Written Update - 24th April 2015 Begusarai

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Apr 25, 2015

Written Update - 24th April 2015 Begusarai (By sanchi)

Begusarai 24th April 2015 Written Episode

Scene 1

Poonam jumps terrace and comes to Priyoms room, Priyom is shirtless, Badi Amma is applying cream on his wounds, he ask Piddi to click his selfie and upload it, he will get 200 likes for firing bullets, Piddi and Guddi are sad, Piddi says i was afraid, Guddi says if anything had happened to you, Priyom says nothing will happen to us till we are together, he says to Badi Amma that you are applying cream or giving me more pain, Priyom says Yadav must have hit one bullet to this old lady, Poonam is standing at door and smiles seeing his bunters, he says enough of medicine, he is about to strike with Poonam, he says you are looking good too, did you enjoy the fight? are you fine? she says i am fine and not afraid, she says what if that grenade had blasted? Priyom says then i would have become ghost and people would call you mad for talking to ghost, she says should i laugh on your joke? she ask dont you get afraid of dying? Priyom says i get afraid of seeing my own die infront of me, she smiles, he says i got to know you hit a man with rod, you dont seem but you are courageous, she says also dont seem but you are too courageous, Priyom says i will my girlfriend to inform that i am alive else she will find other boyfriend, he leaves, she smiles broadly and says he is mad but nicely mad.

Poonam comes back home, Lakhan comes there, is shocked seeing him, he comes in so she moves back, he says to Birla that i want to talk to Poonam in private, leave from here, Poonam says dont talk to Maa like this, he says you have got guts to cut my talk, to complain about me to Phulan, Birla says Poonam didnt say anything, he says then you complained and broke my relation? Manjeeta comes there and says Lakhan Thakur.. he says to Lakhan that two women lives in my house, it will be good if you come here in presence only and one more thing, now you dont have any relation with poonam so it will be good if you stop meeting Poonam, Poonam is surprised, he folds his hand and says you are nephew of Thakur Sir so just saying to you, dont force me to make you understand in other way, there was enough blood shed for today, you go home, its night, go, Lakhan silently leaves. Manjeeta ask Poonam to go and sleep, you will be late for college tomorrow, she smiles and says tomorrow is sunday, he says so will you not sleep today? he leaves, Poonam and Birla smiles, Poonam says i remember when i used to hold papas hand in childhood, i used to feel safe, today i am feeling same, maa did you see he talked nicely, he makes us laugh today, i am very much happy that he is with me, Birla says now you father is not stuck between fatherhood and father in law, Poonam hugs her and says i always want to be like this with my family.

Scene 2

Phulan says to Bhushan that dont feel bad that you were not here when attack happened, he finds BAdi amma giving money to family of men who died in attack, Phulan says to them that they were our loyal men and i sad at their deaths, Harya(man who died) served me alot, Haryas father says that i am proud that my son died while protecting your family, he says there is my younger son, please appoint him in place of harya, Phulan says no i dont want your other son to hold gun too, he ask Bhushan to put him in finance department, father says God gives you happiness, Phulan says i promise you that after me, my heir will take care of you people.

Ghungroo says to Bindya that AC, fridge, microwave, everything is brought for our new house by thakurs, Bindya says it will be good drinking cold drink in cold Ac in summers, Priyom comes there, Bindya is stunned and says i am excited to go in my new house, thanks for giving everything, but what was the need? Priyom says it was needed so you keep in your house only, Papa has given you place in Begusarai but dont affect anyone, Papa has sent order that your presence shouldnt bother Maya bhabhi, you go to your house and should not be seen near haveli, did you understand? she says from the time, i have come in Begusarai, i understand everything, he leaves, she says i am here to rule Begusarai, she ask Ghungroo to find out where is Mitlaish.

Scene 2

Najma comes to Poonam on scooty, Najma says you are smiling alot today, Poonam says why cant i smile? Najma says i want you to smile daily, she says lets go to market, will buy some dresses, Poonam looks at her scooty, she says is it difficult to run scooty? Najma says no, i knew how to ride cycle, so i learned scooty riding in one day, Poonam says even i know how to ride cycle, so will i learn scooty riding too, i want to learn it, Najma says you are doing good sins today, she makes Poonam sit on sccoty and makes her ride it, Birla sees it and ask Poonam what are you doing, Najma says nothing will happen, she will learn it, Poonam rides it, Najma helps her, Badi Amma, Choti Amm, Maya comes out and sees Poonam riding bike and are surprised, Badi Amma says i will learn scooter riding too, Choti Amma says you need support to go on floor and will you ride in this age? Maya says if you fall in this age then bones will not join easily. Poonam is riding nicely, Choti Amma ask her to ride slowly, Priyom comes there and is surprised too, he says yesterday she beat goon, and today riding scooty, she is ready to write history, let me see if she has got this confidence by birth, he stands in her way, Poonam rides it and crosses him, he smiles, Poonam is shocked to see Manjeeta there and stops bike, Choti Amma says now big accident will happen, do something, Badi Amaa infront of this devil, you can only recite Hanuman chalisa, Manjeeta nods to Poonam and leaves without seeing anything, Poonam smiles, Choti Amma says devil is behavaing like human, seems like winds of Begusarai is changing, Poonam rides bike again, Priyom says finally Poonam started flying, i am very happy today.

PRECAP- Badi Amma says to Phulan that in attack of Yadave, Priyom proved that he is best for next king of Begusarai, Phulan says i am just waiting for right time to announce this. Bindya listens all this and says Priyom is going to be next king? she thinks for some plan.


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