CID Some Tips to improve

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May 30, 2015

CID Some Tips to improve (By Helping)

I have been watching CID.

Although some stunts are extraordinary, but story line and act needs some natural touch.

1. CID Officers / CID Inspectors self doing dirty jobs.

a ) digging the crime seen space is little wired

     tip: once they found some crime location, suspicious place ,

     please show they hire some roz gar koolies to do the digging job.

b) some times they do show "kota koor"  diving people being hired to search the pond/sea

     please make sure always they hire cheap labor to do dirty /cheap jobs

      in India it is not difficult to get cheap labors :)

2. some time there seems lot of communication gaps

    tip: just show some one calling some one and background narrating clips/snapsots to cover story

    completes the story line.

3.  Via CID serial it can be shown or given advice to audience about what to do when got into certain situations

     a) like if you find some accident in real life what is quick number to memories to call local police

     b) some emergency situations like medical emergency, fire emergency etc whom to contact and what to do.

    c)  some kids tips like what children should do when they encounter some viered situations either at school or at play ground etc.,

4.  also some general jantha tips which many might not be aware of..

because CID is a serial which is been watched by all age group people.

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