Written Update - 29th April 2015 Satrangee Sasural

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Apr 30, 2015

Written Update - 29th April 2015 Satrangee Sasural (By sanchi)

Satrangee Sasural 29th April 2015 Written Episode

Scene 1:

Location: Vihaans residence

All guests start gathering. Granny is happy to see kasturi and expresses her happiness that she finally stood for her rights. kasturi says that she is lucky to have a son in law like vihaan, and that makes her very happy. Nilima comes down, and all shove vihaan out of the room, this being a ladies ritual. He is ffrustrated and others are amused. Mili takes on recording it herself. While recording the video, she also gets on tape, gautams parents crashing the party, disguised as labourers. granny says that first arushi shall put haldi on her, as its due to her, that this was possible. Artushi is overwhelmed and does the honours. Nilima gets emotional and thanks her, while she asks her to save them till marriage, as tears would come to use then.

Inside a room, gautams father asks them both to be hidden here, and wait for further instructions. after that they leave.

Merriment and celebrations begin, while all start dancing. Arushi is very happy to see everyone happy. Vihaan too isnt able to resist himself, and joins them, and then puts haldi on arushi, and she too does the same. Priyanka and mini leave tensedly. Later, granny sees the videos of the ceremony, while gautams parents watch from the balcony. Nilima wants to see, but granny asks her to freshen up and sends her with arushi. others watch the video. Upstairs, gautams mother in the silhouette of her dupatta, asks arushi that someone is calling for her. Nilima asks her to go and check, while she shall manage alone. Arushi complies and leaves. Meanwhile, gautams father places the call asking them to be ready. Downstairs, all hope that the entire marriage happens peacefully. In her room, as nilima comes out after freshening up, she is drugged by the two men into unconsciouseness. then they wrap and tie her in the carpet. Just when they are about to see gautams parents disguised, arushi comes and says that the food is ready. grannny asks arushi to get nilim from the room. Arushi goes towards nilimas room, and gautams father watches tensedly. She goes and finds that nilima isnt there and is tensed. she eyes the carpet and wonders who kept it here. she goes towards the carpet, but before she can see, she hears geetas call, and rushes down. Priyanka hollers for her, and arushi comes and explains that nilima isnt in the room. She asks her to search.

Just when they are about to take the carpet out, along with the workers help, gautams parents are stopped by arushi, who asks them where are they taking it. They are speechless and scared. he says that they are taking it out to spread it. she agrees and asks them to hurry. Then the contractor asks them to put the carpet don only, and get busy in some other work instead. They have no option but to comply. harpreet too asks about nilima, and they all get to searching for her. Arushi again doesnt find her in the room. But she notices the towel, and then perfumes strwen apart and wonders if she is in any problem. downstairs all are tensed, and vihaan tries her phone. the phone rings in Nilimas room, and arushi receives it. she tells narmada everything. All are tensed. arushi remembers the fake order that the dupatta wala lady had told her about, and connects the dots that after this only, Nilima went missing.

outside, gautams parents are frustrated at their failure. The contractor asks them to hurry up with their work. She is tensed for nilima suffocating inside the carpet and dying. gautams father thinks that he shall have to do something. he asks both his men to keep a keen eye on the carpet, as soon the auto shall arrive, and in the meantime, they shall get the carpet out. They both comply.

Mini again starts to reprimand arushi if she is satisfied now, as sicne she has been preparing for marriage nothing seems to be working out. She asks if she has a solution to everything. she asks if she actually has a solution, she asks him to find a solution to this one then. Arushi stands listening to all this, tensedly. Priyanka too reprimands her, while vihaan stands up for her, asking whats her fault. Arushi shushes him, and then apologises. He says that he doesnt need to, as she isnt at fault. he asks her not to be tensed for nilima, as she would be okay wherever she is. he assures others too, and then leaves. The screen freezes on arushis tensed face.

Precap: As they roll out the carpet, they find an unconscious Nilima lying in it, while gautam too is shocked. vihaan goes into a state of shock, while others are distraught and apalled. arushi is tensed to see vihaans reaction..

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