Written Update - 1st May 2015 Satrangee Sasural

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May 2, 2015

Written Update - 1st May 2015 Satrangee Sasural (By sanchi)

Satrangee Sasural 1st May 2015 Written Episode

Scene 1:

Location: Vihaans residence

merriment and festivities begin, while all are tensed, in narmadas absence. As arushi comes with drinks, she notices that they are tensed. She says that she would get narmada. she comes and sits beside narmada and tries to coax her into going, as the celebrations feel incomplete tiwhtout her. she asks her to go and see if nilima ddeserves this happiness or not. narmada refuses to budge. Arushi asks her not to come then, as then she shall sit here, as she is adamant, and wont compromise. She refuses to go. narmada pretends not to be affected when actually she is. Finally, she gets up and goes to the wardrobe, and asks her to go down, as she would come down after having drssed up. priyanka sees this and thinks that she can convince anyone. She says that she knows that the person who betrayed her once, shall do so again, and she says that she shall bring it in front of everyone

At the celebrations, while all enjoy, Nilima is tensed. granny waits for narmada to come down. when she comes down with arushi, nilima and others are overjoyed. Mini and priyanka that arushi can convince everyone. Narmada hugs nilima. Priyanka asks her not to worry, as soon everyone shall be okay, as she has a plan.

While arushi works in the kitchen, vihaan comes and hugs her from behind. Vihaan apologises to arushi for his outbreak, while she says that it was just his love for nilima. He says that due to his outburst, narmada too reprimanded her. She says that she too was tensed for nilima only. He says that he cant thank her enough. She tells that he doesnt need as its her family too. He gets overwhelmedn with emotions, and kisses her on the lips. Arushi too is taken aback and is in shock. he asks what happened. she says that he has gone mad. he assures her that kissing only increases love, but wont break any promise. She is still tensed. he says that he got a mehendi cone for her, and while he starts drawing art on her hand, she is tensed what if anyone had seen it. She then notices the weird art, and retaliates back by drawing a worse art on his hand, and he says that he still likes it, since he drew it. she apologises, while he sullenly says that its okay. to impress him, she comes close to him and is about to kiss her, when she is surprised, to see granny there. Granny sees this and is tensed. Arushi pretends as if she had come close to stich the button, while vihaan is boggled, and is then mortified when granny coughs. Granny asks him to go and wash his face, to wipe off the lipstick mark. he leaves hastily. Arushi too leaves after him. once they are gone, she is highly amused.

Later, harpreet and arushi are jotting down the gifts, and while harpreet gets tired, arushi says that she shall finish it. she finds granny staring at her tensedly, and wonders if she is angry due to what she saw. she then gives the excuse that she is tired, and hastily leaves for her room, to escape grannys ire. harpreet asks granny what happened to her all of a sudden. granny says that she udnerstood, and then harpreet says that she cant leave everything on her, and hence was helping her out. she says that arushi deserves an award. granny is convinced.

In her room, as she turns on the lights, vihaan scares her, and they almost collide, and she falls in his arms, and are again tensed at their physical proximity, as vihaan eyes her romantically. she gets angry at him, and then a pillow fight ensures, which tires both of them. They both lie down exhausted. he tells that now its her turn to kiss, as she didnt respond. She tries to get up, while he pulls her back. she asks him to get up, and he hurriedly gets up, with excitement. She asks him to close his eyes. he excitedly complies. She then gets up, and goes to the door, when she finds granny coming, and gets busy in the wardrobe. granny comes inside, and finds vihaans lips all puckered up. she askls him whats the matter and if he needs anything. he is embarassed and then gets up, saying that its nothing. he fumbles and says that he doesnt need. he asks if she came here for some work. She says that she shall go then. he asks her to stay and tell what she came here for. She asks him to go out. He is taken aback, but complies. granny is amused at his plight. He leaves. Arushi tries to clarify, while granny asksd if she even asked for one, then why is she justifying. As granny gives awards, in a saree and necklace, to arushi, for her painstaking effort in arranging and organising this marriagte and bringing happiness in nilimas life once again. she is overwhelmed. vihaan comes in saying that he too needs an award as he helped arushi in all of this. granny suggests with innuendo that he can take whatever award he needs from arushi, and they both are embarassed. She leaves saying that as it is, she didnt see anything. Arushi and vihaan are shocked. the screen freezes on her face.

Precap: A person pays a beautician, and then gives her a dead lizard, in a box, and asks her to get to work. As she arrives with her team in nilimas house, to dress her up, she stealthily hides the liazrd in a fake wig, to don nilima. she is about to place it on nilimas head, when arushi comes and stops her. she is scared. Arushi is boggled.


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