The Difference Between Good Writers & Bad Writers

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By: KKP   What Is the Value of Connecting Reading and Writing? by KKP    

The Difference Between Good Writers & Bad Writers     

Helping Post for Members

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Helping Post for Members     

List of 41 old Ipkknd stories

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By: KKP   some link of a story..... by Krithika_Rshi    

List of 41 old Ipkknd stories     

How to search stories of Writers

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How to search stories of Writers     

MasterChef Myeduniya

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By:    How to make Upma-Quick Breakfast Recipes by Telly_News    

A personalized recipe book created by the masterchefs of Myedunia!     

*Important Post* Join MeD Team! Apply Now Volunteers!

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By:    We are back by MED Admin TEAM    


For New Members/Writers

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For New Members/Writers     

Help Desk

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By:    Help with the image... by Sameea    

Get all sorts of help here!     

For New writer how to add the view or story

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For New writer how to add the view or story     

Master Index - One Shots!

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By:    LINK OF MY OS-s by Irene    

drop in all your links to your one shots!     

Calling all Multi-Talented MeDians!

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By:    hii guyyss... some edits by me.. :) by Sruthinair    

Showcase...Flaunt your Talents!     

**Important Post** Xpress - To Impress !

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It may surprise you to know what Xpress can do ... Read on ... thanks!!     

Helpful Hint/Tips

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By:    Response to britfanuk - Instructions on various processes by Dpatel    

Why don’t you take the opportunity to become the member and get notification email when your favorite authors post an update? Few setting you may have to perform as per your part after you h     

IPKKND OneShot Competition

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By:    My entry... by Saya_Arshi    

Peep in for more details about the OS competition. Participate and Enjoy !!     

FF and SS - Completed and Ongoing List

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By:    SS - It's not about the money - Now Completed by Dpatel    

FF and SS - Completed and Ongoing List     

LInks of completed stories...

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Completed ARshi stories from the stories...     

What Makes You Lose Readers?

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Dive in, read, learn, apply and see the results!      

My favorite 4 myShare … LINKS

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please read and comment.. .thanks ton      

IPKKND Collab: A Symphony of Hearts - Updated on 24 1 2014 chapter 34

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By:    Writers and Readers by Coolbakes    

This time the beautiful saga through the eyes of more than 30 this EPIC Arshi Fiction!!     

MED is BACK and....peep in

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By:    Good News to All Members by Medsuper    

more cool features coming as well like mobile website and new comment section