Written Update - 13th May 2015 Satrangee Sasural

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May 14, 2015

Written Update - 13th May 2015 Satrangee Sasural (By sanchi)

Satrangee Sasural 13th May 2015 Written Episode

Scene 1:

Location: Vihaans residence

Vihaan is called and reprimanded by granny, for the tattoo, on arushis complaint. he feigns ignorance and granny asks if arushi is lying. he sauys that he can show, and shows his bare chest, sans tattoo. Arushi is shocked. granny shoves them both out, saying that she doesnt have time for their nonsense. Vihaan feels victorious, in the room, while arushi is angry and boggled. he shows the sticker he used to hide the tattoo, and warns her teasingly never to complaina again, or this time, he too shall compl;ain about her to one of the mothers.

While priyanka is restless, mini shows her an idea on the laptop, and she immediately likes it, and begins to work on it. Mini is happy to see this too.

As arushi details her idea to everyone, of accepting Indian Traditions, and introduce it in their attire. she renders her power point presentation, after which granny asks priyankas presentation. she stands fuming, and mini stands with her. She says that she accepts her defeat and asks her to give nilimas position to arushi. Mini is scared while priyanka is furious too. they both leave. Mini asks priyanka to leave. Shee then coems to granny and says that she is at fault, as she just copied and pasted arushis ideas, into priyankas and hence she is accepting defeat. granny asks how dare she did this. Mini apologises. Mini says that arushi gave one idea, but priyanka worked on that idea tremendously, and gave it a new life. She talks about amalgamation of indian and western, and asks her to see it once. granny complies and starts viewing, and likes it instantly. Arushi says that she didnt think so much, and that this sure should go to priyanka, who says she doesnt need charity. Arushi says that its genuine, and that she definitely deserves it more than her. granny too has a similar opinion. vihaan too agrees that this is perfect and that Nilima shall be succeeded by priyanka, and she shall have arushi as an assistant. all are happy and smile, while priyanka is okay. granny teases her to smile now atleast.

In the kitchen, arushi gets the recipe from kasturi, to help her work in the kitchen. she blesses arushi to be happy, while she promsies that she shall come in the evening. Vihaan enters and she asks whats up. he says that he is very restless, that after such a long time from being detached from the business, how would priyanka fit in nilimas shoes. she sayss that priyanka shall handle perfectly. he says that he trusts priyankas decision but doesnt trust the decision completely right now. She hears tensedly, and asks him not to be so serious and that she shall win over priyankas heart top as her assistant. he is somewhat relieved and leaves. Arushi gets up on the stool, to get a bottle, but her foot slips, and he immediately rushes .

Scene 2:

Location: Arushis residence

Girish along with mili helps to make food, while kasturi rests, but he gets a phone call, that gets him tensed, and he leaves, while leaving the stove on fire. later, kasturi wakes up smelling something burnt, and reprimands mini. just then, girish comes and apologises as it was his fault, that he tried to make food. he says that he shall just get food from the hotel. Kasturi is overwhelmed to see her sons loving gesture, and says that today she shall eat this only, without bothering if its burnt. All smile.

Scene 3:

Location: Vihaans residence

In her room, priyanka enters happily, and finds a gift, with a sorry card, apologising to her. She then opens the gift to find that its a pen. she turns around and finds that its mini standing with ears catched, and asking for apology. priyanka teases her and then agrees, saying that she isnt angry as she knows she meant well, and wanted her to win and she did win. They both laugh and hug. They start discussing the new job position. Mini gets to select a saree for her first day. priyanka gets tensed. mini asks whats the matter. Priyanka sayss that she is scared of failing to meet their expectations, while mini shows faith in her. she says that vihaan shall be there. Mini says that arushi too would be there. She asks priyanka not to entertain her much. Priyanka says that in the beginning she would need arushi, but later, she would herself lament as to why she agreed. They both have a hearty laugh. The screen freezes on her face.

Precap: Priyanka finds arushi, ready with the breakfast plate, while she announces that she is leaving for the office. Priyanka stoically asks her to respect the importance of time, as she wont tolerate unpunctuality, in her staff. Arushi is scared and complies. Preiyanka asks arushi to report on time, or else dont bother to even come. Arushi is tensed.

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