Written Update - 23rd April 2015 Begusarai

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Apr 24, 2015

Written Update - 23rd April 2015 Begusarai (By sanchi)

Begusarai 23rd April 2015 Written Episode

Scene 1

Priyom lies on grenade to cover it from other family members, Mitlaish shouts Priyom to move away, Badi Amma ask him to run, he says you all run away, Phulan ask Priyom to get up, he says no you go from here, Phulan pushes him from there and says seeing your courage this bomb got diffused, Mitlaish finds bomb dead, i have seen many who takes lives of others but there are very less people who are ready to give their life for others, i am proud to be your father, thanks for being my son, Priyom hugs him, Phulan kisses his forehead, Badi Amma says to Priyom till now i thought you only fire at girls with love but you proves today that you can fire real bullets, well done son, Maya says were you not afraid, if bomb had blasted? Priyom says in war, one should not get afraid, only fight for winning, i had listened this from Phulan and remembered today, Phulan hugs him, Mitlaish doesnt like it.

Manjeeta is injured as bullet has hit his hand, Poonam and Birla comes there and supports him, he recalls how Poonam saved his life by beating the goon, he blesses her by putting hand on head, he ask to take me inside haveli. In Haveli, Yadav and his mens bodies are thrown out, Manjeeta comes there too. Bindya comes out of box lying in Haveli, all are shocked to see her, Phulan folds his hand infront of her, all are stunned, Phulan recalls how Bindya called him when she was outside HAveli with Yadav and how she made him listen Yadavs plan that he will enter Haveli and will kill everyone, fb ends. Phulan says to Bindya if you had not told me about Yadavs ideas of attacking Haveli then we wouldnt be alive today, whatever you done, i am thankful to you for that, Bindya says dont embarrass me, i am dancer but i have eaten your food, how can i be disloyal with you, when i left Begusarai, Yadav kidnapped me and forced me to call Mitlaish and Priyom and send them away from Haveli so he can attack you, i knew you will fight him but for safety i told you, Phulan says you will get reward of your loyalty, he ask Badi Amma to fill her pockets with money before she leaves, Bindya folds her hand and says i dont want money, what will i do with money? if i take this money from Begusarai then Yadavs men will kill me, if you want to do something for me then put me under your blessing, let me live here, i will be safe in Begusarai, i dont want money, only let me live here, Maya doesnt like it, Phulan says for my family, you made Yadavs men your enemy so now your safety is my responsibility, he ask Priyom to find a house for her and Ghungroo in Begusarai, Badi Amma leaves from there, all leave, Priyom curtly looks at Bindya, he leaves too, Bindya smirks.

Scene 2

Ghungroo thinks that now i got to know 100 jerks must have died when this Bindya was born, the Thakurs who were on verge of killing her, now they will protect her. Bindya looks at Thakurs throne with lust, Ghungroo sys to her that i bow to you, you made Yadav die and became hero of this house, now i will call you Madam ji from heart, he says why you didnt take money? Bindya says you will always think small, when i came here, i used to think small too but these thakurs made me learn how to think big, when this Priyom thakur kidnapped us in Lakhans marriage, he had put us in a room, she recalls how the room was filled with money, jewelry, she says i cant forget that sight, now i want all that, she looks at Phulans throne, Bindya says to Ghungroo that i have understood one thing that these Thakurs have great unity but their weakness is only their ego they can do anything for theri ego, i will play with their ego and will break it, once theri ego is broken, all thakurs will destroy, that day is not far when i will become queen of Begusarai, and will rule all these Thakurs, will make these Thakurs dance on my fingers, Ghungroo says do you even know what you are saying, you cannot live in water by making crocodile your enemy, Bindya says even crocodile will die without fishes and i am that fish which crocodile cant gulp down, i will do anything to fulfill my dream, i will lie, will conspire and will achieve what i want, soon this Begusarai will be called BegumSarai (Begum means Queen), she sits on throne of Phulan and says congrats Bindya for getting Begumsarai.

PRECAP- Lakhan comes in Manjeetas house, he says to Birla that i want to talk to Poonam in private, leave from here, Poonam says dont talk to Maa like this, he says you have got guts to cut my talk, to complain about me to Phulan, Birla says Poonam didnt say anything, he says then you complained and broke my relation? Manjeeta comes there and says Lakhan Thakur..


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