Written Update - 9th June 2015 Piya Rangrezz

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Jun 10, 2015

Written Update - 9th June 2015 Piya Rangrezz (By sanchi)

Piya Rangrezz 9th June 2015 Written Episode

Inebriated Sher sees Shraddha at home and thinks it is his imagination. He thinks if he gives this alcohols formula to his mom, they will become millionaires. He stumbles and she asks him to be careful. He thinks he is listening her voice as he loves her a lot, but she betrayed him and he does not know where to go. He stumbles again, and she holds him again and says he dropped her to her moms house and she came back. She did not help Virat and he lied her, now she came back to accept punishment and has realized his love for her. He says he already told her that if he loves trust, he will never believe her even if she tells she loves him, now he will never trust her. She tries to speak and he asks her to shut up her lying tongue. He tries to go out, and she asks where is he going. He says where he cannot hear her lie and leaves home, leaving her teary eyedHe starts drinking more alcohol while she looks for him. Gajra sees the whole incident.

Vikas informs Bhavri that Shraddha has come back home and expressed her love for Sher. She asks what did Sher tell. He says he did not listen her and walked out angrily. Mama says Shraddha will win the battle and her drama of getting bullet, etc, will fail. Slowly Shraddha will get into Shers heart. Bhavri says she knows Sher well and he believes she was shot because of Shraddha, so he will end his relationship with Shraddha.

Shraddha tells Gajra that she will never break her relationship. Gajra asks what will she do when Sher does not want to talk to her at all. Shraddha says he does not even want to see her face and is anger on her is valid as she broke his trust, but she will never broke their relationship.

Shraddha comes out of her hospital room and sees Sher sleeping on bench. She smiles and gets back to her room. Maama asks if she wants Sher to sleep out like this. She says he loved and should feel the pain. Vikas says in whole zilla, Sher is very brave. Bhavri says Vikas that Ganga gave him half news and full news is Sher came back half an hour ago and slept on bed under his moms anchal/pallu.

Sher scolds his men over phone for not finding Virat yet and orders to find soon. Shraddha gets tensed hearing that. Vikas hears Shers words, calls Bhavri and informs him that Sher is behind Virat like a hungry tiger. Bhavri says her son is Sher and will not spare culprit. Vikas says virat knows about our plan and will spit out truth. bhavri says when Sher did not hear his love madamji, why will he listen to his enemy Virat. Let Virat die, she does not care.

Sumer requests Shraddha to give him breakfast. Sher shouts at him and asks Gajra to get breakfast. Gajra says she does not know to prepare full breakfast. He calls ganga. Gajra says Ganga comes late. He asks Sumer to prepare breakfast. Vikas laughs hearing that. Sumer says he can drive jeep and shoot gun but cannot cook. Sher asks Vikas to prepare it. Vikas says he will get it from outside. Sher says amma wants home-cooked food, he asks Vikas to get kallu halwai/cook and tells uGajra that she should watch Kallu cooking and shold not let anyone in. He then gets a call that Virats hideout is found and he is alone. He asks his man to keep Virat there and if he tries to flee to shoot on his leg, but not to kill him until he arrives. He angrily picks his guns h tries to leave in his jeep when Shraddha stops him and asks him not to kill anyone from his hands. He says he thought she is repenting for her mistake, but she is still in love with Virat and wants to protect him, but nobody can save him from Sher singh. She says she just wants his hand to be blooded and leave it on law. He says Virat tried to kill his amma, so she will take revenge from his own hands. He leaves in jeep while she still shouts to stop.

Precap: Shraddha informs Virat that Sher is coming to kill him and asks to elope before he comes. Sher reaches and knocks door.

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