Written Update - 29th April 2015 Hello Pratibha

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Apr 30, 2015

Written Update - 29th April 2015 Hello Pratibha (By sanchi)

Hello Pratibha 29th April 2015 Written Episode

Aditya Narayan says to Mahen that he wants his wifes Pratibhas Pratibha (light) to be seen by the whole world. Sunidhi says to Sanjeev he did great in sending Pratibha on stage. Sanjeev says everything has been done by Pratibha. He tells Mahen she took his promise not to tell him but it was Pratibhas idea to call him. Mahen smiles at her, Anmol says to Pratibha she and Aditya Naraya was the superstar. Pratibha says to Anmol that tonight, his papa was the super star. Mahen keeps hand on Pratibhas shoulder and asks her to let go. She smiles and the family leave. Peehu is left behind, she finds a paper that she and her friends wont be safe so easy, I know all about accident. She looks around and see a guy in hoodie, someone keeps hand on her shoulder. Peehu says she came to abrupt, I was afraid. Mahen comes to bring them to car, Pratibha wonders why Peehu looked there and why is she afraid. Mahen calls her again and she leaves.

At night, Mahen asks Anmol to let her mother rest. Pratibha says she isnt tired, she has to give medicines to Kaashi and milk to kids. Kaashi says to Pratibha that Mahen is right, she must be tired. She will take milk herself, Pratibha should only give milk to children. Pratibha looks at her in awe, Sunidhis breathe is stuck in throat. Pratibha asks her not to worry much; she will bring both milk and water together. Sundihi confronts Kaashi, Kaashi asks why is she staring her. Sunidhi says she knows her well, why is she behaving to Pratibha this way. Kaashi asks why she is uttering nonsense. Sunidhi says she has really changed, and was talking about helping Pratibha. Sunidhi says Pratibha has been the owner of the house, and is now a singer too and Mahen is also good with her now. Kaashi says yes, she has also made up her mind to be good to Pratibha. Kaashi suggests Sunidhi to do it also. Sunidhi says no, she says to Kaashi that she is really afraid of Pratibha. Sunidhi says she will fight for her right in house, and one day Sanjeev will get it once. She tells Kaashi to be a Lota. Both Kaashi and Sunidh go separate ways.

Mahen was watching the letter of Pratibha, then thinks about her voice and song. How Aditya Narayan wanted the world to see her talent. Pratibha comes to the room. Mahen comes to her and clears his throat. She turns to ask if he wants something. He looks at her, then says nothing. She goes to keep the clothes in wardrobe. Mahen calls her again and says I have to talk to you. Pratibha comes to him and smiles. Mahen holds her hand. Pratibha is moved and looks at him. She removes her hand, he asks her to keep these things aside and says he is sorry and needs an apology. He says she wrote sorry in this letter, but in reality he should have said this. He isnt ashamed today that he was wrong and she was always right, he couldnt think about it before. Pratibha says he doesnt need to say this. Mahen says what he feels today, he doesnt want to make a delay in saying this. He says he never wanted a change, but today a changed Mahen is here in front of her. He couldnt understand till today that the Pratibha who always take care of them has some wishes. It is good what happened today, how she controlled each and everything at the last moment; her talent could never come to him. Pratibha was crying that it means a lot to her. Mahen promises that he wont talk aloud to her, he gave her so much in life but the most important thing couldnt be given to her that is respect. He can promise that in future that he will not let her lose anywhere. He says he is weak in expression and stammers but says he loves her a lot. A tear fell of Pratibha as she looks at him and smiles. He holds her hand, then face and wipes her tears. He takes her to hug him.

Next morning Pratibha wakes up and gives Aarti to the room with open hair. She looks at Mahen who was asleep, smiles and bends to give Aarti to him. He wakes up and holds Pratibhas hand smiling and says good morning to her. She says good morning and leaves. Pratibha goes to mirror to comb her hair, puts on a tikka. Mahen thinks he still has the same spark that she had years ago. He lost so many years, but from now he will make her feel each moment that she is special.

PRECAP: Mahen buys Pratibha a guitar, she plays it&


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