Written Update - 15th May 2015 Satrangee Sasural

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May 16, 2015

Written Update - 15th May 2015 Satrangee Sasural (By sanchi)

Satrangee Sasural 15th May 2015 Written Episode

Scene 1:

Location: Vihaans residence

Arushi tries to get vihaan to get dressed soon, but he takes his time, to tease and irritate her, but when she reminds him of priyankas first day, he hurriedly begins to leave. outside, arushi finishes her chores, and then when she accidentally breaks a vase, narmada rushes to her help. She takes both of their blessings and on their insistence, she hurries out to join vihaan.

Scene 2:

location: on the road

Gierish is beaten up the boys, demanding for the money, while he keeps insisting, that he shall pay them, nd leave him now, as he has an interview. Somehow he manges to get free and runs on the road, and vihaan and arushi, in their car, heading towards the office, notice him. they are shocked. Then they rush to his aide, and stop the men, who say that he took money from them for drugs. girish styands guilty. vihaan sends those boys away after a long lecture, and then eyes vihaan girish angrily and leaves. Arushi asks him not to be upset, as he shall prove vihaan wrong in time. Girish is tensed.

Scene 3:

Location: Vihaans office

Priyanka arrives before time, catching all unawares as even the decorations arent complete yet. She sternly tells them to be on time, and also gets to know that none of the officials take deadlines and reporting time seriously. She asks them to get to work, and if anyone reports after ten minutes they shouldnt be allowed inside. he complies. then she feels the sudden sense of power and supremacy, as she eyes her office and her chair, as the Joint MD. She smiles. She gets all the employees together and begins to dictate her strict disciplinarian rules, which leaves the employees stunned, and begin to compare her to nilima, being very amiable, and she being a dictator like hitler. Just then, vihaan and arushi enter congratulating her. Priyanka gathers everyone together, and vihaan wishes her congratulations on her first day. But she angrily calls the guard, and asks when it was her strict instructions that noone should report after 10:10 without her permission, then why was arushi allowed to get in. Arushi and vihaan stand tensed. Priyanka says that she shall be excused just this time. Arushi complies. priyanka also asks her to address her as Madam, and not buama, when they are in the office. Vihaan watches tensedly. Priyanka assigns arushi a work, and they all get to work.

While arushi works in the cabin, vihaan keeps pinning romantic postits on her window sill, but she doesny pay notice, being immersed in her work, and he starts getting irritated. He finally resignedly sits down. She then notices him, and thinks that he hasnt finished his breakfast. She calls the peon. the peon gives vihaan the tiffin, and a post it, to which he replies back and hands it to the peon. Arushi reads this and is frustrated. arushi comes to his cabin and badgers him to eat, as she has lots to do. Vihaan says that if he hasnt eaten, then she too hasnt. Priyanka sees arushi and vihaan, having breakfast together, each feeding the other, through the CCTV, and is frustrated that this is going on. the employees however enjoy their lovely romance. She is frustrated to see this and decides to teach a lesson. The screen freezes on her face.

Precap: Employees start comparing arushi to priyanka, pointing out how friendly and compassionate she is, like nilima, unlike priyanka, and that she should have succeeded Nilima and not priynanka. She smiels. But she is scared when she finds priyanka standing in front of her. Other employees are shocked too.


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