big confusion

 Nov 18, 2012     2772    
By: kavya  

kya ye sab dubara bhangarh gye the shooting ke liy , muje ye samaj ni aaa paa rha ........ pls anyone clear ma doubt ..................... ulka ke saath kuch ni hua kya n unse sach me tantrik ko maara     


 Nov 6, 2012     1942    
By: Rani  

this is to all those viewers who think that this show is ridiculous, please do yourselves and others a favour; DO NOT WATCH THIS SHOW! if you don't like the show, simple, don't watch it but don't writ     

Ridiculous serial.....must stop

 Oct 8, 2012     2160    
By: MM  

In any case our society is full of superstions......this serials support the people who believe in them. Zee TV should stop promoting superstition with such serials.I have not seen any other episode o     

11th Aug Fear Files is all fake copied from the Hollywood movie The Shining

 Aug 13, 2012     4705    
By: Norahs   

This is simply ridiculous. Stops making such stupid serials which is just influenced by Hollywood movies. 11th Aug Fear Files is all fake copied from the Hollywood movie The Shining. " The only d     

report on the series

 Jul 4, 2012     2409    
By: parvati  

Absolutely love it. always wait for the new episode. It is perfectly alright to bring these episodes to the audience as we get to understand the real side to their world rather than watch stupid horro     

report about this serial

 Jul 2, 2012     2     2455    
By: nancy    pudonx31 by asdaL5l21l6    

see this serial is showing ridiculous things. we all knows that type of things are and always will be but it doesn't mean to telecast on television and i never supposed this from zee TV. its such a re     

Fear Files starts from 30th June

 Jun 24, 2012     4051        
By: TiaKapoor  

ZEE TV's new TV serial Fear Files Dar Ki Sacchi Tasveerein will start on 30th June at 10:30 pm. The show will be aired on saturday and sunday. Watch the promo video of Fear Files Dar Ki Sacchi Tasvee