Written Update - 28th May 2015 Comedy Classes

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May 29, 2015

Written Update - 28th May 2015 Comedy Classes (By sanchi)

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 28th May 2015 Written Episode

The Episode starts with Abhishek analyzing about Shaguns lie. Raman says she fooled me, and is taking my kids away from me. They rush to stop her. Ruhi says Ishi Maa and cries. Adi asks her to calm down, they will go to Ishi Maa. He calls out Shagun and she is not at home. He says Ruhi is crying, and looks for her. He says mum is not at home and gets dads call. Raman talks to Adi and asks where are they. Adi says Ruhi is with me. Ruhi says Shagun got us here and left us.




Raman says dont worry, I m coming. He asks Adi where are they. Adi tells the apartment name. Raman says we are coming, lock the door, dont let anyone come, promise me you will take care of Ruhi. Adi promises. Raman asks him not to let Shagun come. Adi asks why. Raman says I m saying you. He asks Ruhi not to cry. He tells Adi not to open door till he comes. Ishita tells Mihir that she is reaching there now. Mihir says I will come. She says no, I m reaching. Raman asks Abhishek to drive fast.


Ruhi says Shagun lied to us, she did not inform anyone. Adi cries and says mum lied to us also. Ruhi hugs him and asks when will Papa come. Adi says dont cry, you promised you wont cry, I will make hot chocolate for you, I m big chef, play game here, I will just come. He says Shagun mum really lied to me. Ishita talks to the guard and asks about Shagun, showing her pic. The guard says I did not see him, I came on duty now. She asks him about visitor register. He says its tough to know now. She sees Shagun and Shagun hides the tickets.



Adi goes to the stove, which is already on. Ishita asks where was she, she is calling since long, is she ok. She says you came in Simmis engagement. Shagun lies. Ishita says please cooperate, I know you came to meet Adi, do you know anything, someone has kidnapped them. She gets call from Shaguns number. Ruhi says Ishi Maa. Shagun takes the call and says they are my kids, I m going to take them away from you. Ishita is stunned. Adi looks for lighter, and lights the matchstick.


The fire catches and a blast happens. Shagun and Ishita are shocked seeing it. The building flat is set on fire. Shagun says that my flat, Adi and Ruhi. Ruhi says Adi bhaiya and falls down. Ishita and Shagun run to them. They knock the door and Shagun asks Adi to open the door. Ruhi sits crying. Ishita calls people and they break the door. Ruhi hugs Ishita. Ishita sees the fire and asks where is Adi. Ruhi shows the fire. Shagun coughs by the smoke. Ishita cries and shouts Adi.




She asks Ruhi to go out. Ruhi says no. Shagun is busy in getting some non smoky air for herself. Ishita panics and goes towards kitchen. She cries and people stop her. She tries to see Adi. She is shocked seeing him fallen down. Ishita calls him out. Shagun goes out. Raman and Abhishek are on their way. Ishita coughs and gets inside the home. Ishita asks Adi to get up and calls out help. She puts water on the fire. She takes Adi and a rod falls infront of her. The people look on holding Ruhi. Ishita brings Adi out. Adi coughs and says mom. He sees Ishita and asks is she fine. Ishita brings them out. The earthquake rocks Delhi. The car jerks and the building shakes up. Abhishek says I think its an earthquake. The building gets cracked and everyone come out of the building.







Ishita saves the kids and brings them safely outside the building. Ishita falls down on the ground as a pillar hits her. Ruhi and Adi stop. Ishita asks them to go. She cries and the people take kids away. She is stunned and scarily turns to see a building collapsing.






Bhallas and Iyers come out and Mrs. Bhalla ask them to call Raman, Ishita and Mihir, and pray for them. Raman and Abhishek reach the apartment and see the debris. Raman is shocked and says my kids were here. He calls out Ishita, Ruhi and Adi. Abhishek talks to a lady and asks him not to worry, he called ambulance. Raman asks some people about kids and looks around. They rescue some people. He sees Shagun sitting there and somewhat wounded.






Raman asks her about the kids and Ishita. He sees Adi and Ruhi hurt and fine. Adi and Ruhi cry. The kids rush to him and hug him crying. Ruhi asks him to save Ishita, she is under the debris. Raman is shocked. The people tell him. Raman asks Abhishek to take care of kids and goes there. He moves the big stones. Abhishek says what are you doing, its rescue teams work. Raman says my wife is here. Abhishek informs Mihika everything. Mihika gets sad and tells everyone that Abhishek said Ishita is not found. They all cry. Mihika says he was saying maybe she.







Ruhi says someone save my Ishi Maa and cries. Shagun looks on and comes to Adi and Ruhi. Ruhi asks why did she come here. Adi asks what is she saying..



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