Written Update - 24th April 2015 Hello Pratibha

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Apr 25, 2015

Written Update - 24th April 2015 Hello Pratibha (By sanchi)

Hello Pratibha 24th April 2015 Written Episode

The Fab5 hugs each other .Nandini asks that how you did all this .He explains her all about it,but nindini was still worried that how these fake wound came to be real wound.Cabir gives a taunt to nandini that who come a girlfriend would not complain. He explain her that he actually gave those people to have a fake fight but by did they over acted .Manik in answer to that said that because someone paid them more to beat us.,he wanted to make it a real fight, they all asked who ? Manik says that it would be Pandith.He said that there is someone else we all need to thank also , Nidima. Then Manik introduce Nindima to Nandini.She tells tha I was also pandiths student once, I cannot let her destroy someone life again.He misuses his fame he. Nandini members all her moments with Pandith.She explains that he s a man who uses girls and then dump them, he did that to me too ,and whrn he left me I kew he will do that to some other girl to .Manik tells Nandini that I told you that Pandith is someone, he is not the right guy ,he dont deserves respect Nandini says to Manik that you are right , I realized it before the concert started .Manik,realized how? She did not answer her but was thankful to Nidima that she came all the way her to tell me that I am wrong , that is really very grate full of you.She was also thankful to Manik. Manik asks Nidima that I know what happened to you and you should get justice .We are here to help you. A man comes saying that you are called on the stage the chief guest is waiting.On there way Manik forgets something and said go on I will meet you guys on the stage. Pandith meets Nidima .The judges one the stage pronounces Manik and Nandini as winners. Nandini wishes to do some special for Manik .Manik talking to someone on the phone as well as Nandini and were saying thanks to the man that you helped us at such a time .Pandith was asking Nodima that what are you doning here? She furiously answers that I am here to destroy you just like you destroyed me your career. I will tell the world who you really are .He said says that what are you goning to tell the world.Pandith was going to slap Nindima but Mrs. Neonika saying that I neeed to talk to you , now He comes out saying to her that you should be celebrating know Manik and Nandini performed on the stage together.Mrs.Neonkia answer that dont be so emotional,thnk there is no one who can give Nandini a better futuer then you.She says that we both dont like Nandini coming with Manik .was out she thinks that all the guests are gone .She thinks it might be Manik is going to surprise he .She suddenly fell a hand on her shoulder ,she turns,and was happy to see Manik, Pandith was also Nandini coming the place where Nandini was. Nandini asks Manik that where is the surprise .He replyed that what surprise? She hold her shoulder tight and says to her if you knoe that there is some surprise thrn tell me what is it.Nandini shockingly says her that you have no surprise for the big day.Mank receives a message that Nindima has left . pndirh was listening to Manik and Nandini

PRECAP: Pandith was going after Maik and Nandini


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