Written Update - 20th April 2015 Begusarai

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Apr 21, 2015

Written Update - 20th April 2015 Begusarai (By sanchi)

Begusarai 20th April 2015 Written Episode

Scene 1

Phulan opens door of room and ask Manjeeta to call every men of this house in hall including Lakhan. Bhushan with Rekha, Priyom and everyone reaches home. All family members gather in hall, Phulan ask Lakhan to sit on chair, he sits, he calls women there with buckets of water, all are tensed, they pour water on Lakhans head, Lakhan gets up and shouts what kind of behavior is this? Phulan says this not misbehavior but this is lesson to teach a person who misbehave and i ordered them to do so, he shouts to sit on chair, Lakhan sit, all women one by one puts water on Lakhans head, Lakhan is angry, he clutches his knuckles in fist, he breaks chair in anger, and angrily looks at Phulan, Phulan comes to him and says your face got pale in 6 buckets of water, did you think about Poonam? whom you made stand under water for 6 hours, look at her, Lakhan looks at Poonam, she is afraid, he ask what you think is she? is she human or thing for you? that you can do anything with her, if she doesnt say anything in return then that doesnt mean she deosnt feel pain, he comes to Manjeeta and says i asked Poonams hand for Lakhan because i thought you as my friend, i didnt do any favor on you or didnt order you, then why ddi you get afraid? why you didnt cut Lakhans hand when he first time pointed finger at Poonam? why you didnt cut his neck when he hurt Poonam for first time, you should have killed Lakna when he made Poonam stand under water, why you remained silent? i am feeling regret that i made this relation, he comes to Bhushan and says i thought Lakhan would get angry on Poonam occasionally, but he is doing violence, craziness and being cruel to her for years and you people remained silent deliberately, hided this thing from me, i thought Poonams silence is her good upbringing, but i didnt know she was silent because she was afraid of Lakhan, we are ruling this city only because our women in house handle our children, our house, why Lakhan couldnt understand this? we cant do anything alone if these women are not with us, they are our power, listen carefully and announce in whole Begusarai that till Phulan Thakur is alive, no women will be disrespected, i will not let it happen, one more thing, Manjeeta i am freeing you and Poonam from this marriage, from today Poonam is nothing of Lakhan, Lakhan is hurt, he says from now on Lakhan has no right over Poonam, he ask Manjeeta to return their shagun, Manjeeta says ok, (everybody shocked, thakur rocked). Lakhan angrily looks at Poonam, Rekha thinks that now our 10% asset will go away too, i have to do something, Rekha says to Phulan that i am sorry on Lakhans behalf, forgive him but dont break this marriage, i take guarantee, he will not do this mistake again, she ask Lakhan to say sorry, Phulan thakur have bigh heart, he will forgive you, Phulan angrily looks at her, she ask Lakhan to say sorry, Priyom ask what are you thinking, say sorry, Lakhan glances at Poonam with anger and leaves, Mitlaish goes to bring him but Phulan stops him and says sorry should not be aked forcefully, he says to Bhushan that i have forgiven Lakhan many times but i dont have enough forgiveness remaining for him, you know when i punish someone then i dont see anything, all men of this house, listen with open ears, become good else if i start making you good then it will be bad for you, he leaves, Poonam looks at Priyom, she is tensed but happy too.

Scene 2

bindya comes to Yadav with veil on her, face, she says i need you help, he ask her to go away, she takes off her veil, he ask what you want, she says Thakur family insulted, she says when i am insulted, i dont bear it, you understand my pain as that Phulan thakur killed you father, i just want a pistol from you, i will kill whole thakur family, he says you can wink but cant fire bullet, she says you are waiting for revenge from years, maybe you will die before taking revenge but i wanna tell you that i cant bear insult, i promise you i will fire bullets with your name, Yadav says you think alot but cant do anything, she says just help me a little then see my drama, my thinking will get successful and Phulan thakur will die too. Yadav ask how will you kill him? Bindya says i have stayed in that house, i know that house well, i know where they put their weapons, where they point their men, i know everything, i can go in their house easily, just give me one gun and i will kill them, then you will rule begusarai, he ask do you know everything about their house? she says yes, he laughs and says fine, i will give you pistol and my help too, me and my men will go with you, he calls his men, Bindya says today your father must be rpoud of you, now thakur family will not see sun tomorrow.

Bhushan says to Lakhan that i told you to keep your anger in control but you didnt listen to me, why you didnt say sorry to Phulan? he says is elder, i see him as king, Lakhan says i see him as king too thats why i followed his order but understand that i am king of my heart, he ordered that i cant marry Poonam so i will not marry her but i will not let her marry anyone else too, Bhushan is shocked.

PRECAP- Bindya call Mitlaish, he says i feel to kill you, she says so come to me with gun at 10pm near lake, he says i will come. she says to Yadav one is done, now time to call another one, she call Priyom and ask him to come to meet her..

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