Written Update - 17th April 2015 Satrangee Sasural

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Apr 18, 2015

Written Update - 17th April 2015 Satrangee Sasural (By sanchi)

Satrangee Sasural 17th April 2015 Written Episode

Scene 1:

Location: Vihaans and arushis residence

Arushi tries vihaans call, but it doesnt get through. she thinks that he must be terribly angry and frustrated with her. She is tensed and thinks that even gautam wont be able to meet nilima tonight. She messages him otherwise. Then she hopes that nothing goes wrong.

Harpreet asks nilima to relax and not take stress. Gautam sees her from otuside, and then gets arushis message but discards it away. he is about to come in, when arushi comes and he retreats. Arushi tells nilima that she has to talk something very imp and only to her, about Gautam Diwan. Nilima gets alert and tensed. Arushi talks about her promise. Arushi explains everything, and tells how she needs to give herself, gautam and their marriage a second chance for a shot at happiness. Nilima finally gets up, and takes her by the hand, when gautam calls her from behind. arushi is tensed while nilima is shocked, as he stands before her. Arushi asks why he came here as she had messaged him otherwise. nilima is surprised, gautam apologises to arushi. Nilima asks him not to weaken her anymore, as she recovered with great difficulty. Gautam asks that in their days of courtship, was it not for a single second, that she felt he truly loved her, and if not, he would leave foreveer rightawy. He says that irrespective of her decision, he shall always love her. nilima gets tensed. harpreet knocks outside, and all three are tensed what to do. Nilim goes out, and arushi wonders what if she tells everyone. Arushi asks him to leave, if he wants to salvage any relation, and asks him to wait for a call or message. he complies and leaves. Arushi goes out.

Outside, Nilima comes and tells harpreet that arushi made a huge mistake. Arushi comes out. Harpreet asks what were the noises all about. Nilima makes an excuse that arushi got cold water, instead of hot. Arushi is relieved. She comes and says that she shall get hot water too. harpreet however leaves for the kitchen. Arushi thanks for not ratting her out while nilima stoically wishes her good night. Arushi says that the fact she didnt call anyone to tell about gautam, means that she too saw gautams love and now theres a real hope that they shall get it done.

Scene 2:

Location: Arushis residence

Vihaan assures kasturi that they shall salvage everything. Kasturi asks how is this possible. He says that till he is here, he wont let kasturi be defeated. Vihaan asks kasturi not to accept defeat as they both would work together and win. kasturi is tensed and overwhelmed. Vihaan thinks that one call to the dealer and it can be taken care of, but that would just solve the problem of the delivery, but not kasturis low self esteem. He thinks that he would have to regenarete kasturis confidence. he says that he shall have to stay here and build her self esteem and confidence. he says that he would come in sometime.

Vihaan comes back with stuff, and gathers everyone together to start afresh. Vihaan reminds her that she still has 12 hours. she says that she takes 3 hours for a single saree. he says that if they work together, it shall just take one hour. dadaji says that if a labourer could have been arranged it would have been nice. girish volunteers. Vihaan is extremely happy. girish gives vihaan the mobile too in a working condition. they are happy with his sincerity. Kasturi asks why doesn he call arushi as she too would help him. he gets vtensed. kasturi asks if arushi made any mistake and that she shall talk to her. Vihaan doesnt comply, and asks them not to worry. Vihaan tells about what happened, and how busy he is. He says that he is helping kasturi to complete the order. Arushi is shocked, and asks how shall they manage. He says that he shall manage. he says that he just called to tell her that she came come if she wants to. He says that he isnt forcing her, as she can and has been taking decisions on her own, without any consultation from him. before she can clarify, he cancels the call. harpreet comes and tells arushi that vihaan went to her house only. They ask if everything is alright. She says nothing is.

While all are busy working, kasturi is tensed for the time, when arushi comes and wipes her tears. Kasturi is overwhelmed. vihaan asks them to cry later and focus on work. Arushi says that she isnt alone, and asks them to see who is here. they all turn around and find that its geeta and harpreet. they too extend thyeir support. all smile like a happy family. They ask what can be done. kasturi is hesitant. But they make her feel at ease and begin with the work. arushi hopes and prays that the order finishes by tomorrow. the screen freezes on her face.

Precap: Vihaan drags arushi out, reprimanding and screaming at her, that he hates lies, and that he had warned her earlier that this is one thing that he cant bear. Arushi protests and desperately asks him to listen to her. Vihaan keeps ranting that he cant bear lies. Granny stops him by hillering at him, and he finally stops and turns around. Arushi is in tears.


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