Written Update - 27th May 2015 Comedy Classes

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May 28, 2015

Written Update - 27th May 2015 Comedy Classes (By sanchi)

Sadda Haq 27th May 2015 Written Episode

Scene 1

Sanyu says this is vidushi she saves her name as randhir most of the times, she takes the phone and says vidushi stop doing these stupid things. He says its me are you sleepy or what?She says i am home. Randhir says oh mom is near. She says you are a tubelight. I will talk to you tomorrow, i am sleepy. he says yes i now how sleepy you are. The phone goes on speaker and anju hears it. Randhir says btw all okay? sanyu hangs up. Anju says it was randhir right? Tell me truth whatever it is? are you still? sanyu says he wanted to talk about randhir. anju says why did you conceal then? sanyu says i didnt want you to know and take stress. Anju says you can tell me whatever it is. i dont wanna live in a lie, i dont know what happens tomorrw. sanyu says dont say that maa. Dont worry. Anju says we have to be practical sanyu. i need to be assured that your future is safe. if you think randhir is the right guy for you i wont mind. sanyu says listen to me. anju says i can see it in your eyes. I want to meet him, tell him that. sanyu says okay i will ask him/ She gives her medicine.

Sanyu comes to randhri and says maa wants to.. he gets a call from hospital. He says okay i am coming relax, sanyu says please wait, randhir leaves.

Parth sees vidushi on stairs, he starts talking to a girl and flirting wit her. Namit comes vidushi starts flirting with him. he says you dance so well. Parth comes an says vidushi go from here. she says who are you to order me? parth says i wanna talk to him. Parth says i am warning you dont start it here. namit says clam down. parth says i dnt want past to be repeated, it would be better for you to leave.

Sanyu comes to randhir says i wanted to talk to you. She says its important. you have to meet maa tomorrow. randhir says what? She says yes. Randhir says what for now? Sanyu says please. he says i can but.. she says its important. He says okay i will. happy? She nods. team comes in. They all start working on the machine. sanyu says lets no overload it. randhir says you have another idea? parth says nothing is working. randhir says lets ask pkc what happend to the new mentor. They all go to pkc. PKC says we are looking. Randhir sas okya take your time but dont bring someone like him again. sanyu says sir call ranawat maybe he will come back. PKC says we dont want him back, i have mailed the new ones.

sanyu takes PKCs laptop at night and mails all the recipients that the vacancy has been filled.

Vid comes and takes parths ball. he says give it back to me. she says give me your brothers number. he says namit is my cousin, she say you are jealous of him, because you cant dance like him. he says shut up. there is a reason why i ask you to stay away from him. she says i dont want to know it.

randhir sees the mail. he comes and says what have you done sanyy? she says ranawat is a genius. he says genius my foot, the car is about to fall on her, he holds her and takes her aside.

Sanyu is in lab, rest of the team comes. randhir says okay guys lets start. they all start working. The car is suddenly on flames, Sanyu saves randhir. she says are you okay? i have been asking you to stay aside. Parth says we are where we started from. Vidushi says sanyu you shouldnt have mailed them. sanyu says we cant get better.. Vidushi says shut up and enough of it.

No Precap.

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