Written Update - 26th May 2015 Mahakumbh

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May 27, 2015

Written Update - 26th May 2015 Mahakumbh (By sanchi)

Mahakumbh 26th May 2015 Written Episode

The Episode starts with Dansh sitting on knees and asking Rudra to save Leela. He promises he will get poison off Shivanand and also says he will not attack him in their fight. Rudra says the incapable people do the dealings, they cant stop whats written in fate. Rudra shouts to stop this evil game. He says so loud that patrolling police also hears it. The police goes to that place. Balivesh asks his men to stop Rudra. The man says he cant stop him. Balivesh says go, else I will kill you. Baliveshs men go to stop Rudra. Rudra beats them.

Rao and Grierson hide seeing Bhairavi. She sees someone and goes to see. They cover their faces and leave in the car. The police reaches there and she hits the ground, turning the bright place in darkness. The inspector sees her and just the fire. He asks who is she and what is she doing here. She says she is waiting for the fire to end, he did her husbands last rites. He asks when did she do it. She says 150years ago. He rushes back with his team being scared. She smiles seeing them leave.

She turns and hits the ground again. Dansh says stop Rudra, you cant go through it. Rudra says Naags cant go through it, it cant stop Garuda. Aghori is about to sacrifice Leela. Rudra says enough, Garuda has the fight right on Naags by birth, belief and rights. He gets through the shield and fights with the Aghori. Devesh and Balivesh leave from the place. Rudra lifts Leela and brings her. He cant get Leela out by the shield.

Aghori gets up and says what did he think, he can ruin his years Tapasya, he gave one Ahuti to stop Garuda head, but once he completed, Leela will turn into a snake, and can never get in human form again. Rudra kicks the shield. Aghori sits to do Ahuti again. Leela starts turning in to snake. Vrish is in worry. Dakshak looks at him and says when situation does not support, you should just aim at the target and situation get fine.

Vrish asks when did he come. He says he is from old times, they are new who came. Vrish says sorry, come, I meant to say when did you come in Mahakumbh. Dakshak says I came when I felt the need to come, I m Danshs guest. Vrish says we are lucky. Dakshak says he has to see this work now, Dansh has gone to get his daughter back, dont worry about her, make the way to reach Amrit, any questions. Vrish asks why is he digging such a deep tunnel. Dakshak says the time will answer this.

Bhairavi hits the shield with her stick and nothing happens. Dansh says I know you are Garuda, how do you do all this. She says like this and hits again. The shield breaks. Rudra brings out Leela. She asks Dansh to take Leela. Aghori says they made her angry, someone will not go alive. Dansh says is it you. Aghori runs and Dansh beats him. He falls down and gets a sword. He attacks Dansh and Dansh uses it to hit him. He stabs him. The shield disappears. Dansh says he said right, someone would not go alive from here.

Dansh lifts Leela and takes her. Rudra and Bhairavi look on. The vidhi powder gets in air and Rudra asks whats happening. Dakshak comes outside the tunnel. Heavy winds blow. Bhairavi says just we cant stop this danger, all Garudas have to be together, it will be possible when Shivanand supports us. Dakshaks veins get green. Rudra says we have to find third book, dont worry about Baba, he is free of poison now, he has got his powers. They see the sky thundering. She asks him to rush and get all Garudas, prepare them for the fight. Dakshak says danger is about to come.

Dansh brings Leela to Vrish and says I told nothing will happen to her. Vrish asks who did this. Dansh says Swami Devesh and Balivesh, he has stopped the yagya, and now they will die by my hands with no last rites. Vrish says it was Naag vashikaran yagya, if Vidhi was done, we would have been in their control. Dansh says it will not happen now, they are in control, dont worry about Garuda and them. Vrish says Garuda are our enemies and will always be. Dansh says if I say that Garudas mind Shivanand in on our side then Vrish says I would say you are mistaken. Dansh says he knows how will Shivanands mind work, my given poison will decide this and affect him such that he walks to us, as what happened and what will happen with him, even he wont know this. Vrish says how will you control Devesh and Balivesh. Dansh says they will also be in our control, let me decide is sons happiness bigger or fathers. Bhairavi looks at the clouds and thundering. She gets worried and holds her stick. The stick goes in the sky by the winds. She stands between the winds, and a snake storm catches her. She gets rotated by it and freezes.


Shivanand tells Rudra that they will reach Amrit with Naags. Rudra says this cant happen. Dansh kills Balivesh. Devesh tells Maya to ask Rudra to break Naags ego. Rudra says Maai Mui was right, I have to end this enmity between Garudas, before tackling the cloud problem.


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