Written Update - 22nd April 2015 Satrangee Sasural

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Apr 23, 2015

Written Update - 22nd April 2015 Satrangee Sasural (By sanchi)

Satrangee Sasural 22nd April 2015 Written Episode

Scene 1:

Location: Vihaans residence

All are tensed and shocked while priyanka continues to spew venom against arushi, reprimanding her, that she instigated nilima, who is behaving foolishly in her influence. Vihaan is tensed to hear this. geeta comes and gives them the courier and the necklace. granny identifies it and wopnders whats gautam upto now. vihaan wonders what are gautams intentions and why is he doing this. priyanka says that she cant let aarushi stay in the house after this. narmada too taunts vihaan for having married such a girl, who has always brought them tension and grief. Priyanka comes out arushis packed suitcase, and saying that arushi shall have to leave this hosue, after what she did going against the family. He says that they should inform the polcie, as if gautam is trying to fool nilima again, then he shall put gautam behind bars. All are tensed. Later, vihaan says that he had a talk with the police and they are patrolling everey area and they wont be able to flee. priyanka asks where would they find him, in such a big city, and maybe arushi left her phone back intentionally. priyanka says that she cant take it anymore, and asks vihaan to promsie that of arushi makes one mistake, he would leave her at her house. She is shocked. He remembers his fight with arushi, while they both are adamant on their opinions. He is angry that she sided with gautam, and asks what is she proved that gautam is innocent, then would he stand by her, and get nilima to marry gautam. he says that he shall, but if she is wrong, then arushi herself replies that she shall leave the house forever. Vihaan promies that he shall do so, and all are shocked. Priyanka is happy. Vihaan says that he just hopes that nilimas heart isnt broken. All are tensed.

Scene 2:

Location: On the road

Nilima and arushi rush on the streets in the car, scared as gautam wrote that he shall commit suicide. They hope that he doesnt do it. Nilima rushes to the old delhi streets as thats where he has wrote he shall commit suicide. Arushi prays that nothing happens to him. Nilima and arushi come across a dead man on the street, a suicide case in a car accident. Arushi is shocked. nilima is tensed. Arushi says that she shall go and check. She comes back and assures nilima that it isnt gautam, and asks her to be hopeful that they shall find gautam. she asks her to come and search. nilima complies.

Meanwhile, gautam gets on the top of the cliff, while oblivious that nilima and arushi have arrived too, and are searching for him in different directions. finally nilima finds him, atop the cliff, and is shocked. before he can jump, she hollers at him, and he surprisingly turns around. but his foot slips, and he falls down the cliff, much to nilimas shock. Arushi hears nilimas screams and rushes towards her.

Scene 3:

Location: Vihaans residence

All are tensed, while vihaan says that he cant wait anymore

Arushi comes back and vihaan urgently asks where is nilima. all wait for her to answer. priyanka accuses her that she helped nilima run away with gautam. arushi asks if she thinks she can do this. priyanka says that she has full belief that she did just this, and asks her to leave with her baggage, already pakced. Arushi is disheartened. Priyanka reprimands arushi in front of the family, asking her to pack her stuff and leave, as she isnt needed here anymore. All are shocked. Arushi says that if all is okay, then she shall leave. she says that before that she would like to ask her husband, if he too thinks that she is wrong. He is tensed. Arushi again confirms to granny that nilima loves gautam equally, and she just wanted them both to be happy together. Narmada asks if she shall argue with granny now, and prove her wrong. She is about to slap her, when nilima comes and stops her hand. all are shocked to see her. narmada is shocked when nilima asks her to be polite, as gautam is her husband. All stand surprised, as nilima asks her to think before bad mouthing her husband. She hollers at gautam and asks him to come inside. Gautam walks in through the doors, surprising everyone. vihaan is tensed too. Narmada is furious and turns away. All others are boggled. narmada asks if she wants to be fooled again. nilima takes gautams side while granny asks what proof did he give, that she forgot all the years of pain and forgave him. she says that he proved his true love for her. She remembers gautam having fallen down and handing down by the thread. Arushi comes and is shocked too. They try to get a stick, and then they both extend it to gautam, who grasps it with much difficulty, and then they pull him out of the cliff. Arushi smiles, while gautam looks at nilima overwhelmingly, and hug each other. arushi smiles. he is thankful that nilima still loves him, and what he did was out of his parents will, and he was only living to penance for his msitakes, and promises that he shall always keep her happy. Arushi says that she believes him. nilima praises her galore, for trying to unite them at the risk of her own marriage with vihaan. Arushi says that she ws never scared, as their relation is far more strong, to be able to overcome such superficial problems. she says that this was her duty as her bahu, and they both hug each other. Nilima tells granny that she has decided to start her marital life with gautam. all are shocked with her decision. The screen freezes on arushis happy face.

Precap: Granny tells gautam that she came here for a compromise, and gives him a blank cheque asking him to fulfill whatever amount that he wants to, but give a promise in return, that he shall never ever try and meet nilima. he takes the cheque from granny, and she is happy, as she thought so. he thanks her that she did what he expected. Vihaan hears this from a distance and is tensed.


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