Written Update - 20th April 2015 Satrangee Sasural

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Apr 21, 2015

Written Update - 20th April 2015 Satrangee Sasural (By sanchi)

Satrangee Sasural 20th April 2015 Written Episode

Scene 1:

Location: Arushis residence

All work in unison to get the assignment finished. Vihaan doesnt respond to arushis efforts to try and get him to talk. They all continue. prahlad wakes up and finds both arushi and vihaans family working together for kasturis success. he says that he shall teach them a lesson. He goes and turns off the main switch, and the lights go off. But they are still unfazed and keep working in the torch lights of their mobile. Girish meanwhile tries to repair the fuse. finally, he is successful and the lights come back on. Meanwhile, all efforts to try and cheer vihaan, by arushi fall flat. girish locks the door on prahlad sleeping, thinking that its for the best. the next morning, when the delivery fellow comes, their parcel is ready. He hands kasturi a cheque of 25000 and she is overwhelmed to receive it. He leaves, and all congratulate kasturi. She gives the credit to vihaan. Arushi too thanks him, but he makea a face. Mili too wakes up and is happy in their happiness. Arushi hugs kasturi too. Dadaji blesses vihaan, and thanks him for what he did. vihaan asks him not to be formal. Kasturi says that this is a good barter for all the pain that god put her through. she asks for breakfast, but they say that they need to leave as they didnt tell granny. Girish thanks vihaan for showing him the right path. All are happy to see him in this avatar. Vihaan leaves with his family. he asks arushi to leave in her car only, as she came. geeta and harpreet are shocked, and say that they shall go with her only. She is tensed.

Scene 2:

Location: Vihaans residence

All comes home to find, mini, priyanka, narmada and granny tensed. vihaan asks whats the matter. Mini says that gautam came here, after he put him in jail, and arushi bailed him out. All are shocked, while vihaan stands hurt. priyanka says that granny couldnt believe. Arushi tries to clarify, but granny asks her to respond in a yes or no. Arushi stands speechless and finally complies, in a yes. Granny gets and leaves. Arushi tries to go, but mini and priyanka stop her, saying that granny said that whoever bailed gautam out, shaall not stay here, and it would be good if she starts packing stuff. she turns to vihaan, who also leaves without saying a word. Arushi stands alone facing mini and priyanka. Mini taunts that she made a big mistake, as noone shall accept her now, and asks her to get lost. They turn and leave too.

In the room, vihaan busily gets his office bag ready, while arushi comes and tries to talk. he says that he doesnt want to or need to understand. He says that he is angry at her that she lied. she says that she didnt lie, but she never told the truth. He asks her not to be oversmart and act as if her magic wand shall change everything, and reminds her that she had been told to stay out of some matters. he taunts her for her nobility. She tries to make him see why she is doing this. He asks if she wants nilima to settle with gautam. She complies. He warns her not to say anything, while she asks him to listen to her side. He asks her not to cross the limit, as she broke his trust, and if theres no faith, she doesnt deserve to be here. she is shocked. He says that he loves her deeply, but she doesnt get to play with nilimas emotions. she says that with that right, she too wants Nilimas happiness. Vihaan gets infuriated. He drags arushi out, reprimanding and screaming at her, that he hates lies, and that he had warned her earlier that this is one thing that he cant bear. Arushi protests and desperately asks him to listen to her. Vihaan keeps ranting that he cant bear lies. Granny stops him by hollering at him, and he finally stops and turns around. Arushi is in tears. Granny asks whats he doing. Arushi rushes to granny, and hugs her, and she gives her solace. he says that she lied to everyone. the mothers are tensed. he says that she doesnt deserve to be the bahu of this house. Mini and priyanka are overjoyous. granny asks whats he doing, by the way he was behaving with arushi. She asks if this is his upbringing. He says that what she did wasnt tolerable by him. She says that he made a bigger mistake, and asks him to apologise to arushi, while he stands defiant, boiling with rage. the mothers are shocked. Granny asks why are they staring at her, and asks how can they bear such a behaviour with another woman, being women themselves, and by their own son, and what if their daughters were given such treatment. she tells him that he should be embarassed. He says sorry. Arushi tells granny that she didnt do anything wrong, and tries to tell how gautam is a changed man, addressing him as Mausaji.

Granny says that its the same man, who brought them such pain and torture many years back, and now all of a sudden, he comes begging for apology, and they should allow it. She says that she shall never let Nilima meet that man. Arushi is tensed. Nilima shocks them by saying, from the staircase, that she shall meet him.

Precap: Arushi is manhandled by some street goons, and she desperately screams out for help, asking them let her go. Vihaan arrives just then in his car. vihaan sees the goons misbehaving with arushi, and rushes to help her. But he stands distraught, as they drag her in the vain and leave..

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