB, I am ur fan rather I am very crazy for u (sorry not for Mohnish Bahl but for Ashu ). I come to know about this page after u left ktlk .But I was so angry on u as u left the serial half way and      

waiting for Mohnish Bahl

 Sep 6, 2012     405    
By: AS  

Only 1 day remaining for Mohnish Bahl entry as a host in Savdhan India.MB , we are waiting for u, very excited, all d best for this new innings.I hope, now Savadhan India will rockssss aft     

Monish Bahl to host Savdhaan India - SBS Segment

 Sep 3, 2012     579        
By: TiaKapoor  

3rd September Savdhaan India SBS Segment Monish Bahl will host the show. Watch the video of 3rd September Savdhaan India SBS Segment. The segment starts at 1:23