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By:    stories index by Sandiamalikabc123456 by Sandiamalikabc123456    

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One Shot->True Love against Destiny

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One Shot->True Love against Destiny     

Beintehaa Feat Rangrasiya- Falling Apart (VM)

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Been a while I vidded Zaya.. Here's a crossover between Beintehaa and Rangrasiya     

Khushi’s Sweet Vengeance and Shadowy Alliance [OS]

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By:    Thank You Readers - Appreciation by Dpatel    

This one will be after basketball match when Sheetal and Aarav were residing in RM. How Khushi succeed in her mission trying to unveil the true mask of Sheetal with the help of her Shadowy A     


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By:    Extra Shot by Dhakshi    

Some tribal people believe the forests are guarded by a goddess and the woods by a god. It is a deep-rooted belief... Is it just a belief or is there any truth to it?      

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By:    Arnav and the slice...read it and comment...:) by Krithika_Rshi    

a funny and silly imagination of mine from some funny incident..!!;)     

anger comes from love

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By: bogdan&lili  

anger comes from love     

OS|Life goes on...

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Life Goes On...With or Without you!! READ and COMMENT!! Pileej!!     


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By:    BATTLING DESIRES - to be continued!! by Coolbakes    

Fates tricky route to destiny!! the Kushi suicide scenario!! My take!!     

Heart wrenching adoration!

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By:    Heart wrenching adoration!Part-27 by Twilight    

A story of love,hurt and jealousy!     

nafret ya mohabaaat

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By:    Nafrat ya mohabbet by Khushiluv    

khushi luved him but wat she got pain n hatred . everything was a act which he did .     

For All Eternity

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By:    For All Eternity by Arshi_1995    


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By:    Vote Please. It's Important by Sarufan    


Video Mix- What Makes Krystal D'souza beautiful?

My first try at making a vm....pls temme how it is!     

Love Skypers!!! Epilogue - Shot 1

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By:    Epilogue Shot-1 by Nakshathra    

Blooming of love between a couple who were far away from the distance beyond the oceans yet staying close connected each other with hearts.     

Arranged Marriage

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By:    Promo :) by Sviji    

One shot : Bin Tere

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By:    Thank you... by Arnavkikhushi7    

All his feelings... in the form of words... All his feelings for his Khushi... brought together with Bin Tere...     

please help me admins.....

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it's very urgent     

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