Written Update - 16th April 2015 Satrangee Sasural

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Apr 17, 2015

Written Update - 16th April 2015 Satrangee Sasural (By sanchi)

Satrangee Sasural 16th April 2015 Written Episode

Scene 1:

Location: Vihaans and arushis residence

Vihaan is furious while arushi gives the excuse that she isnt able to hear him properly, and then cancels, extremely tensed as to what she shall do now. Gautam comes and thanks her, while she says that its her duty. He requests to see nilima, while she says thats no possible, as they are all enraged at him right now, and she has to judge it all first. She then takes his blessings. manohar smiles too.

Vihaan paces around nervously, when nilima is brought down by harpreet. he asks why was she brought down, and harpreet says that she insisted. he reprimands her as to how she could do something so rash, and nilima gets emotional. Nilima hugs him. She askss how would she have gotten his scolding if she hadnt done this. He asks if she had anything. She says that she isnt hungry. He says that he would himself feed her. nilima asks about arushi. Mini taunts that she must be having something more important than this house and hence isnt here. Priyanka taunts that vihaan doesnt like it. Vihaan meanwhile is furious.

While dadaji reads the newspaper and kasturi is busy embroidering, prahlad and girish come in, bantering. kasturi hides her work. when they leave, kasturi calls and tells the dealer that she would get the delivery of the sarees tomorrow, as her work is done, and asks them to send the vain. Dadaji comes in while she along with mili are packing the sarees for parcelling, with extra packets, and the remaining money. They hope to fulfill in time, so that they can hide it from prahlad. They turn arounsd to find prahlad in the doorway. Prahlad meanwhile claps. He comes and tries to snatch the money, and when dadaji doesnt let go, he pushes and takes it. Prahlad asks girish why is he staring, as its good that he caught Dadaji. girish asks if it would go to alcohol now. Prahlad complies and asks girish to come along too. he comes and takes the money and gives it to Dadaji. prahlad slaps girish. he reprimands others for having spoilt him. Dadaji reprimands and curses him but prahlad is unaffected. Mili comes and says that kasturi has toiled a lot. He pushes her away too. Prahlad then takes all the sarees forcibly, and others are outraged. He takes them out. prahlad locks all of the family inside. Mili however sneaks out through the window, and tries to save them, but prahlad pushes her away too. He then lights up the matchstick and then burns all the sarees that kasturi was saving for the order of her work, while all gather around. Mili calls up vihaan, and he is distraught to receive her call, while she couldnt complete as prahlad cancelled the call. harpreet finds him tensed and asks whats the matter. He says that he is going to arushis house. She asks him to go, and then hopes everything is alright.

Just as vihaan drives out in the car, arushi enters. Manohra informs that vihaans car isnt here. Arushi enters. Arushi says that she would have to talk about gautam and his intentions too. harpreet finds her and she asks where is vihaan. She forgets and isnt able to tell. Arushi thinks that first she should talk to vihaan. She is tensed wondering what to do, and then decides to call him.

Arushis family are all shocked as they find the sarees burning. Prahlad smiles. He opens the door, and all are apalled to see the sarees turn to ash, while all feel for kasturis loss. She is apalled and distraught, as she finds her labour burning to ashes. dadaji is upset too, while prahlad smirks evilly. Later, as kasturi eyes the ashes resignedly, vihaan comes and is shocked and asks whats happened. he is apalled as kasturi tells what happened and sits beside her. He asks who did this, and mili comes and hugs him. he says that he knows who did it. Vihaan says that noone can stop her from climbing the ladder of success till he is alive. Kasturi eyes him overwhelmingly. he goes inside angrily. Vihaan goes inside and finds prahlad eating food. he shoves the plate away, and says that he had told him not to cross limits. the other people come in. He says that now he shall call the police. He dials the number, while prahlad takes his phone and breaks it. vihaan says that he respects his relation, or else, and prahlad threatens what would he have done. he continues instigating him and then falls asleep. Vihaan eyes him furiously. Mili gets him the broken pieces of the mobile. Vihaan thinks that he would have to help kasturi, and knows how. The screen freezes on his face.

Precap: Arushi tells nilima that she has to talk something very imp, about Gautam Diwan. Nilima gets alert and tensed. Arushi talks about her promise. Meanwhile, Vihaan asks kasturi not to accept defeat as they both would work together and win. kasturi is tensed and overwhelmed.


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