The value of old friends

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By: KKP   (Last Post on MED) Do emotionless humans exist? by KKP    

The value of old friends     

For New writer how to add the view or story

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For New writer how to add the view or story     

12 Reasons Why Daughters Are Better Than Sons

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By:    Few Quotes and sayings by V1184    

Peep in to read 12 Reasons Why Daughters Are Better Than Sons... Credit : Cultnuts     

How to post an image/gif in comments section

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This is just a quick and short post to help all those who are wondering how few members here are posting images in comments section     

Why writers need Index for their stories?

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By:    An Index of your own by Nanak    

The post is totally for Writers and future writers of MeD, you guys can get answer for the need to have an Index and how to make an Index     

Help Desk

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By:    Preview Picture by Maahiak    

Get all sorts of help here!     


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By:    Dear Noordina by Hihi1    

Welcome to MeD Celeb Interview of Noordina     

Four Shot : Separation and Re-union [Completed]

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By:    The END by V1184    

My first TS on Beintehaa forum.Hope you all like it and comment.     

Dear Shona

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By: Dost  

Dear Shona     

MasterChef Myeduniya

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By:    How to make Upma-Quick Breakfast Recipes by Telly_News    

A personalized recipe book created by the masterchefs of Myedunia!     

PromoReview: Preetika & Mohit's chemistry adds FRESHNESS to 'Love Ka Hain Intezaar'

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PromoReview: Preetika & Mohit's chemistry adds FRESHNESS to 'Love Ka Hain Intezaar'     

9YearsOfColors: 9 MEMORABLE Shows That The Channel Has Given To The Indian TV

 Jul 23, 2017     1857     2    

From Madhubala to Balika Vadhu...Here's our list of cult shows from Colors!     

Aniqa Ka Khitta

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By: Suraj  

Aniqa On Twitter     

MeD - what it means to you??? Please add your views!!

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By:     MeD means a lot to me by Starlily    

Our eFamily is growing and we thank your for playing crucial role for this!! Please peep in for NEW Logo and story of MeD     

Old Is Always Gold

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By: Suraj   O kabhi kasme na tode... by Suraj    

Aankhon Me Kya Ji...     

10 Romantic Moments of Zain And Aliya in Beintehaa

 May 19, 2017     1102        

10 Romantic Moments of Zain And Aliya in Beintehaa     

Iss pyaar ko kya naam doon-rangrasiya-beintehaa-madhubala

 Apr 7, 2017     1416        

Iss pyaar ko kya naam doon-rangrasiya-beintehaa-madhubala     


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By: suraj  

Ram Ka Banvaas     


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By:    Links of Interviews by Nanak    


The New Year Night Of Shame

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By:    Bengaluru Molestation Cases And The Mystery of The Missing FIRs by Medsuper    

The women were touched, manhandled and molested by many unrighteous hands; reaching out for any female body they could.