Written Update - 17th April 2015 Begusarai

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Apr 18, 2015

Written Update - 17th April 2015 Begusarai (By sanchi)

Begusarai 17th April 2015 Written Episode

Scene 1

Poonam and Najma are going to college, Poonam recalls how Lakhan said no to her studies, how he had beaten guys in her college, how he made her stand under cold water, they are going, Najma finds Lakhan following them in jeep, she tells this to Poonam, Poonam ignores, Lakhan comes in their way and stops rickshaw. He ask Poonam to come, she comes to him, he ask where were you going? she says college, he says college? you have high fever, Pooam curtly looks at him, he says what you wanna prove by going to college? Poonam says i have fever from time when you made me stand under cold water, i had fever when you came to marry me, and now when i am going college then why you are saying no? i am your would be wife, you have full right over me but why you show right by punishing or alleging me? Lakhan angrily looks at her, he ask her to sit in car, she doesnt, he says why you are not listening to me, he makes her sit in his jeep by pushing her, he says you have forced me to do this, you wanna know what is right and wrong? i will tell you, he drives away.

Lakhan brings Poonam to home, he ask her to get down, she does, he says to her that for your happiness, i allowed to go to college and now you are giving me lecture? He says to Poonam that from today you will not study, you will not go to college, you will not go out of house without my permission, i have made you stand under water and if you dont listen to me again then i will ********(muted), Poonam is shocked, he says dont force me to do this, go home, go home, he starts leaving, Poonam doesnt go home and starts walking on opposite, Lakhan comes to her and slaps her hard, she is hurt, he says i told you to go home and you are going on opposite side, have you gone mad, how dare you go against me? Poonam says you can slap me again but listen to me once, i have always understood you, always followed your orders but for once you try to understand me, i am your would be wife and wives are human too, i am not your lifeless gun, i am human, if you put bullets in me then it will hurt me, it will pain me too, not my happiness but atleast see tears of my eyes, what kind of relation is this that you cant see my pain, you get angry on my pain too so i have decided that now i.. Lakhan is about to slap her but Phulan shouts Lakhan, he turns to find Badi Amma and Phulan standing in terrace.

Scene 2

Ghungroo and Bindya are in jungle, he says Priyom gave us one chance to be saved from Lakhan and Mitlaish but you didnt run, you are hiding here in Begusarai, what you want? Bindya ask him to shut up and tell he is same guy which you were telling about, he looks at guy and says he is Chuna Yadav, his father raised voice against Phulan Thakur so Phulan killed him, his body was not even found, Yadav has fire to take revenge from Thakurs, just waiting for right time, Bindya looks at him.

Lakhan and Poonam comes to Badi Amma, Phulan ask Lakhan to go out, i wanna talk to Poonam alone, he ask Manjeeta to go out too, they leave, Phulan says to Poonam what i saw today, the behavior of Lakhan, was it first time or it happened before too? Poonam is silent, he ask her to speak up, did he insult you like this before too? Badi Amma ask Birla and Poonam to answer. Birla says what i can say, ask Manjeeta, Phulan says if i had to ask Manjeeta then i woudnt have sent him out, i want to listen from you, did your son in law did this act before too? you guys will not tell, he calls all ladies of house.

Lakhan is waiting outside in porch when Mitlaish arrives, Lakha glares him.

All Ladies come in room, Phulan says i dont like injustice, i wanna know truth from you people, dont be afraid of anyone, this house has rule that women should respect her husbands but that doesnt mean that husbands can beat them, have you ever listened that Phulan thakur misbehaved or insulted any women? i take decision of this house but everyone can speak in this house so speak up today else i may do injustice, all are tensed, he says ok if your silence is more important than Poonam then be silent but if anything wrong happens with Poonam tomorrow then you all will be responsible, he is leaving when Guddi stops him, she looks at Poonam who nods in no, Guddi says enough, i cant be silent anymore, i used to play bride and groom with you childhood but i never thought that your groom would be such a monster, she says to Phulan that you have seen Lahna slapping Poonam but yesterday whole night, Lakhan made her stand under cold water, she has fever till now, Phulan is shocked and looks at Poonam, she tells him every punishment of Lakhan, how he made her jump from roof, how he used to torture her, Badi Amma and Phulan are stunned, Poonam is crying, Maya and birla also tell Lakhans cruel deeds, Phulan comes to Poonam and says you are bearing injustice from years but you didnt say anything just cause i made this relation? he says if you guys had tell me all this before then Poonam wouldnt have gone through all this, i am disappointed but now i will let this disappointment grow more.

PRECAP- All family members gather in hall, Phulan ask Lakhan to sit on chair, he calls women there with buckets of water.


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