Arnav and Khushi's Love/Hate Story

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Apr 21, 2012

april 20,update (By Khushiarnav) (Thanked: 13 times)

*Khushi and Payal start preparing lunch**

Khushi:Jiji I have to talk to you.

Payal:Yeah Khushi what is it? You have been looking worried since morning.

Khushi:You know about Shyam right?...**Khushi tells Payal the whole thing on how Anjali knows as well**

Payal: What! Is Di okay? Khushi I am so sorry that I said all those things to you,I didn't know you got married to Arnavji to save my own marriage.

**Anjali walks in**

Anjali:Payal I am okay. But please do not tell anyone! only me,you,Akash,Chotte,and Khushiji know about this!

Payal: But how does Akashji know?

Anjali:I just called Chotte and he said that he just told Akash the whole thing.

*****AT THE OFFICE*******

Akash:Bhai I can't believe jijaji.

Arnav:Yeah Akash and I can't believe that I misunderstood Khushi. Thank god that she forgave me,or god knows how my life would be without her.

Akash:But Bhai we can't hide this secret forever. I mean we need to tell everyone.

Arnav:No Akash! Di said that we cant tell them. After a while they will start suspecting that he is not here and ask us where he is! But until then we can't tell anyone.

Akash:Oh alright bhai. But I feel bad for Khushiji. She had to go through all that pain.

Arnav:Yes Akash I feel that no matter what I do for her I feel that I am never gonna be able to make it up to her. I mean she deserves someone better than me.

Akash:Bhai please we will take care of everything! This will all work out.

Arnav:I hope but Akash lets get back to work until someone comes up to my cabin and figures out that something is wrong.

Akash: Okay and anyways Mr.Singhania must be waiting.

Apr 24, 2012

April 23,2012 (By Khushiarnav) (Thanked: 18 times)

**Akash and Arnav leave office early that day to sit and plan about what to do next***

**They arrive home**

Akash:Bhai I am really confused,I don't know why but it is kind of weird to me that Payal didnt tell me all about this. In a way I guess you can't blame her.

Arnav: Akash,please try to understand. I mean I think she did what she did to protect you and not only you,but all of us as well.

Akash:Yeah,well let's go inside.

***Akash and Arnav ring the doorbell Nani opens the door**

Nani:Akash and Chotte aren't you guys suppossed to be at the office still. Why did you guys come so early?


**Khushi walks in**

Khushi:Nani I called them. I thought that they both should take rest today because they work really hard and I think they deserve a little break today.

**Nani walks over to Khushi and puts her hand on her cheek**

Nani: Khushi Bitya that is a very good idea. They do deserve a little rest.

Khushi: Thank you Nani!

**Nani goes back into the kitchen**

Akash:Bhabi,you saved us today. In the mist of things we forgot all about what we were going to say about us coming home so early.

Arnav:Yes,thank you Khushi.

Khushi:No problem. Di said that we will all have dinner and then meet in her room right after all the chores are done and everyone is sleeping. That way nobody will see us.


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Apr 29, 2012

April 28th,2012 update (By Khushiarnav) (Thanked: 12 times)

**all the women(excluding nani and anjali because of her pregnancy) serve the food**

Khushi: Nani,how did you like the food? Especially the paneer tikka,because I made that specially for you.

Nani:Khushi bitya,who told you that I like paneer tikka?

Anjali: Khushiji,Chotte likes Paneer tikka not nani! I am sure Chotte told you,so you would make it for him!

**everyone laughs** Arnav looks at Khushi with a big smile on his face**Khushis angry face can't resist smiling after seeing the man of her life smile at her like that**

**Raaba Ve**

**arnav and khushi were lost in each other until Nani coughed**

Khushi(* embarrassed*):Nani I will go get the water.

Arnav: I will be right back.

Nani:But Chotte...

**Arnav had already left**


**Arnav sees Khushi filling up a glass of water and says..**

Arnav: Khushi I don't know why you get so shy. I mean we are married. Did you forget?

**Khushi turns around**

Khushi:How can I forget that I am married. I mean our marriage is probably the first to happen like this,with all this drama! But in the end everything turns out to be love. And for the shy part you won't understand!

**Khushi heads to the dining room and Arnav grabs her hand** he pulls her close to his face**

Arnav:Khushi,if I won't understand can't you explain to me?

**Khushi looks down** Arnav lifts her chin with his hand**

Khushi: Men never understand what a girl thinks. They just think that they are right all the time. So there will be no point on telling anyone.

**Raaba Ve**

**Khushi takes advantage of the fact that Arnav is lost in her and goes to the dining area**

Arnav:Khushi wait...

**he notices that Khushi has already left and laughs**

Arnav:this girl will never change. That is why she is the love of my life!

***Khushi goes back to the dining table and finds no one there**

Khushi: Di!! Where are you? Nani!! Jiji!!

**Arnav hears Khushi screaming and runs out**

Arnav:What happened Khushi?

Khushi: Arnav there is no one here!? Where did everyone go!!

Arnav:Khushi don't worry they are probably here some where!!

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May 2, 2012

May 1,2012 update (By Khushiarnav) (Thanked: 11 times)

**slowly the lights dim out and Khushi starts getting restless**Arnav grabs her hand and then a sudden flash on a television located on the other side of the room reads Happy Birthday Arnav!!**

Khushi: (*laughs hysterically*) So,how did you like our surprise?

***the lights come back on***Nani brings a cake to Arnav : **

Arnav: Nani what is this I don't like surprises!

Anjali:Chotte if you want to be mad then be mad at Khushiji! This was all her idea!

**Arnav gives Khushi a look like "really?"**

Akash:Bhai what are you waiting for? Cut the cake already.

**Arnav hesitantly grabs the knife and cuts the cake**

Payal:Khushi go feed him the cake!

Khushi:Ji jiji!

***Khushi goes to feed him the cake while Arnav is watching her with a smirk on his face**

**as soon as Arnav eats the cake ,Khushi spreads it all over his face.**

Arnav:Khushi what the...

Anjali:Chotte you look like you are a child at a birthday party.

**Khushi starts laughing**

Manorma: Hello Hi Bye Bye what dids you do!

Nani: Khushi bitya is right it is Chotte birthday we should have fun.

Arnav: No nani my birthday is tomorrow.

Mama:No chotte your birthday is right now!

** Mamaji takes out his phone and shows Arnav that it is 12:17 A.M.**

**everyone starts laughing***

so sorry for the short update!! I have to go do homework! I will update soon,

May 4, 2012

May 3,2012 update (By Khushiarnav) (Thanked: 16 times)

Arnav: very funny mamaji! (arnav says it in a very sarcastic tone!)

Khushi: well it is very late at night,so lets finish feeding Arnav the cake and have a bigger party tomorrow.

Nani:Yes Khushi Bitya is right! And Arnav I have a surprise for you and Anjali Bitya as well!

Anjali:What is it Nani?

Arnav:Nani tell us!

Khushi:Arnav I thought you didn't like surprises.

Arnav: I don't but you know what I hate even more suspense.

Nani:Chotte sorry but you will have to wait.

Arnav:Fine Nani but remember I will ask you first thing about it in the morning.

Nani:Chotte please! you know that I will remember even without you telling me! Now lets all feed Chotte the cake.

**Akash,Payal,Mamaji,Mamiji,Anjali,and finally Nani feed Arnav the cake**

**after the small party of Arnav's birthday everyone goes into their respected rooms**

Arnav:Khushi what was the need for this!? I am so tired! You girls think it is so funny to give a guy a surprise but it is not!

Khushi:but I just wanted to make you happy

Arnav:Khushi c'mon

**Arnav sighs and takes his blanket and goes to sleep on the bed**

Arnav:And please turn off the lights please!

**Khushi as an obedient wife goes and turns off the lights**

**Khushi then joins Arnav to sleep and wraps the blanket over her**

**Suddenly Arnav grabs her and says**

Arnav:What did you think? You are the only one that can play pranks!Khushi I loved your surprise!

Khushi:what! so all of that was a joke?!

May 5, 2012

May 4,2012 (By Khushiarnav) (Thanked: 13 times)

Khushi: you were just pretending! How could you!

Arnav: Khushi I just wanted to play a joke.

Khushi: Whatever go to sleep and leave me alone.

***Khushi turns and PRETENDS to go to sleep**** since the windows are open the wind blows in and a piece of Khushis hair covers her face kind of like this: ** Arnav takes his hand and tucks her hair behind her ear**

raaba ve

Arnav:(*whispering*) so you want to be mad at me on the day of my birthday!

Khushi:Arnav I have already told you to leave me alone.

**Khushi tries to turn but Arnav doesn't let her**

Arnav: Please Khushi I am sorry. I love you too much and if you are mad at me for my birthday I will die.

**Khushi quickly puts her finger on Arnav's mouth**

Khushi: How many times do I tell you not to talk about death and especially yours!

Arnav: Fine Khushi I promise I wont just please forgive me.

Khushi: Alright now let's go to sleep because before we know it morning will be here!


**Khushi woke up early that morning but didn't wake up Arnav because she did not want to ruin his sleep**

**Arnav finally woke up and turned to the side and saw a gift box taking the place of where Khushi sleeps****

Arnav:What is this?

***he takes the card that is next to it and reads the card**


To my laad governor,no scratch that my husband with love!


***Arnav smiles****


***Arnav quickly grabs the box and checks what is inside of was a new computer*** it was also the one Arnav had wanted since it came out but never actually gave thought about it**

** he saw a little piece of paper on the top which looked like a little note***Arnav read the note which said:all my earnings from the daaba service have gone into this computer! Please tell me if you like it?

There is nothing more precious to me in this world than you smile! I love you

Arnav: This girl is truly unpredictable!

***Arnav quickly gets out of bed and gets ready to a special day ahead of him**

NOTE : Sorry if you guys are not romance lovers! or in my case people who are crazy about romance. I am just naturally like that! I hope you guys still liked the update! Thank you

May 7, 2012

May 6th,2012 update (By Khushiarnav) (Thanked: 14 times)

***Arnav finally reaches downstairs and everyone says their happy birthdays***

Arnav: Di,where is Khushi I need to find my watch.

***Anjali knows what his actual intention is and smiles***

Anjali:Khushiji is in the kitchen.

**Arnav goes in the kitchen** Arnav puts his hand on her shoulder**

**Khushi turns around**

Khushi:Oh Arnav it is you! You scared me to death.

**Arnav grabs Khushis hand and says...**

Arnav:Thank you so much for the gift. I love you too.

Khushi:Arnav why are you saying thank you! Since I am your wife it is my duty to keep you happy.

Arnav:Khushi I am the most luckiest man on Earth!

***Arnav smells his favorite food(you guys can pick it )***

Arnav:Khushi what is it that you are making it smells so good.

Khushi:It is your favorite...

Arnav:Oh Khushi your the best.

***Nani calls Arnav***

**Arnav quickly gives a kiss to Khushi on her cheek and runs out**

Raaba Ve

**Arnav reaches the living room to find Nani and Anjali sitting on the sofa**

Nani: Chotte your finally hear! Sit down.

**Arnav sits down beside Anjali***

Nani:So,I told you guys that I had a surprise for you both and her they are:HONEYMOON TICKETS

**Nani pulls the tickets out of their cases***

Anjali:Nani,Shyamji is on a business trip.

Nani:So what you guys can choose the date of when you want to go!

***Akash calls Nani and Arnav turns to Anjali**

Arnav: Di I think we should tell them now.

Anjali:Chotte I will tell them tomorrow! Today is your birthday

***saying this Anjali got up and joined Payal in cleaning the table**

Arnav:(in his brain) Shyam you will have to pay for everything you have done to my family. I will make you and don't think that the game is just over! In fact it has just begun.

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May 11, 2012

May 10,2012 update (By Khushiarnav) (Thanked: 9 times)

***Arnav and the rest of the family celebrate his birthday for the rest of the day***

Arnav:Di I want you to tell them first thing tomorrow.

Anjali:Alright Chotte,don't worry today is your birthday

Arnav:My family and my Di are more important

***Anjali smiles and then leaves the room***

***Arnav tries to sleep but can't so he goes downstairs***

***on his way out***

Khushi(*wakes up*)Arnav where are you going so late at night?

Arnav: Khushi I need to get a drink of water I will be right back.

Khushi: Come back soon.

Arnav: I promise I will.

***As he passes Nanis room here hears her talking to Mamaji***


May 13, 2012

May 12,2012 update (By Khushiarnav) (Thanked: 19 times)

Thank you so much for your wishes on my final! I will tell you how I did when I get the result back.

***Arnav decides to stay and listen**

Nani: Anjali Bitya will love this surprise.

Mamaji: Yes,but do you really think we should call Damadji back.

Nani: I know that he is busy with his work but Anjali Bitya needs him.

**Arnav has had too much and he can't stand it so he goes inside the room***

Arnav:Nani,you cant call that shyam back.

Mamaji:Arnav Bitwa what are you talking about.

Arnav:Mamaji Shyam has betrayed Di and not only di but khushi too.

Nani:Chotte what are you saying?

***Arnav decides to tell them the whole truth but before he does he calls the whole family.**

Anjali:Chotte are you sure?

***Khushi grabs Anjalis shoulder***

Khushi:Arnav tell them the whole thing it has been too long for them to be unknown of what has been happening in their own house.

***Arnav tells them the whole thing***

Nani:I knew something was up.

Mamiji:(**walks over to khushi and payal**) I am so sorry. I never knew that this is what you both had to go through.

Payal:Maaji please don't say sorry.

Khushi: Ji mamiji! You are older than us you dont need to say sorry!

***Mamiji is touched she goes and hugs the both***

**Khushi looks at Arnav and smiles**the same thing is happening with Payal and Akash**

Mamaji:(*looks at Anjali*) I know that you are a strong girl! In fact I know that our whole family is strong.We will get over this. This is like a past chapter in our lives. And when your child comes we will never let her feel the emptiness of a father. We will all take care of him/her.

***After a couple of months Anjali's child has been born and it is a guy who they all named Abhay(*if you don't like the name you can pick your own)**

****THE END*****

Thank you all for supporting and reading my story. I feel that my story is nothing compared to some of the other ones on Myeduniya. Anyways,it was so much fun writing this story and I will write another one if something else comes in my brain that can be made into a story.

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