Written Update - 21st April 2015 Satrangee Sasural

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Apr 22, 2015

Written Update - 21st April 2015 Satrangee Sasural (By sanchi)

Satrangee Sasural 21st April 2015 Written Episode

Scene 1:

Location: Vihaans and gautams residence

Nilima comes down while all are shocked. she takes arushis hands and walks out. Vihaan wonders how arushi convinced her, and decides to teach gautam a lesson today. he leaves in anger, and granny rushes out after him, with narmada.

Gautam happily leaves, having gotten arushis call, that nilima has agreed to meet him. His parents see this and think that they wont let arushi be successful in her attempts to unite gautam and nilima. His mother asks her husband to get to work. His father calls and asks the kidnapper to kidnap arushi. he agrees. He gets arushis photo as the one to be kidnapped. He collides into girish who doesnt see arushis pic on the phone. the kidnapper walks off. Girish stands tensed.

Scene 2:

Location: City park

Arushi arrives, and asks nilima to go ahead. she doesnt know how to park the car and the sam kidnapper come to her help, and ask her to come take the keys in the parking lot. she agrees. Vihaan arrives too along with granny and narmada and asks them to walk ahead while he parks the car. Arushi then comes to them for the keys. Arushi is manhandled by the same street goons, and she desperately screams out for help, asking them let her go. Vihaan arrives just then in his car. vihaan sees the goons misbehaving with arushi, and rushes to help her. But he stands distraught, as they drag her in the vain and leave. he gets in the car and drives off.

Granny and narmada find nilima waiting for gautam and ask whats she doing. nilima tries to speak, while narmada asks whats wrong and why is she so foolish. she tries to speak, while gautam comes and says that he thought that they shall meet along. they are surprised to see him, with a bouquet of roses. granny begins to reprimand him, for betraying nilima and now fooling arushi too. gautam says that he is guilty but just wants a chance to speak. She asks him to go ahead but in front of them, as she cant trust him only when they are convinced of him. He begins to speak, but gets a message from his father, asking him not to dare talk to nilima, or else, and also finds a pic with arushi and the kidnappers. Nilima asks him to speak up, and what is it, that he cant tell in front of them. she asks him to prove his innocence. he thinks that he cant talk for arushis sake. She begs him to speak, grabbing him by tyhe collar, while he stands speechless. she says that they should go, as granny was right, that he cant amend him self, and the only reason he came here, was to betray once again. Narmada and granny reprimand him that he wanted to befool them again, by talking to Nilima alone. She warns him to never talk to her again, or else he would be sent off to jail again. they leave. gautam is tensed.

Scene 3:

Location: on the road

girish informs vihaan, that he saw the pic, and asks him to come here, as the kidnappers have come back here. He asks him to keep an eye on them while he comes. girish comes and fights them both, but they overpower him. She slaps one of them, and he is about to hit back, when vihaan comes and stops them. the police come and ask him who asked him, to do this. he answesr Diwan. Arushi says that gautams surname is diwan too. Vihaan is shocked and takes the phone and dials the last number, and hears his father talking. he says that his work is done too, and that now they can release arushi. Arushi is shocked. she says that this means gautam couldnt talk to nilima, hence she was kidnapped. he is tensed. she tries to convince that gautam isnt wrong, and his parents were after all this, and tries to claim her innocence. he rushes out.

Scene 2:

Location: Vihaans residence

All are thankful that arushi is safe. nilima says that this means his father blackmailed him into not talking, and hence gautam didnt speak to save arushi. Priyanka asks her not to fall for arushis and gautams words. vihaan asks her not to insinuate. Priyanka continues her barbed insults at arushi, and then asks how can they trust gautam, and maybe he just wanted to prove himself to be a hero. she tries to convince vihaan and he is. He asks how is arushi so sure that gautam can change. Nilima gets up and leaves. greanny asks them not to discuss further and leaves. All are tensed. Arushi stays alone, and thinks that she would have to prove gautams side and that too with proof. The maid comes and says that this has come for nilima. Arushi wonders who sent this, and decides to give it to her. narmada finds her going to nilimas room and wonders why. geeta says that she went to give the courier. Narmada is tensed. Nilima opens the envelope that has come, and finds that its the same necklace, that her mother had given her, and which gautam had stolen. Arushi says that he kept it preserved till now, for the single reason that he wants to keep her and her love close to him. they find that it also has a letter from gautam, reading which, nilima is shocked. she rushes out of the room. Nilima rushes down with the courier and walks out, with arushi after her. Vihaan comes and asks whats the matter. geeta tells him, and he asks what happened. priyanka agin taunts that arushi must have instigated Nilima. All are tensed. Vihaan calls arushi and finds that the phone is here only. He tries nilimas number, which comes switched off. priyanka says that now they should throw arushi out. granny asks her to shut her nonsense. Geeta tells them that a courier came and maybe it has something. Granny asks her to go and check. geeta rushes. all wait tensedly. Vihaan wonders whats in the envelope that nilima left like this. the screen freezes on his face.

Precap: Priyanka reprimands arushi in front of the family, asking her to pack her stuff and leave, as she isnt needed here anymore. All are shocked. Arushi says that if all is okay, then she shall leave. she says that before that she would like to ask her husband, if he too thinks that she is wrong. He is tensed.


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