SIT : Special Intelligence Team

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Nov 16

Chapter 28 (By Aadhya) (Thanked: 90 times)

We reached the branch and quickly hopped out of the car. As we entered the office building, I realized I had completely forgotten to ask Baba about how he managed to lift the most important rule of SIT and got together with Mumma. That was why I had visited him, and I totally missed it.


"You are back already," Jewel approached us and gave me a warm hug. She was in her early fifties and still worked in ART, guarding the entrance of ART. For people outside the organization, she was an admin staff, but for us she was the pillar who made sure the ART stays a secret.

“Jewel,” Arnav hugged her, quickly gave her a peck on her head, “We need our Identity cards urgently.”

She nodded and swiftly went to her desk and shuffled through her drawers. On getting what she was looking at, she took it out and gave them to us.

“Thanks Jewel,” I said, “It’s already 7:45, just 15 minute for you off time. We don’t have any work for you as of now, if you want you can leave early.”

Kuch hua hai kya?” She asked, “You both look upset over something. You both had a fight again?” She picked up.

Kuch nahi hua. You leave.” I said, irritated now.

Nahi hua toh hojayega.” She said, winking at Arnav.

Arnav nodded, smiling at her as if he knew what she was referring about. I rolled my eyes, walking towards the lift.

“Good night Jewel,” Arnav smiled, following me to the lift. I flashed my I-card infront of the scanner, it beeped once and the door opened. We entered without another word. He was unusually quiet, I decided not to probe him as I had other things to worry about.

I told him, “You know, I visited Baba just so that I could ask him how did he manage to lift up the most important rule of SIT and marry Mumma. Now I wish I hadn't gone there, as it only yielded in putting him in danger. If we hadn’t gone, that person wouldn’t have followed us and would not have known my trigger points.”

He wiggled, “Everything happens for a reason. If they have decided to bounce back, they could find about you and your family from other sources too,” He said, “And about the rule one, you can ask him the next time you meet him.”

The door drifted open and we walked out. We roved quickly through the deserted corridor, when we saw two of my agents in a making out session. I couldn’t believe what I was seeing. Arnav immediately tried to calm me down, but I ignored him completely and approached the two.

“Khushi, rukho,” I heard Arnav say when he grabbed my hand to stop me. I whisked my hand away from his grab and yelled, “Aditi-“

That’s when the guy turned, it was Viraj. He was shaking on being caught in action. Aditi failed to look into my eyes. “ Kya kar rahe the?” I interrogated.

Both of them looked horrified and didn’t know what I would do to them. They were caught breaking the most important rule of the SIT history and they knew the consequences. It was irritating me more when they didn’t answer.

“I asked something,” I probed more, “I need to know what were you people upto.”


“Do you know the consequences of breaking the rule which you just decided to breach?” I shrilled threateningly.

Arnav was silently watching me roar at them, I was furious. I seemingly looked scary right now. He placed a hand on my shoulder, “It was a slip Khushi. It happens, we are all humans.” He tried to reason up.

 Hearing me holler, the people soon gathered around us. They all looked petrified, seeing me fire Viraj and Aditi left and right. They knew I can’t be controlled now.

Kya hua?” Anjali quizzed. They all looked baffled on seeing me blast like this.

"Don’t tell me-“ Roshef shook his head in dismay, “Viraj? Is it what I am thinking?” He glanced at Aditi now. They both were put in a spot. Everyone soon realized what would have happened and the Raizada clan looked at their younger one who was still looking at me.

“I don’t lecture when normal rules are broken. You know that, but the only thing I am serious about is the rule written in the SIT history. I can’t sanction this.” I told. “Do you recall what that rule was?”

They both nodded, afraid to say anything. Aditi looked like she would break down any moment. “What did the rule say?”

"Strictly no relation other than companionship with coworkers.” Viraj said.

“You shouldn't get into a dating or s*exual relationship with a coworker.” Aditi mumbled.

"Oh wow.” I sarcastically replied, “You do remember. It seemed like you had forgotten about the rule just a moment back when you both decided to-“  I didn’t complete, “Do you know the repercussions?”

Everyone yelped, not knowing what to do to calm me down.

“Khushi—“ Shantanu tried to reason up, “You can’t kil-“

I raised my hand to stop him from saying anything.

“You know what i am capable of doing, Shanta.”

“Give them a warning Khushi. You know they keep flirting around, it is noting serious.” Shantanu said again.

I glared at him for even saying it, he immediately raised his hands in the air and shook his head, “I am sorry, I know what they did wasn’t right but killing isn ‘t-“ He stopped and looked away.

“Yes, socho Khushi. You can’t kill your own members, and we all know you value your branch members so much.” Anjali said trying to reason up, I looked at her. She herself had broken the most important rule by getting involved with a team mate. But this time she did have a point.

“Give them a warning, they won’t repeat this again.” She quickly added.

I looked at the current culprits, they both did look like they regretted what they just did. Arnav kept his hand on my shoulder, squeezing it a little, “Di has a point, Khushi. Give them a chance. We all deserve a chance. I’m sure they won’t do the same mistake again." He glowered at the offenders and they both gulped.

He succeeded. His squeeze on my shoulder had amazing effect on me as I magically calmed down.

"Tum dono,” I said pointing at Viraj and Aditi, “If I catch you another time, I won’t delay next time. These people said you deserve another chance and I am granting you a chance. But see to it that it doesn’t happen again.” I said, “Samjhe?” I hissed, going really close to them.

"NOTED.” They both said together.

“Disperse.”  I ordered. People started going back in, when I saw Anjali smiling looking at Arnav. He was still looking at me, unaware of his sister’s smile. Arjun looked disturbed, he looked worried for a moment.

 Arnav removed his hand from my shoulder, I felt a kind of devoid. I already craved for his hand, when he grabbed my hand and pulled me inside the office. A series of flashback came infront of my eyes and I saw Arnav clad in a school uniform pulling me inside the school.

I let him drag me inside without complaining. I was grateful, he was there to guide me when I needed. I had made my mind to give them a chance, I just needed a push. He gave me that push. It was strange, but it felt correct. I did need someone to care for me.

He took me to his table and motioned me to sit. I obediently did what he asked me to.

Tum uss rule ko kuch jyada he seriously nahi lerahi?” He quipped.

I shrugged.

His siblings entered from the door and I saw Arjun coming to us to say something. Anjali quickly ran to him and dragged him away with her to where Ruksar and Jaskaran had headed. They all sat in a corner and discussed something. Every now and then, they would glance our way and smile. I knew something was strange but decided to ignore.

But kyu Khushi,” he questioned, “Rules are made to be broken.”

Pagal ho kya?” I asked directly, “I have been taught to follow the rules. Quite a lot of people have died because they disagreed to follow the rule. I can’t let their sacrifice for their love go in waste. People must respect this rule atleast.” I said, “Everyone were not lucky enough like your siblings or my parents to get the rule lifted up,” I buzzed.

“Died? Worried for them? What were you thinking when you made up your mind to finish those two,” he said looking towards where Viraj and Aditi sitting, “Mujhe toh humesha se yeh rule galat laga hai,” He said honestly.

“So what should I do?” I asked, “Let them fool around. Let others follow them and distract themselves from the mission? I can’t let that happen, Arnav. This rule was made for a reason.”

“All I am saying is you are way too strict. Calm a bit down. There are some rules that are ought to be broken. You won’t, but you can’t always pressurize others.” He finished.

Tum bohot ziddi ho.”

“Hai na? It’s fun,” He winked, making me crack up.

“Have you ever been in love?” He asked again, without waiting for an answer he continued, "Will I have to see you enticing men in the upcoming missions?”

Han shayad.

“It will bother me.”

“Why would it bother you?” I asked confused.

He opened his mouth to say something, but later decided not to. I asked him again.

“At times, I wonder if you are even a female.”

“Is it because you are failing miserably with your tricks?” I grinned.

“Poor me. I try so hard,” he pouted.

I couldn’t stop myself and burst out laughing. He looked cute when he pouted. I bet, he was an ace on mission. Every single person turned to look at me, it was a sight for them because I rarely laughed.

And today because of this fool Raizada, I learnt to laugh without any inhibition.

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Nov 20

Chapter 29 (By Aadhya) (Thanked: 86 times)

Days turned into weeks, and weeks to month, and we still had failed to catch the Lucifers. We were always relatively close but they beat us every single time. This was kind of frustrating but everyone were doing their best to help. In the course of missions and planning, I had grown pretty close to Arnav and his kins. They were all nice to me, in particular Arnav. He was extra sweet towards me. I was convinced, if other Tricker Agents ever saw us working together with so much of ease, they would never believe what they are seeing.

Arnav had this habit of violating the plan on missions, he would rarely follow the plan and at times, I had to guard his a*ss from getting killed. But I had got used to his cheekiness, and his rebel ways. I was gradually mellowing my policies too, as he had advised.

On the other hand, Ruksar would always shout at him for violating the plan. She had been working with him since years, but still had problem with his habit of going against her. She would scream at him during missions through the Bluetooth device. I used to immediately switch it off as soon as I saw him breach the rules, or her shrills and swears would make me go stone deaf.

We had just returned after a mission with our Shoot-out agents and Arnav was getting a good shouting from Ruksar for again going against the plan. Arnav simply gave her a no-f*ucks given look and munched on an energy bar. I sat with Shantanu and Roshef, talking about other alternatives. I saw Anjali laugh at how resentful Ruksar was, Arjun tried to calm her down while Jaskaran sat in a corner drinking water from his bottle.

“He always does this yaar. The Mission Preparation team works their a*ss off in making the plans, and all our computers are filed according to the plans, and he always has to wreck everything up." Ruksar complained to Arjun,

The Shoot-out teams were enjoying the commotion.

HOGAYA?” Arnav asked, yawning.

At this, Arjun chuckled, and Ruksar growled. Even I tried hard not to laugh, and ended up coughing extensively.

Sera, dekho yeh sab hota hai. I can’t always follow the plan, at times I do follow my instincts and I have told you this like hundred times. Still you always have to over-react,” Arnav said, irked now.

“But Khushi toh plan ke according he jati hai, she never goes against the plan. Tum he ho wo mahaan jisko apne instincts follow karne hote hai.” She attacked again.

Wo KHUSHI hai.” he said non-chalantly.

“So what?”

“She is an expert, of course.” He said, turning around to give me a wink, “But I am Arnav. I have always been like this. You know that,” He said lazily. He tried to walk past Ruksar, but she caught him by his arm.

Khushi, tum he samjhao isko.” Ruksar turned to me for help.

Main?” I asked, stunned.

“Yes, tell him you won’t save his a*ss again if he decides to go against the plan. This is becoming frustrating, tell him,” She tried to explain.

Arnav turned to look at me, sure that I won’t say that to him. Anjali curiously looked at me, a smile playing on her lips.

“It’s his way of working Ruksar. We can’t make him do everything our way, look at him.” I said, trying to reason up, “He doesn’t care.”

“WHAT?” Ruksar looked at me, stunned, “Are you seriously taking his side, BOSS?” she questioned.

“I thought you don’t like people breaking the rules,” Anjali said, smiling.

“Yes, I do. But, I have learned he has been like this since he started as an agent. Mujhe pata hai mujhe dhyaan rakhna padega but I am fine with it if I will have to save his a*ss, then be it. Kam se kam uske actions se hume mission mein toh koi takliff nahi hoti,” I shrugged and climbed the stairs which led to my cabin.

“Happy?” Arnav asked her meekly, “She doesn’t have an issue with my ways. Now, please excuse me bhabhi-jaan,” he faked a kiss sound and climbed the stairs, two at a time and entered my office, still grinning.

“I can’t believe it,” Ruksar said, exasperated, “Did you just see that Anji?”

“This is the last time I am ‘literally’ saving you’re a*ss from Ruksar,” I said rolling my eyes at him, and got rid of my safety jacket. I was merely wearing a short spaghetti strap underneath, and I didn’t care about the fact that Arnav was still sprawled in the couch.

“Yeah right, I believe you,” he said, winking. Even he got off his jacket and now was in a crew neck training t-shirt. He drooped on the arm rest of the couch, looking at me.

“Why don’t you go and tell Lavanya to put something on that?” I asked him looking at his wound.

“It’s nothing major. I poured alcohol over it, it will heal,” He said, “You seem to worry about me a lot, I see.” He added, arching an eyebrow, an irresistible smile playing on his lips. It made him look swashbuckling.

SWASHBUCKLING? What is wrong with me? Is it even a word?’ I mentally face-palmed myself for even that thought.

Khush mat hona, Raizada,” I said, making a face, “I am not that girl you just met in the club who threw herself all over you, you see.” I added maliciously.

“If I am not wrong you were also enjoying that,” I sneered, “Was she a good-kisser?”

“Jealous?” Arnav asked, observing me closely.

“Why would it even matter to me?” I said. I saw his expression sore, he didn’t say anything just closed his eyes and relaxed on the couch.

It would be a lie if I say that I wasn’t jealous when that girl threw herself all over him. I saw her kiss him, and somewhere down it made me furious. But then I know it is his job, he has kissed girls before, maybe a hundred of them and he is kissing her now. That doesn’t mean anything but why was I feeling this, right now. I had looked away immediately.

Working with him was tough, I had to admit. He was always around me, making moves at me. I was getting used to his attention. His chocolate brown eyes were so captivating that I couldn’t help but succumb to this feelings. I was slowly realizing that I was actually enjoying his affection and I would kill myself for even accepting this to myself that I had actually started feeling for this boy.

He opened his eyes and caught me ogling at him. I mentally face-palmed myself again.

“Were you checking me out, Boss?” he asked happy now.

Bilkul nahi.” I bickered instantly. I looked down, going through the file lying on the table.

He didn’t say anything but kept looking at me. I couldn’t take it anymore and ended up asking, “WHAT NOW?”

He shook his head, a mischievous smile lingering around the corner of his lips

Tumhe pata hai tum bohot khubsurat ho.”

“Yeah I believe you. Go now.” I said.

I was gushing but couldn’t let him know that. I had to control my nerves, I wasn’t like this. SH*IT! Maybe hormones. I was sure that I was strongly attracted to him. But the question was – did he feel the same way? I had told him on the first day itself to not try his tricks on me and he had always made a move on me. Was it what he wanted? To make me feel for him?

I hope not.

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Dec 23

Chapter 30 (By Aadhya) (Thanked: 90 times)

Arnav’s POV

I had fallen head over heels for her. My feelings were getting stronger by every passing day. I found it cute when she scolds me, the way she rolls her eyes when I try to flirt with her, the way she protects her members, her beautiful face. I kind of loved everything about her.

Only I know how I control my urge to kiss her everytime she smiles. I desire to touch and feel her face, play with her hair and what not. But I knew she would never break the rule.


I hate my ancestors for even making such a baseless rule. Love isn’t something that can be controlled. It just happens, how can they even ask us to follow this rule. If I knew Khushi a little, then I could tell she would never go against the organization when I confess my feelings. But I couldn’t help but wonder if she felt the same way I felt, maybe not to this extent, but atleast feel something.

She knows I have been making moves on her, but does she know that this is my genuine efforts that I am putting to woo her? She has never shown any interest as of now, but I know somewhere deep down even she likes me. Our job is to pretend and act, in the process she has excelled in pretending but I can see through her acts.

When she had taken off her jacket infront of me in her cabin, only I know how difficult it was to control my urge to ogle at her and to top that she was conversing with me then, but the only thing I could look at was her tight fitting spaghetti which gracefully hugged her small frame. With years of experience, I managed to catch hold of my feelings and didn’t let her know how insane she was driving me. And I succeeded to some extent as she seemed to not mind.

I had seen her in full action mode in past few weeks, it was like I would intentionally do something stupid while on the mission and dang! She would be there to save my a*ss. I loved seeing her fight, it kind of attracted me more. Her hair would fly in the air, when she would run dodging and crouching every now and then. And she always tried to save me from Sera whenever she decided to catch hold of my ear for again going against her. That made me think that somewhere deep down even she likes me and that thought was enough to lit my face up. I wanted to be more to her, I wanted to win her trust not only on work level, but on personal grounds too. I wanted her to open up, but that would take time. I wanted to pursue her and go after her no matter what. I wanted her, badly.

Arrey Arrey!” She caught my hand, “Where the f*uck do you think you are heading?”

I stopped to look at her, we were on a mission. We had planned to enter the Lucifers’ prime hideout and fix some bugs through which we could listen their next move.

 “What the-?” I muttered caught offguard thinking about Khushi.

She was squatting near a barrel stack, next to me. She looked straight into my eyes and said, “Ek wada karoge?

I looked away not ready to agree to her warrant.

“Look at me,” She said in urgency.

I turned to her, her eyes begging me to agree and man, how could I not agree to something she asked me to.

Han bolo,” I said, not sure what she would ask me to do.

Iss baar please no stupid decisions, mujhe aaj kuch acchhee feels nahi aarahe. Something is not right here. So I can’t think I can manage to save your back this time,” She said breathing heavily, “And please save yourself pehle, even if I am caught somewhere, we badly need to fix these bugs this time,” She said peeking to see if she could see anyone hiding.

I looked around and realized what she was trying to imply, they had blocked the entrance to the building with chains and nets, and they were designed in such a way that if someone touches it, they will get current. It was dangerous.

“Aayush might have kept them posted about our next moves,” I said, gritting my teeth, “Tum maar kyu nahi deti Aayush ko?”

“Abhi nahi,” She said, “We need him to lead us to them, we will collect all the information needed and then finish him and them too,” she said looking towards the building, “

"OKAY!” I said, Aayush’s face still fresh in the back of my mind, “But tumhe agar bad vibes aarahi hai, toh I think yeh promise tumhe mujhse nahi lena chahiye tha. I will have to do something stupid if they have planned to trap us inside. Nothing can happen to you, for that matter nothing can happen to us.”

Khushi smiled and gently pushed me to move ahead.

Tum logo ka hogaya ho toh can we please get back to the mission?” Arjun bhai’s voice came through the Bluetooth device.

“They look like lovesick babies when they talk sweetly to eachother, hai na?” Di commented.

Khushi muttered a ‘shut-up’ quickly. We had reached a cross road, each lane took us to a particular construction. This was difficult, we needed to find the place where they planned about their next move. We stood discretely, studying each construction keenly.

I heard someone type frantically in the background, “The one to your right, Arnav.” I heard Dhruv say.

We both looked to our right at the building which stood tall. I felt we were being staged into this, I looked at Khushi and she was already looking at me, trying to read what was running in my mind.

“I don’t thi-” She started.

“Not the right one, definitely.” I completed her sentence.

The path to the construction was very clean, it seemed like it was cleaned recently. I had this bad feeling which I couldn’t push away. They had cleaned the path leading to the constructions purposefully. They wanted us to enter the wrong building. We stood there looking at every building and the road that led to them.

“The one in the corner-“ I said urging Khushi to look there. A crushed packet of chips was lying outside the building as if someone among them might have just eaten it. Khushi nodded and reloaded her gun.

“No!” Sera said urgently, “You are going the wrong way. That building is deserted according to the blueprint. Waha kuch nahi milega,” She announced, “Take the right one.”

“Where did you get the blueprint from?” I asked Sera.

“Aayush helped Dhruv to get inside the Lucifers arrangement and found this blueprint.” She told.

I muttered a swear word under my breath and looked at Khushi, “Tumhe kya lagta hai? Tum ho Boss. I will follow whatever you say.

I knew she felt the same. She looked at the building in the corner and ordered, “We are taking that off. No arguments.”

Par Khushi-“ Sera tried to reason up.

“She said no arguments,” I told through the Bluetooth, “Nahi toh hum abhi isko bandh kar denge,” I said keeping my fingers on the off button of the device.

Theek hai,” Sera panted, “If this blueprint is discarded then we won’t have a model through which we can guide you. Be careful. Jo karna hai jaldi karo aur niklo waha se.”

We quickly got out of our hide-out and sneaked from the back of the right building to reach the construction in the corner. We peeked from the back of the building just to see if it was safe to cross and run towards the tall building, our pistols still in our hand.

“Run!” I said to Khushi, she quickly jumped and darted towards the building. I looked behind just to check if it was safe. She entered the building and I quickly followed. It was smoky inside.

“What the-“ I sighed.

There was something red and green at every regular interval on the floor. The hall’s floor was planted with bombs in such a way that if by mistake someone’s leg lands on it, it will blow off. We had to be careful.

“How did they manage to get these explosives?” I heard Khushi whisper.

Kya hai woh? Hum kuch dekh nahi parahe hai. Can you guys please focus the spy camera?” Arjun bhai said urgently. We hurriedly tried to focus the spy cams which were attached to our inviolable jackets.

We heard Ruksar sharply draw a breath.

“Be careful, Chhote,” I heard Di say.

“Can you quickly fix the bugs and rush to us?” Sera said worried.

“Done deal,” Khushi exhaled and turned to look at me, “ I will take this way and you move that way.”

I knew she was capable of taking care of herself but I didn’t feel like letting her go. I couldn’t say that to her or she would freak out and kill me right here, right now. I was skeptical but agreed to what she said and went to where she had pointed. I looked at her one last time and mouthed, “Don’t get hurt.”

Zinda rehna,” She told me giving me a small comforting smile and disappeared into the smoke.

I quickly rushed through the lobby, careful to not blast myself by stepping on the bomb. There were numerous of them.

Arjun bhai, can you imagine inke pas kitna paisa hoga? They have planted a bomb at every two feet. This is crazy.” I heard bhai chuckle.

“Can you do what you went there to do?” Sera commanded.

 I sighed and got back to work. After few minutes, I was on the sixth floor fixing the bug in the corner of the floor, wondering how Khushi might be doing. I pushed the button on.

“Check,” I called into the Bluetooth.

“Check,” Sera replied.

I couldn’t concentrate, my mind kept going back to Khushi. I hope she was safe and just at that cue I heard Khushi’s voice in the Bluetooth.

“Arnav,” She called, “I think they saw me.”

“Where are you?” I said looking around.

“Seventh floor, I just fixed my last bug.”

Waha se jald se jald niklo,” I demanded, ”Be careful of the explosives on your way down.”

I heard Ruksar typing frantically in the background. I knew she was checking for the new blueprint of the building through the bugs we had just fixed. I heard Khushi swear under her breath and breathing heavily through the device.

Dhyaan rakhna, Khushi,” Jaskaran came in, “I know you are in a rush, but one step on the bomb you will set them off,” He said calmly.

Turant footega kya?” I heard her ask.

“Can’t say how they have set them up,” I heard Jaski reply, “Maybe immediately or maybe it will take a minute or two.”

“You just be careful, will you?” I said sharply, dodging the bombs on my way to reach her.

“I know it is dark and smoky, Chhote. But be careful,” I heard Di say.

It was so smoky that my eyes had started to well up, I could barely see anything.

Mujhe kuch dikh nahi raha,” I said urgently, “Guide me.”

“Take a step to your left and two steps forward.” Sera said trying to calm her nerves. Haltingly, taking every step carefully I said what she asked me to.

“Now to your right three steps and four step forward.”

“Why is it so smoky in here?” I asked.

“It’s a trap, I think,” Sera cried into the device. In the backdrop, I could hear Jaskaran talking to Khushi, even she was stuck somewhere and he was guiding her. Our device was split currently as we were both stuck at two different corners.

“Five steps left and two forward,” I heard Sera say.

I did as she asked me to, I felt like I was walking through a maze.

“Four steps to your right and two forward. There’s a way out there, you can walk fast.”

I started jogging quickly past the door but I felt another presence running ahead of me. And then, B-A-M. I crashed into someone hard. I quickly aimed my gun at the direction of the person and tried to focus my blurry eyes.


I saw Khushi infront of my eyes and felt relieved, “You freaked me out.”

That’s when it dawned into us that we couldn’t go back either side as it was dark. We were trapped. This was the end.

Dec 27

Chapter 31 (By Aadhya) (Thanked: 92 times)

We would either get caught before we try to get out of here or we would kill ourselves by setting off the explosives. We were trapped.

"Yaha se bahar nikalne ka koi toh rasta hoga,” Khushi said wiping the tears around her eyes, which had formed due to the smoke.

Sera?” I called.


“Ruksar?” Khushi tried her luck this time.

No one responded. Today was not our day, I think. And we could get killed too, if they succeeded in finding us.

 “Anyone there?” Khushi tried again.

I disconnected the Bluetooth and tried to connect it again with the help of my cellphone. To me, it looked totally fine.

Sera?” I tried again.

“I think there is no signal in this room. Everyone back in the office might be freaking out right now,” She said looking around to find a way out of here. She tried looking around by turning on the torch of her cellphone. Simultaneously, we heard loud noises from a distance. We silently tried to listen.

“Bahar nahi nikle hai dono, dhundho unhe,” We heard someone command, “I want them alive. SEARCH.”

“F*uck!” We were scre*wed, I tried to do what Khushi was doing and turned on my phone’s torch, desperately trying to find a way.

"We will have to go back the way we came in,” Khushi sighed, her hand pressing the temple of her forehead. I didn’t like the look of stress on her face.

Chalo!” I said grabbing her wrist without a second thought and pulled her through a narrow passway I had found in the corner. I hoped this leads us out.

I felt a spark when I had grabbed her hand. I felt her hand fits the best in mine. These feelings were getting difficult to be controlled. Was she feeling this too? Was she even paying attention to this? I don’t think so.

We swiftly ran through the passway, but we reached another maze like room. This was becoming frustrating. We were stuck, and there was no one who could help us to get out of this mess.

I heard Khushi grunt and in frustration she kicked a stone which was on the ground near her. And what a kick it was! Because it miraculously landed on the bomb and it started ticking.

“F*uck my case,” I could hear Khushi murmur, “I am sorry. I just set it off.”

I was mad, but it wasn’t her mistake too. I couldn’t help but pull her close, to calm her down. She was hyperventilating. And to our luck, we heard Ruksar talk to us through the device hooked to our ear.

“Guys?” We heard her call, “Sunn sakte ho?”

“I love you, Sera,” My grasp at Khushi’s hand tightened, “Please use that wand of yours and get us out of here,” I said, checking to see if the bad guys have caught up with us yet.

“Cr*ap!” Arjun bhai said, “Tum pagal ho kya? Why did you set that off? Ab khade kya ho, BHAAGO.”

Samay kitna hai humare paas?” Khushi inquired. We heard furious typing in the background.

You have exact six minutes to get out of there,” Jaski’s voice came into the device.

We started running, but our bad luck followed. We heard noises reaching us and a guy jumped infront of us out of nowhere. I raised my gun and fired. And he languished. We kept running ahead. But they were firing after us and heard noises ahead of us. Stuck again.

“Fhas gaye.” I said, looking around to find a way out.

No,” Khushi’s confident self was back, “We are going to kick some a*sses today. Let’s fight our way out of here,” She said holding the gun in her hand and a knuckleduster in another. The sherni was back. She had the habit of fighting with her favorite deadly weapon knuckleduster which had a knife attached to it  and a gun in another hand. While, I took out my backup gun and reloaded it.

Khushi shot first and the guy collapsed to the floor.

I pulled Khushi to where I was hiding and fired the guy who had just threw a dagger at her. How dare he attack her?

"Arnav-" She screamed but it was too late because they had gone too far by attacking her. I shot haphazardly at the men and kept walking ahead.There were so many of them. Khushi sprung out of the hideout and started shooting at the men.

Chhote, if you are done being a hero can you both walk the fu*ck out of there?” Di shrieked into the device.

I kept shooting and so did Khushi. We heard shouts behind us and it kept coming near with every second.

Kya main woh wada todh sakta hu?” I asked helplessly, “Zaruri hai.”

She calculated the chances and exhaled sharply, “F*uck it. Lets get some action,” She said aiming her gun at the man who just appeared through the door. We rushed towards the narrow pathway and ended up in a familiar hallway. We had entered from here. This was so confusing, we nearly killed ourselves trying to save our a*sses.

Sirf dus seconds bache hai, Arnie,” Jaski announced, “Run faster.”

The door from which we had entered was closed. I ran faster and kicked it open. Khushi jumped with me, just in time. And heard a loud explosion behind us. We for sometime couldn’t hear anything around us, just a buzz sound in our ears.

I was drained off every ounce of energy but I knew we were not safe yet. Khushi lay unconscious next to me, she was shaken due to the explosion. I quickly lifted her in my arms and walked to a safer place. I saw other men running out of other buildings. They got into a mini van and drove away from the scene.

We were safe now. I turned to look at the building which had just exploded. I lay Khushi down and gently gave a pat on her cheek. She rolled on her stomach and coughed profusely.

Tum theek ho?” I asked, troubled.

“Arnav?” She seemed to remember I was still with her. She quickly sat up and looked at me, concerned. She touched the cut on my forehead, I grimaced. I looked away, not letting her check how deep was the wound. She caught hold of my face tightly and looked into my eyes.

“Allow me.”

Main theek hu.” I said, unable to look away from her eyes. I was glad she was still in one piece or I don’t know what I would have done. She persisted and keenly studied the wound. I let her do it.

I was exhausted. She said something but I was still looking at her, memorizing every little detail of her face.

“The wound looks deep. I think you might need stitches.”

I puffed.

“The device is dead. We went through all this trouble for nothing.” She said, looking at the building which had just burnt down.

I flinched with pain.

“We should head back to the office. I will get the car quickly, will you be fine?” She asked me.

“Please don’t go!” I grabbed her hand as she was about to run for the car.

“Don’t.” I said and pulled her into my arms. She was too shocked to react but didn’t move.

“I am glad you are fine,” I told her, “I don’t know what I would have done if anything would have happened-“ I felt uneasy.

“ARNAV?” was her last word I heard before blacking out.

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Dec 27

Chapter 32 (By Aadhya) (Thanked: 99 times)

I slowly opened my eyes, and blinked several times. I had a severe pain in my head, I scowled and mumbled trying to move, that’s when I realized I was snugly sleeping on our office restroom. I tried to remember what had happened, but nothing came to me.

Zinda ho?”

I was startled by her voice, she was standing in a corner all this while. She looked entertained. I looked at her keenly looking if she was hurt in any way.

Tumhe kya lagta hai?” I cross-questioned.

Mujhe toh laga-“ she moved her hand around her neck, and laughed, Tumne toh dara he diya mujhe. I heard you say to not leave you.” She raised her eyebrows.

Acchha so you left me to die?”

Mere pas aur koi option he nahi tha. I quickly ran to the car and came back to you within five minutes.”

I tried to sit, but my head hurt. I quickly looked at my reflection on the mirror, and saw my head was thickly plastered. My hand instinctively moved to my head.

Khushi said with a straight face, “Kuch nahi hai. Sirf fourteen stitches aaye hai,” She said munching on a protein bar.

I couldn’t believe how not perturbed she was. She didn’t care or what?

“You sound so concerned, thank you for that.” I said sarcastically.

She smiled jovially clearly understanding the undertone in my voice. I slowly managed to get out of the bed, but my head still hurt a little.

“What’s the time now?” I inquired.

“9 am.”

“When did we reach office?”

“I brought you in around 6:30 pm yesterday. You have been sleeping since then. No wonder your brother calls you Kumbhkaran.” She sounded a bit different today. PLAYFUL.

I turned to look at her and noticed there was more to her that was different today. She was always clad in her all black uniform, but today she was wearing a peach coloured wool knit pullover with a blue skinny denim. She looked fresh and different today. I liked the new her more.

“You forgot to wear black today or was it on purpose?”  I made a comment.

Tumhari behen ka kaam hai,” She said looking at her clothes, “She said she was tired of watching me in black, her eyes were hurting now,” I could totally imagine Di saying that, “I need colours in my life, that’s what she said.”

That sounded so like Di. I cackled. It hurt even when I laughed. She might have observed the pain on my face because she immediately called Lavanya in.

“Why are you calling Lavanya?” I asked, “Come on, I am fine. I don’t need more medications.” I lied.

My words fell to deaf ears because Khushi was already in with Lavanya following her lead. And to my horror, Jewel followed. I am going to get earful for getting myself hurt from her.

Jaag gaye aap?” Jewel started. And as expected she started jeering me for not being careful enough. Lavanya quickly brought few tablets which she asked me to gulp down. I refrained, sulking like a baby.

Kha nahi raha hai toh inject karo, La,” I heard Khushi say. So cruel of her. I glowered at her trying to tell her to stop.

She winked, challenging me to make her stop, “Dekha jaye toh tum ab rest karo, ek do missions par main akele manage kar lungi,” She added.

My eyes widened.

“Lie down,” Lavanya said bringing an injection with her. I crossed my arms and looked at her critically. She pursed her lips not to break into laughter. She said again, “Lie down nahi toh mujhe Khushi ko kehna padega.”

I shivered, I had seen Khushi smack a team mate when he had chickened out from getting the medications injected. I couldn’t afford to get a smack so I obediently lay down on the bed without any further argument.

All three of them laughed.

Lavanya injected the medications and quickly left the room. I felt Jewel’s hand gently pat my head. The medications had started kicking in because I was slowly getting groggy and tired. I saw Khushi come near me to sit.

“Get well soon partner,” She whispered, “Sleep.”

Mujhe nahi sona,” I whimpered like a baby.

Khushi smiled understanding the fact that I don’t like missing out anything, “You need rest, Arnav. That will help you to recover.”

I listened and within no time sleep kicked in and I was gone.

Khushi's Point of View

I gazed at him as he snored lightly. I don’t know why, but looking at his resting face I felt relieved. He looked so at peace, looking at him now, no one will tell how frisky and impish he was. His face looked so calm and composed. I felt so content looking at the Arnav who was resting quietly. His siblings had told me, he had not been sleeping adequately since they have reached Mehrauli. I wondered what kept him from sleeping. Was there anything bothering him? How could I ask him that? What if he feels I was trying to involve myself in his personal matters?

He had hugged me there, I was not expecting but it felt good. I didn’t try to free myself from his hold. But I went insane when he blacked out on me. I was so tormented that I can’t explain. I was so worried and concerned. I wanted to take actions immediately but his grasp around me was so tight that it took me few minutes to rescue myself from his hold. As soon as I had freed myself from him, I had sprinted towards where we had parked the car. I somehow managed to put him in the back seat and drove like a maniac. I was petrified, what if he dies on me? I would never be able to handle that.

I didn’t want to leave his side even once, he had slept straight for approximately fifteen hours. And those fifteen hours were torture for me. I had tried to avoid all the disturbing thoughts that were tormenting my mind since the minute he blacked out, I was on the verge of breaking down but then I had seen him waking up. It felt so good that I can’t put into words.

Now, when Lavanya had injected the medications, he had not wanted to sleep. But sleep was what he needed the most at present. His hair was so disheveled, I moved them away from his face. It felt so good doing that.

Wait! What were these feelings?’

I felt different around him. It was becoming difficult for me to be around him. I need to calm the f*uck down. I think watching him in pain has managed to disturb my composure. I was so worried for him, but why? Was he becoming so important that I couldn’t think about anything else?

I was drowned in these thoughts when I felt a tap on my shoulder. It was Jaskaran. He had this calm aura around him, he gave me a smile and I returned him one.

“Jewel just told us he woke up. I came to check on him.”

“He dozed off because of the medications Lavanya gave him,” I told him, my eyes still fixed on Arnav’s face.

Jaskaran stood there still observing me intently.

Tum kaisi ho ab?” He asked me. We had rarely tried to make a conversation, he was more like me. Silent types, Anjali was just the opposite. She would have interacted with almost everyone in SIT and ART.

I flushed, they had seen me create a scene when I had entered with Arnav yesterday. Lavanya was not in the office when we had come in, I had thrown a fit and called her to report to the office immediately. Everyone had looked at me weirdly, but I was not in my senses. No one dared to try and calm me down, as everyone of them knew it would only worsen my condition. They had seen this worried side of me for the first time, I was never like this.

THEEK HU.” I couldn’t say anything more.

“He would be on cloud nine when he gets to know how you freaked out yesterday. No one has ever been so affected for him. That will definitely make him happy.” He spoke.

“No need of telling him. He doesn’t have to know anything,” I spoke a bit rudely, and bit my tongue. He was just trying to break the ice, he didn’t deserve my rudeness. I didn’t know how to fix this.

“Well-“ I started, “Actually this is new for me, I didn’t know. I don’t know what I am trying to say, I hope I am making sense,” I expressed.

“I can understand,” is all he said.

My eyes were fixed on Arnav’s pretty face. I couldn’t move my eyes away. He looked tempting, his lips had parted a bit as he softly snored. I smiled a little.

“We were all equally worried actually when we saw his condition,” He tried again, “We have never seen him so distort ever, actually he is the one who usually comes in without a single injury. Always on his heels. We had almost forgotten that he is a human too.”

“I know. I was scared Jaskaran,” I whispered, “I was scared by the mere thought of losing him. I know I may sound idiotic because I am the Boss of this branch and the person who should behave in a subjective way but I don’t know what happened yesterday-“ I said, exhaling heavily, “I am never like this, you know.”

I fell silent.

Khushi, yeh sab hota he hai,” He tried to make me understand, “I know this maybe the first time you reacted so not like you. Sab pehli baar he hota hai.” He said cordially.

I didn’t know what to say.

Jab do log ek sath kaam karte hai, toh at times they do get attracted to eachother. Tumhare jagah par agar Arnie hota, toh I know he would have reacted the same way or maybe worse.” Jaskaran said carefully laying each word infront of me.

“What are you saying?” My eyes shifted from Arnav and I looked at Jaskaran, “I didn’t get you,” I said dangerously.

“I thought you were smart enough to understand,” Jaskaran mocked, “These things are bound to happen Khushi, you don’t have to distance yourself from the feelings. You will have to accept it, maybe not today but some day you will have to.”

I tried to find something to argue, but failed. He was not wrong here, he had seen through my façade, and knew I had feelings for the person who lay calmly infront of me, not knowing a thing going on in here.

“See Khushi, I know there is this rule and all. You can’t date a co-worker. But Arjun and Sera fought for their feelings and later me and Anji fought for ours. Rules can be shifted if the feelings are that strong. We were strong and made our mind about what we wanted. I know it is difficult being a Boss yourself, but you can’t do anything about the feelings, can you?” He sighed.

“We went through this and we made it out real and strong.” He finished with his lectures.

I rolled my eyes, “This is nonsensical, Jaskaran. Feelings and all is okay, but I will never ever go against the rules. People look upto me, I can’t be a bad example for them.”

He chuckled and said, “Legal. I won’t try to manipulate you, of course. But, Khushi- feelings can’t be controlled. Once they become strong, you might not know to what extent you will go for him.” He said, smiling ear to ear and waved at me before leaving me alone to think.

I was dismayed. He just told me if my feelings became strong, I might not think before going against SIT.


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Jan 16

Chapter 33 (By Aadhya) (Thanked: 99 times)

Arnav was recovering gradually, everyone advised him to rest. I wanted him to rest too, but only I know how difficult it was to spend a day without meeting him. He was in the office the other day, and followed me to my cabin complaining how I didn’t even call him the whole day inquiring about his health. He looked really cute even when he was complaining. He was trying to persuade me into taking him for the next mission.

“I can’t let you come, Lavanya told me you need rest,” I told him looking straight into his eyes. He pouted, and I couldn’t help but smile.

“Don’t make that face,” I said, smiling, “It won’t have any effect on me.”

He kept trying to convince me that he was completely fine now and wanted to accompany me to the next mission.

Days passed, he was recovering quickly. But handling him was becoming impossible as he would often use the sick card on me. At the end of the day, I was happy to return to my solitude, away from my HUTCH puppy.

I knew Arnav was doing this on purpose. He wasn’t an idiot, he was enjoying this. I could see that. Others were shocked to see me handle him so calmly, they would crackle when I tried to make Arnav understand that he was annoying me. But he never gave up, he still followed me around complaining even more.

The other Raizadas were getting on my nerves too. They would look at us from a distance and whisper something to eachother. That actually bothered me. They enjoyed every bit of this.

I knew Arnav had no bad intention. He was trying to lighten the situation as everyone in the office were frazzled due to the Lucifers. And I was somewhat glad to have him around.

It was 6 in the morning, when I walked into the office carrying the files, I checked around just to confirm if he was around and heaved a sigh of relief on not finding him. He was still not here, his kins walked in around 6:30 and settled down. My eyes were fixed on the door, expecting he would enter anytime now. He was nowhere to be seen.

“Morning Boss.” Anjali said happily. We bonded in the past few days and were pretty close now. I had a good term with Ruksar, Arjun and Jaskaran too but I had a different rappo with Anjali.

“Your pal is not here yet. Do you want me to call him?” Arjun said playfully.

No thank you.”

We went through the plan and discussed about the recent happenings in the case, that we didn’t realize it was already 8:45 and Arnav was not in the office.

Chhote is never late to work,”  Anjali said, distressed now.

“He might have lost track while playing PubG,” I said, frisking my phone out to check if he was online in the game. On not finding him online, even I became anxious.

Kya hua hoga bhai?” Anjali clutched Arjun’s hand, distraught.

Weird thoughts started to drift through my mind.

“Call him,” Jaskaran said, handing Arjun his phone. Arjun hastily pressed the numbers and waited for him to answer the phone.

“He is not pickin-“ He was sayings, “Han Chhote? Kya hua? Oh no! Are you okay? You sound not very healthy.”

Chhote bimaar hai? Oh my god, is he sick? Is he okay?” Anjali started hyper-ventilating, “Kuch khaaya usne?”

“Tum chhup rahogi? I can’t hear him, yaar,” Arjun told his sister who was on the verge of crying, “Chhote, do you want us to come and see you?”


“But you’ll need someone around, Chhote. I’ll ask Anji or Sera to come down to check on you,” Arjun looked at me for permission and I nodded, “Oh! No problem. You get some sleep. If you need anything, just call us.”

Arnav was sick. I tried to control my urge to ask Arjun if I could talk to him.

“Take care,” I heard Arjun say and he hung up.

“Should I go and check?” Ruksar asked Arjun.

“No, he doesn’t want us to deviate from the mission. He told us to help Khushi with the case, but-“ He looked worried, “He sounded really wobbly. I think someone should be around him.”

I couldn’t concentrate on work, my mind kept going back to Arnav.

“We can’t go, right? Because we have work,” Anjali said looking at Arjun, “But Khushi can go, na?”

KYA?” is all I could say.

Tumhe dekh kar he uski aadhi bimaari theek hojayegi, Khushi.” Anjali said, smiling knowing well.

“But I need to be here. What if something urgent comes up?”

“We’ll take care of it, Khush,” Jaskaran said calmly.

“The pass code to enter his den is 1326. You must go,” Arjun tried to push me.

Par yaar-“

“He needs someone to take care of him, Khushi,” Ruksar played the emotional card.

I made a face, gathered everything and swiftly rushed out of the office to my Volkswagen parked near the entrance. I was happy deep down, this was what I wanted – to go and check on him myself.

I pressed the pass code and the door opened. I entered and looked around. It was dark in here. His den was simple, with shades of ivory and grey. There was a family wall, where he had hanged photos of him and his family. I walked to the wall, smiling fondly recognizing the little boy in the photo. That’s when I heard shuffling behind me, and became conscious. Someone came from behind and choked me. I knew it was Arnav as his masculine cologne hit my senses. He had misunderstood me to be an intruder and jumped on me.

I quickly tried to set myself free, he was strong. I couldn’t say anything as he was choking me. I could feel his warm breath on my neck. I freed myself from his clutch – “ARNAV!” I said in urgency, catching my breath.

“What the-“ I heard him say, “Khushi? I didn’t know.. F*uck! I am sorry. Sorry. Are you okay?” I switched on the lights and turned to look at him. He looked weak, he had put all his energy into strangulating me. “I am sorry, Khushi.” He kept saying that.

“Calm down, I am fine.” I said and took him to his room. I made him sit on the master-bed, he was breathing heavily.

Tum theek ho?” I placed my hand on his forehead and he was burning.

I quickly removed my pullover and rolled up my sleeves. I walked to his kitchen and tried to find a bowl and filled it with cold water. I took out a handkerchief from my purse and walked back into the room. His eyes were closed but I could say he was not asleep. I placed my hand on his cheek and he opened his eyes to look straight at me. I immersed the kerchief into the water and placed it on his forehead.

“I missed my puppy today in the office.”

His lips curled up, “I am glad you are here. I missed being around you.”

“Don’t cheat me like the other day. Don’t leave me.” He said reaching out for my hand.

I am here, not to leave,” I said, “You get some sleep.”

His eyes closed and I could hear his soft snores. I smiled, looking at him fondly. I kept wetting the kerchief and keeping it on his forehead. His fever seemed to come down. I went to the kitchen, and tried to cook something for him. I decided to cook garma-garam khichdi for him.

At around 7:30, I heard the door to his room open. I found him standing near the door, “You said you won’t leave me.”

“I made khichdi for you. Should I get you some?”

“Yes please, I am hungry.”

I tossed the food in the plate and took it to him. He snatched the plate from me and started gulping down the contents.

Aaram se khao, aur bhi hai. Chew it properly,” I said and sat down on the side table. I kept looking at him still worried.

Main theek hu, Khushi,” He told me, chewing the food, “You took proper care of me.”

 He smiled warmly, his eyes fixed on me. There was awkward silence, I don’t know what it was but I couldn’t continue to look at him. I stood up and asked him if he was done. I took the plate to the kitchen and washed it. I saw him from the corner of my eyes, he leaned against the sill of the door and kept looking at me.

Ab tum theek ho na?”


Perfect. Toh main chalti hu,” I said and walked into the bedroom to fetch my car keys.

“Kyu?” He said following me inside.

“What kyu?” I said, still not looking at him, “You are okay now, so I can leave.”

“No, you can’t,” he said, hopping on the bed.


He didn’t say anything, and pulled me next to him on the bed. He kept smiling ear to ear, he looked so happy.

“You can’t leave, you had promised,” he said, cheekily. The playful Arnav was back.

Par ab tum theek ho na?” I asked irritated now.

Puri tarah nahi, I feel sick inside. What if I become sick once you leave? What if I die of sickness? Who will know?”

“That’s not funny, Arnav,” I told him, not happy with his dying statement, “I need to leave, I have few things to look after.”

Mujhse jyada important aur kya hosakta hai, Khushi?” He faked hurt, “You need to look after your puppy till he is capable of following you around. Show him some care, he will quickly recover.”

Mere liye toh yahi maukka hai tumse peecha chudane ka,” I said, trying to get away from him. He held me close, I couldn’t wriggle away.

Wahi toh main nahi chahta,” He chuckled, “I don’t want you to get used to my absence. I know you, you are really flexible. You can easily replace me with something else.”

“I can’t get used to you, can I?” I argued, “You will leave once the case is cracked.”

He was speechless for a second or two, but found something to argue as his face lit up again.

Okay, then I’ll come with you wherever you are heading,” He said, getting up from the bed.

“You are really stubborn, yaar,” I smacked his hand, “Sit down, I am not going anywhere. You rest well, get well soon and let me go,” I said, pulling him back to the bed. He slipped and fell on me, it was very awkward. I didn’t push him away, neither did he move. I cleared my throat, which brought us back to our awkward situation. He moved away from me, and I quickly sat up on his bed.

“You get some sleep,” Arnav said, lying down on the other side of the bed, “You look tired.”

“I can’t,” I said, still awkward.

Kya Khushi?” He said irritated now, “You can trust me.”

I slipped into the blanket and faced him. He was still looking at me, his chocolate brown eyes not leaving my eyes even once. He was right, I was tired. His eyes did the magic and I dozed off.

Jan 20

Chapter 34 (By Aadhya) (Thanked: 95 times)

Arnav’s Point of View

I saw her eyes close, the frown lines on her forehead faded out. I couldn’t move my eyes from her face. She looked so cute in her sleep. I knew she didn’t wanted to sleep here, next to me, but had not argued much because she was tired too. Even she needed rest amidst all these Lucifers issue. But I couldn’t help and control my feelings for her, I moved the strands of hair which were blocking my beautiful view. When my fingers touched her face while moving the hair out her face, she frowned and mumbled something in her sleep.

I smiled.

I laid the blanket on her and watched her pout in her sleep. I was half-asleep when I heard her utter something again. I tried to deduce what she said when she said it again.

Arnav,” she whispered. I was stunned, was she awake? I don’t think so. Was she dreaming about me?

Ms. Gupta here was dreaming about me. The mere thought was enough to make me happy. I touched her cheek and felt her soft skin, and that’s when it hit me. I was not simply attracted to her. It was something more. She was starting to rock my world. I knew she was important. I knew it was love. I felt it.

"I love you, Khushi."

Khushi's Point of View

My eyes flew open, it was a bad dream. I was still not accustomed with the nightmares that came with the job. I looked for water on the bedside table, that’s when I realized I was not at my place but at Arnav’s. I looked at the other side of the bed, and he was not there. He was sick, wasn’t he? I took out my cellphone from my trouser pocket and looked at the time. I had approximately slept for seven hours straight, without waking up screaming. Was it because of his presence? Where was he? I toppled out of the bed to find him. I checked the living area, kitchen and the balcony. He wasn’t around. Had he already left for work?

Mujhe dhundh rahi ho?” came a voice from behind.

I twirled around and regretted my decision immediately. He had just come out of shower, a towel around his waist and drops of water around his bare chest. He looked nothing less than a Greek god. I gulped not able to take the sight infront of me, his chocolate brown eyes were revived again and a mischievous grin plastered around his face.

I realized I was gaping at him for over a minute, I had to say something quickly. “How are- How are you doing?” I asked, stammering. Bad start, Khushi.

“Absolutely fine,” he said, amused at how I had sounded. I rolled my eyes, going back into his bedroom to gather all my stuffs.

“Better, go and put some clothes then.” I said sharply.

He laughed following me to his room.

“Leaving already?”

“What do you expect?” I counter asked, I knew I was unnecessarily being rude on him, “I need to leave, Arnav. I need to get ready and be at work.”

I brushed past him urgently, he followed me to the living area still not saying anything. He had still not put on any clothes, stupid guy. I didn’t do the mistake of looking at him again.

“See you at work.” I said walking out of the door.

As I drove to my home, I was cursing myself for behaving like a d*ick to him. What was his mistake? He wasn’t expecting me to wake up, it was his home. He could walk around naked too. Who was I to boss around?

On reaching home, I rushed into the shower. The warm water calmed my senses down. But as soon as I was done showering, the worries returned. What would he be thinking about me? He might be thinking I am such a low life as I spent a whole night on his bed. I know nothing happened between us, I trusted him on that. But still it was wrong. I wanted to berate him for persuading me to spend the night there with him, but I couldn’t blame him either. It was not his fault that I gave in to his persuasions. I could have relented.

I was thinking if he had any idea of the effect he has on me. I knew he noticed the change in my behavior towards him since past few days. Was he taking advantage of that? On one hand I was blaming him but on the other hand I knew he would never do that.

I was aware that what I felt for him was not correct, it was against the most essential rule of SIT. But I don’t know why I couldn’t help but feel this way. No one had ever made me feel this way before. I knew it was wrong but I was committing this mistake. Today, I cursed the person who made this rule years ago. What was he thinking he was doing by keeping people away from eachother? Who gave him the right to keep me away from Arnav?


But did he feel the same way was the big question. I wanted to find out. But did it matter? What if he did feel the same way as I do? Then what?

We can’t do anything, the rule still prevailed. I knew I was attracted to him. I was always worried about him when he wasn’t around. I would go crazy thinking if he was doing okay when he isn’t around me. Be it on a mission or normal work day. I was so addicted to him that for once I had thought of going against my  organization. But I knew from my constant worries about him that this was the reason they had laid this rule. They didn’t want the people to distract from their work. My worries for him often made me deviate from the missions. I knew they weren’t wrong in laying this rule. This addiction was toxic!

Still thinking about him, I got dressed. I didn’t bother to check what I was wearing. I had made my mind to keep Arnav away from me, and shabby dressing would help me in this. I revved the engine, and within minutes I was in the office. I flashed my I-card infront of the machine and it beeped thrice providing me an entry to the office.

Tumhe hua kya hai?” Shantanu asked me as I entered the work area.

I grunted and decided to avoid his question. That’s when Anjali decided to enter the conversation, “What happened to the stylish Khushi today?”

I checked myself in the glass doors. I realized I was wearing a loose fit full sleeve shirt and a rugged denim with a casual shoe. This was a bad idea, how am I going to explain them the reason of dressing weirdly?

Kyu?” Arnav quizzed, “I think she looks chick today. Suits her well.” He said, winking at me playfully. I blushed slightly.

Can someone ask him to stop doing that? I thought to myself.

“Whatever!” I said and quickly collected all the files before walking to my cabin. I paused on the stairs and turned to ask Anjali if they had found any new leads yet.

Bohot jald,” She affirmed, “Chhote just gave us a piece of information. We will work on that and get back to you soon.”

“Arnav?” I asked confused.

He with a stone face turned to look at Aayush who stood there trying to grasp as much information as he could to blurt out to the Lucifers.

I ordered Arnav to meet me in my cabin. He followed me in and sat across me in the revolving chair playing with the pen.

“You told them about Aayush?” I asked him.

“I haven’t named anyone. I just told Di and Shantanu to be careful as there is someone in the organization who leaks the information to the Lucifers. So that they don’t disclose the plan to anyone but just us. This way we can work out our plan more easily.”

Mujhe lagta hai ki mujhe Aayush se baat karni chahiye,” I said, still worried about my agent.

“Not now,” He said, looking at nothingness, “You can confront him, but all I am saying is not immediately. Give me some time.”

I knew he had a plan in his mind already.

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Feb 3

Chapter 35 (By Aadhya) (Thanked: 86 times)

I was feeling out of place. It felt so unfamiliar to watch my shoot-out team go all out, and here I was sitting watching them in action. This mission was planned in such a way that only the shoot-out teams were in the field while the Tricker Agents stayed back in the office.

This time the goal wasn’t to catch the Lucifers, it was to trap Aayush. He had chickened out in the last moment stating that he had some intimate thing to look after. He had no idea what all was planned. We knew he was going to meet the chief of Lucifers and this was the perfect time to catch him red handed in the crime.

We had observed that he was doing this in some compulsions, he didn’t want to help them but there was something that was making him go against me. I could see that he rarely made eye contact with me now. I knew he was regretting his decision of complying with them.

Yaar, kaash hum bhi ja pate unlogo ke sath,” I heard Arnav complain, “Arjun bhai, can you here me?” He said into the earphone.

Haan Chhote!” Arjun said quickly, he was leading one team while Jaskaran was leading the other. They were protesting at first, as they had never worked in different teams.

Jaski?” Arnav quizzed.

Sahi salamat, bro!” He answered, “How I wish you were here with us.”

Arnav chuckled, “You guys will do fine without me.”

“Guys-“ Anjali interrupted, “Lets just get this done. Just focus and come back to us unhurt,” she stressed on the word unhurt.

They dodged and crouched, and hid behind the large apartments and container boxes.. Arjun gestured Jaskaran to split and he quickly rushed towards the empty shipping yard. I was watching Jaskaran lead his team and rush into the apartment buildings.

“Guys, we only need information about their next move. Just remember you can’t do something stupid,” Ruksar said into the head piece. I heard Arjun groan back as her reply.

“He’s here, I can see him,” Jaskaran hushed into the device, “Wait- Arjun, he is walking towards the containers,” He said urgently.

Arjun adjusted the camera quickly, and we could now see Aayush Dhingra. We heard Arjun command his team to stay near the yard and swiftly dodged towards the container to snoop the information. He stayed there for a bit, and we heard him grunt angrily.

Kya hua-“

I am going to kill this traitor, bloody sham,” Arjun mumbled.

Jaskaran asked him to head back to his team and zoom out of here before anyone caught them. Arjun grumbling, headed back to his team when he bumped into someone.

F*uck!” Arjun muttered, and the guy started yelling informing others that there were trespassers. He aimed his gun at Arjun, we heard a snap and Jaskaran had just snapped the guy’s neck, we saw him collapse to the ground.

But it was too late as everyone were aware of their presence and the gang promptly separated and some swiftly climbed on the container to see what had happened.

Someone punched Jaskaran in the face and Anjali flinched. I could see the pain in her eyes, Arnav stood up speaking into the Bluetooth device, “Guys, get out right now. We got what we needed.”

In the interim, Dhingra had vanished.

“That f*ucktard is going to die as soon as he shows his loser face to me,” I whimpered.

Arjun pushed Jaskaran to take his team out, and he obliged to what he said. He was shooting anyone and everyone who came on his way.

“Arjun, even you must leave now,” I ordered.

Main tumhe bahar milunga, sabhi ke sabhi Jaskaran ko report karo bahar,” Arjun commanded his team.

“Baby, what are you doing? This is not the right time to show your machismo-“ Ruksar went crazy. Arjun rushed to the other side, killing everyone who came in his way.

“Calm down Sera,” He said, “I saw a way out this way, they might have closed the other exit by now. I can’t risk,” He ran and jumped on his way. Before opening the exit door, he quickly took something out from his back pocket and threw it behind. He jumped out, and there we heard an explosion. His team was waiting out for him.

“We have enough evidence now to interrogate the bas*tard,” Anjali said, turning towards me. I nodded, feeling ashamed that a member from my territory was passing on information to the Lucifers. Everyone were waiting for Dhingra to come back.

As soon as the shoot-out agents entered, Anjali rushed towards Jaskaran. Arjun came straight towards me and Arnav, “He was passing every little information to Zeb-“

I turned towards Shantanu and said, “As soon as he enters, you take him straight to the interrogation chamber. I won’t leave him this time.”

Arnav looked bothered that I was going to be alone with him, so he quickly walked close to me and whispered, “Main bhi tumhare sath chamber me aaunga.”

“Tumhe kisne invite kiya?” I found it funny, seeing him so bothered for me.

“Tumne toh nahi kiya, so main khudko invite kar raha hu,” He said and walked away.


“The culprit is here.” Roshef barged into my cabin.

I followed him out to witness Aayush arguing with Shantanu. He was not allowing him to cuff his hands. He turned when he heard my cabin door open.

“Khushi-“ He stammered, “Mere sath aisa bartaav kyu horaha hai?”

I would have slapped him, his playing the victim card won’t reduce the damage it had cost the organization.

Before I could say anything, Arnav walked to him and hissed dangerously, “Tumhe acchhe se pata hai aisa bartaav kyu horaha hai-“ He stared into his eyes, “Aur agar nahi pata toh main batata hu. Chalo!”

Chup Chap chalo, Dhingra.” Shantanu said.

Aayush turned one last time before allowing Shantanu to drag him to the interrogation chamber. He knew there was no way out now.

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