Written Update - 8th May 2015 Satrangee Sasural

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May 9, 2015

Written Update - 8th May 2015 Satrangee Sasural (By sanchi)

Satrangee Sasural 8th May 2015 Written Episode

Scene 1:

Location: Vihaans residence

Before nilima leaves, vihaan asks gautam to keep his mother happy always, and never let her be sad. gautam complies. nilima turns to arushi and says that thank you isnt sufficient for what she did for her, but would give her something, that belonged to her for many years, and is very special to her, her Monday, her special day with vihaan, the day that was just hers, the day that only she had right over vihaan. Arushi gets emotional. Nilima says that she gave space for her in the week, and that monday shall only be her day for Vihaan. She thanks nilima. nilima turns to find that priyanka isnt there. all are tensed. Vihaan looks to go, but nilima stops him, saying that she knows where she would be. She finds priyanka on the balcony, and then she gives nilima the controversial saree, that they both wanted but nilima gave to her, and she too didnt wear. She says that she is giving this to her as her parting gift. Nilima asks her to cry as its healthy sometimes, instead of holding back tears. Priyanka says that she doesnt feel like crying. Nilima asks if she can go insistently, and priyanka pretends to be brave and casual. Nilima leaves, and priyankas eyes well up in tears. nilima comes down with the saree, and then gautam gets a gift from vihaan, for their wedding, the honeymoon package, from him and arushi. nilima sys that she wants to talk to all of them, except arushi. All are boggled, but still comply. arushi stands tensedly.

Inside, they all discuss that arushi should now be accepted as the bahu of the house. priyanka still disagrees, saying that in six months, she should continue the full term. She says that she impressed many people, but not her yet. All are boggled. Geeta says that she isnt right and should think for vihaan too and his happiness, and when they know she makes him happy, then they should take off the conditions. Nilima asks this from everyone as a Bidaai present, to accept arushi wholeheartedly and free her from all bet. granny says that they can vote. priyanka again taunts that the result is very clear. Granny says that then sshe shall remain neutral, and wont vote. she asks others to do. while geeta,, nilima and harpreeet agree whole heartedly, narmada is tensed.

Later, at the bidaai, granny hands over nilima to gautam, asking him to take good care of her. Nilima hugs her. then she bids her goodbye to everyone, while priyanka asks her to forgive her for any mistake that she might have done. The scene is overwhelmed with emotions, while vihaan isnt able to say goodbye at all to her, and finally granny asks him to let her go. Harpreet aaks gautam why is he crying as he is the groom. tehy all laugh. they finally drive away, while vihaan and his family is emotional and in tears.

Vihaan and arushi are about to come in, while she is trying to get him to stop crying, she comes face to face with all the mothers, while garnny asks her to stop and stay right there, and not enter in the house. she is shocked and asks what happened. vihaan asks whats the matter and she shuts him up too. She tells harpreet and geeat to get the stuff, saying that today one daughter went away, while the other daughter shall have the griha pravesh. She is overwhelmed. granyn says that she has proved herself, and frees her from the six month ban, and accept her as the Bahu of this SATRANGI SASURAL. Arushi gets overwhelmed, and says that she doesnt know whether to speak or cry, for such a brilliant surprise, and thanks them all. Granny asks her to do thee honuors, as vihaans wife and the bahu of this house. vihaan asks her to do so, while harpreet teases him why the hurry. Arushi smiles. Finally, arushi gets the well deserved griha pravesh, while mini and priyanka stand tensedly. Arushi and vihaan are super happy and elated. Granny welcomes arushi in the house, ansd that she passed, and winning everyones hearts, she has proved that she is the ideal bahu, and hence they have decided to take off their condition of non-consummation of marriage. Arushi is emotional and hugs her. the screen freezes on her face.

Precap: At the dining table, granny asks nilima that once she is gone, her post shall be vacant in the office. Nilima says that she has already thought of a deserving candidate and thats arushi. All are surprised, while priyanka is affected, and says that she believes she deserves it after Nilima. All get tensed..

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