Written Update - 29th April 2015 Begusarai

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Apr 30, 2015

Written Update - 29th April 2015 Begusarai (By sanchi)

Begusarai 29th April 2015 Written Episode

Scene 1

Bindya is outside Haveli, Ghungroo says why you are seeing your would be house, Bindya says i am waiting for Priyom to come out so i can talk to him, they find Poonam standing on balcony, Poonam calls Najma and says Manjeeta allowed me to go for cultural program, Bindya and Ghungroo hides, Poonam says i told him that i will go to Patna for two days, Priyom comes out of haveli, he is talking to his girlfriend on phone, she says that i am going for cultural program, i wont tell where i am going, you will follow me and everyone will tease me, Priyom says why cant i come to your cultural program, i will miss you, Bindya says both are talking on phone and about cultural program, Priyom ask his gf will you not miss me? otherside Poonam says to najma i am going to enjoy with my college friends, Priyom says to gf that now your friends are more important to you, not me? bindya assumes that they are talking to each other but why on call, Ghungroo says maybe they want to hide that they are talking, Bindya says what they are hiding, Priyom says his girlfriend that i love you, Poonam talks Najmas younger sister, she says to Poonam that bring dress for me from Patna, i love you, Poonam says i love you too, Bindya assumes Poonam and Priyom are saying this to each other, Ghungroo says from when did their affair start, bindya says lakhan went out of Poonams life so she trapped Priyom, Ghungroo says so she will marry Priyom and will become queen of Begusarai not you, Bindya grabs Ghungroo by collar and says only i will become queen of Begusarai, dont talk rubbish from now on, this Poonam cant take my thing from me, i am taking all risk so how can i let her enjoy bonus? never, from today, if anyone come in my way then i wont leave him or her and this will start with this Poonam, Priyom and Poonam ends call, they look at each other, Poonam calls Priyom on terrace, he says he will come later and leaves. Bindya is angry.

Scene 2

Poonam tells Guddi that Manjeeta has agreed to let me go for cultural program, Priyom comes there, Guddi says i won bet, Priyom did bet with me that you wont go, Poonam stares him, she ask him to give 5000/- as per bet, he gives it, Guddi gives it to Poonam and ask her to spend in fest, Poonam says i dont need it, Guddi says take it and if you need any help so tell me, Poonam says i never went out so i need help in packing, Guddi says Priyom is expert in packing, Priyom says i will help you, by the way where are you going? Poonam says why you are asking? Priyom says my gf Priya study in your college, i cant spend time without her so i am thinking to come too, tell me where are you going, Poonam says why should i tell you, you did bet on me, Priyom says ok i will not help you in packing, Guddi says Piddi will help her.

Piddi is helping Poonam in packing, Priyom comes there, Poonam glances at him, Priyom silently ask Poonam to tell, she says no, Guddi ask to not disturb, Guddi says pack perfume, Poonam says i dont need it, Guddi says take mine, you should try new things, Guddi brings something, she ask Piddi to close eyes, Piddi says ask Priyom too, Guddi says he is shameless but you are nice so close eyes, he closes, Guddi brings out jeans for Poonam, Priyom laughs seeing it, she curtly looks at him, he says she will wear this, he laughs, Poonam says i cant wear it, Guddi says why is it ban for you? i am putting it in your bag, if you think right then wear it, she puts in bag, Priyom says you all are forgetting most important thing to pack, he says she is going for first time so she should memorize it, he gives her camera to click pictures, he ask by the way where are you going? Poonam says i dont need your camera, Maya comes there too and gives her jewelry, Piddi jokes that she is not going to marry, Poonam recalls how her marriage, she becomes serious.

Scene 3

Lakhan comes to Phulan, Phulan doesnt allow him to touch his feet, Phulan says i know you are not happy with my decision but i have no regrets, i have always assumed that i have four sons, and its difficult for fathers to punish sons, you wanted to say something that day, Lakhan recalls how he was drenched in water that day, Phulan says you can speak what you want, Lakhan says you called me to say something, i am here to listen your order only, say, Phulan says so listen it, you will understand in future why said all these things, 10 years ago i arranged your relation with Poonam but i didnt arrange maid for you, i forgot that in todays world, girl and boys acceptance is necessary for marriage, my decision was wrong so i changed it, i know you wanna marry Poonam, you can get second chance but for that you have to win her heart like a man, you have to respect her, you have to prove that you are changed man, the time Poonam realize this, she will herself come to you, i will marry her with her consent only, if she accept you as her groom then you can marry her, you can get this chance not by using power but by love and respect, Lakhan says yes and starts leaving, he thinks you snatched Poonam from me due to your power, i will snatch her back with my power only, he leaves, Badi amma looks at him.

Maya says to Poonam that wear these jewelry with your yellow dress, Priyom says she is going to Bugharo, Maya says no she is going to.. Guddi says dont tell him, Maya says so it was his plan to know where she is going, Choti Amma brings Laddo for Poonam, Priyom says Ranchi city have good laddos, Choti amma says but she is going to.. Guddi says dont tell him, Choti Amma says oh, she leaves, Maya leaves too, Poonam starts her packing, Priyom says i will see you, Poonam says i will not be here, Priyom says i will come to bus stand to know where you are going, she says we are going from different bus stop, he says from where all buses go to Patna, she says yes, he laughs that she indirectly told him where she is going, Poonam beats him, she says outsiders cant come h-in fest, Priyom says i can come at anywhere.

Badi Amma says to Phulan that you have assumed Priyom as next king but have you thought how will you do his tilak, Phulan says when people of Begusarai will accept Priyom as theri king then Lakhan and Mitlaish will have to accept him as king too, they wont be able to do anything and for that Priyom will have to work alot too, they find Priyom drinking wine, he is fully drunk, Phulan and Badi Amma looks at each other, Phulan says to Badi Amma that he has capability to become king but he unfinished diamond, Badi Amma says you will have to polish his skills like i did for you, Phulan smiles, Priyom finds them and is shocked.

PRECAP- Bindya buys a snake from someone, Ghungroo ask why did you buy it? Bindya says this is gift not snake.

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