Written Update - 8th June 2015 Mahakumbh

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Jun 9, 2015

Written Update - 8th June 2015 Mahakumbh (By sanchi)

Mahakumbh 8th June 2015 Written Episode

The Episode starts with Bhairavi saying the cloud will burst today itself. Charles says why are we waiting, lets use the weapons and stop it. Tiwati says but we wont have weapons to fight against the Naags. She asks them to decide soon. Shivanand asks her to command and she looks at Rudra. Rudra says we have to stop this cloud now itself. The people start running and the Kumbh is evacuated. The Garudas run to the Ganga shore and see the red fire stored clouds. They get worried. Charles says we dont have any choice, we have to stop the cloud. Tiwari and Charles hold the weapons. Shivanand stops them. Bhairavi says the time has passed, Tiwari can know which places it will effect te most, they have to vacate it.

They see the video feeds and he says the security guards are not reaching by this bridge, they have to clear it, else lakhs of people can die. Thapadiya Maai says see this traffic jam, the crowd is not moving because of it. Rudra says we have to speed up, we will go in different directions and help them. He says Charles and I will help them. Katherine says we will take care of wounded people. Rudra says Shivanand and Bhairavi can manage this situation. He asks Tiwari to increase security, stay here and keep them updates. They all leave.

A bus is about to fall down the cliff and people father there to seek help. Rudra and Charles come there and see the people inside the bus. They see the depth down the cliff. Katherine and Thapadiya Maai go to help the wounded people. Tiwari looks on in the feeds. Shivanand and Bhairavi go near the Ganga and see the crowd chaos. They get worried seeing the stampede.

Dansh says he made plan to win without the fight, but Mahaguru has removed the poison. Vrish defends Dakshak. Dansh says I want Rudras failure, if I could not fail him, then I will not be happy even if I get Amrit. Vrish says Rudra is ahead as his aim is to protect Amrit, and Dansh has diverted from his aim. Dansh says he does not need Dakshak now, he will end this game now. He asks Leela why is she leaving, she was with him. Leela says my only aim is to get Amrit, it will be good if you agree. He says but I want Rudra She says this game is above Rudra, we have to walk on the path Mahaguru showed us. All the Naags leave Dansh alone. Dansh looks on.

Rudra tries to save the bus and holds it to prevent it from falling down. Tiwari looks on. They all see the cloud thundering. Rudra rushes far and gets some rope. Katherine helps people. Shivanand and Bhairavi too do their duties towards humanity. Rudra tries the rope to the bus and the tree. The cloud gets more red and dense. Rudra sees a girl falling out of the bus and jumps to save her. Rudra says he cant let anything happen to anyone. Bhairavi and Shivanand stop the people from running over each other, and ask them to walk slowly and nothing will happen to them. The people worry about the cloud burst. Rudra saves the girl and pulls the bus back by the ropes. Charles looks on. People clap for Rudra. Charles smiles and hugs Rudra.


Dansh says I want to take revenge from Rudra, he is Garuda head. Dansh meets Rao and asks him to get all the water of MahaKumbh in his hand/control. He says then Rudra will come to beg me and at that time, I will deal with him. Rao smiles.


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