Arnav and Khushi's Love/Hate Story

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Mar 6, 2012

Arnav and Khushi's Love/Hate Story (By Khushiarnav) (Thanked: 66 times)

Part 1

Setting: arnav and khushis room,arnav is talking to khushi about why he married her ,everyone is not homes including Shyam(hari prakash is there) and it is the last week of their marriage.

Khushi: Kyun Arnav ji? why did you force me to marry you

**arnav tries to walk away**

**khushi spreads her arms out wide blocking the door**

Khushi: No arnav ji! I have remained silent for too long! Who do you think you are? You have to answer me today,or I will tell the family the truth.

Arnav: If you even dare to tell my family,I will...

Khushi:Kya? What will you do? Our contract marriage ends in a week, so you can't do anything.

Arnav: Khushi Kumari Gupta...

**then all of a sudden Hari Prakash knocks on the door and Khushi goes to open it**

Hari Prakash: Sorry to disturb you Khushiji,but Anjaliji want to talk to you on the phone.

Khushi: No,no its okay. Thank you.

**Hari Prakash leaves**

**Khushi looks back,and then leaves as well**

**Arnav sits on the bed with his hand on his forehead and is really confused on what decision he should take**

** meanwhile,Khushi talks on the phone with Anjali about Holi,and what they need to get. Then the door bell rings and Arnav comes out of his room thinking that it is anjali**

**Khushi goes to open the door and sees shyam, she is shocked but she has anger raging all over her body**

** Arnav quickly hides and tries to catch Khushi red-handed**

I will update and write more if you guys like the story.(I have wrote this out and part 2 is pretty long compared to part 1 which is above.) Thank you guys so,so,so much for reading,and please remember this is my first story and I was very nervous to put it up. Sorry,if it wasn't that good or had any problems. Thank you!

Mar 7, 2012

update of arnav khushi love/hate story march 6,2012 (By Khushiarnav) (Thanked: 56 times)


Part 2

**Khushi moves to the side and lets Shyam in with anger raging all over her**

Shyam:(he thinks Arnav is not home) Wow,Khushiji you are looking very beautiful.

Khushi: What? How dare you call me beautiful! Aren't you ashamed of everything you have done to me? Leave me,but what about poor Anjalji. She is too good for you god only knows how she got stuck with you!

** Khushi walks away furiously**

Shyam:Khushiji wait!

*she continues walking**

Arnav(to himself): What? What were they talking about? I need to talk to Khushi. Where did she go?

** he saw her walking towards their room so he followed** when he arrived he saw her holding a photo of her parents**

Khushi(talking to the photo): Where are you guys? I have been so hurt lately. First that STUPID Shyam betrayed me and Arnavji's family. and now Arnavji,the man who I love with all my heart is treating me like this! Well i was the one who was stupid enough to give my heart to him,when I knew he doesn't love anything or anyone. But what can I do, I cant hate him because I love him!

**Arnav while listening to this had tears in his eyes and was shocked to hear that Khushi loves HIM and not that Shyam**he couldn't hold back**

Arnav(sobbing): Khushi ,I love you too!

**he goes and wipes Khushis tears**

**Khushi,at first smiles that the man who she loves is wiping her tears,but then her memories of Arnav treating her badly come in her mind and the strong and angry Khushi takes over**

Khushi: (*steps back with all of her force*) Arnavji, I have taken all the pain you have decided to give me,but do remember this one thing I have never and I never will give you the permission to touch me!

Arnav: Khushi, I just want to know what happened between you and Shyam.

**Khushi is confused on how he knew? who told him? but then she shouts**

Khushi: That is none of your business, and our lives are totally separate in a week.

Arnav: Khushi,please tell me! I can help you.

Khushi: I do not need your help,now please let me go because Anjalji and the rest of the family will be soon arriving and I have to go prepare dinner.

**Khushi leaves**Arnav still trying to process all of this information and trying to think of a way to make Khushi tell him what happened and how did Shyam betray her**


Mar 7, 2012

update of arnav khushi love/hate story(2) march 6,2012 (By Khushiarnav) (Thanked: 61 times)


Part 3

**Khushi walked down the stairs crying**

**she went in the kitchen and started making dinner**

** about 1 hour later,Khushi had cooked everything and the family arrived**

Anjal: Khushiji,thank you for cooking dinner! But where is Chotte?

Khushi: Anjaliji,Arnavji is in his room, I think he is working. I will go call him,you guys start eating.

Anjali: alright Payal and I will serve the food and you go call Chotte

Khushi: okay I will be right back

**Khushi walks up slowly to the door and knocks**

**Arnav opens the door and his dark brown eyes meet Khushis wide and loving eyes**

Khushi: (Looking at the side) Anjalji wants you to come downstairs and have dinner with the rest of the family.

Arnav: I don't want dinner I have a really strong headache.

Khushi: What? Arnavji are you okay? Do you have a fever?

Arnav: No,Khushi I'm fine don't worry. Go downstairs and have dinner you have not eaten anything since this morning.

Khushi: I am going no wher until I know you're okay.

** Khushi quickly runs to check his forehead**

*~ Raaba Ve~*

Khushi: Arnavji,you're forehead is burning hot,let me go call the doctor. But I cant leave you alone. Wait I will call the family. You lay down on the bed.

**Khushi helps him lay on the bed**

*~ Raaba Ve~*

**Khushi trys to walk but Arnav grabs her wrist and says "Khushi don't make the family worry for no reason"

Khushi: Arnavji please you are not well let me go.

**Khushi shouts for the family**

**the family arrives and ask what happened**

**Khushi tells him that Arnav is not feeling well and then Khushi starts calling the doctor**

Nani: What? Chotte are you okay?

**Nani runs towards Chotte**

Akash: Bhai, what happened?

Payal: Arnavji I will get some water for you.

Arnav: I'm fine. You guys don't have to worry.

Khushi: Arnavji,the doctor is on his way.

Arnav: What was the need for calling the doctor,Khushi?

Khushi: Arnavji,please you are not well.

Mamaji: Arnav Bitwa,Khushi Bitiya is saying the right thing. You take care of us,but always forget about yourself and your health.

**Payal brings water**

**Five minutes later,the doctor arrives and does a regular check up***

Part 4 will be up soon Thank you!

Mar 8, 2012

part 4 march 7th,2012 (By Khushiarnav) (Thanked: 55 times)


Part 4

Doctor: Don't worry,he has only a mild fever.He will be fine in a couple of days.

** Khushi breathes a sigh of relief**

**Arnav notices and smiles inside**

Doctor: Oh,and remember he has to take rest and can't have any work. In fact, I recommend that he stays in bed mostly for the next couple of days. I'll give you a list of medicines,remember to take them.

Arnav: What! So,you're saying that I can't go to my office.

Doctor: No, you're body is tired,you're putting to much stress.

Nani: Chotte he is right you need to take rest.

Akash: Thank you doctor,let me show you the way out.

Arnav: This is so stupid. Can't he just give me a shot?

**Khushi laughs and Arnav quickly glances at her giving her a look**

**Khushi trys to keep a straight face**

Khushi: Arnavji,you haven't eaten anything,I'll get you something to eat and then you can take rest.

**Khushi heads towards the door and see Shyam,she gives him an angry look and turns to keep walking**

**Arnav,watches this and remembers that he has to ask Khushi about her and Shyam**

Nani: Anjal Bitya ,lets go downstairs with everyone else(the family has already left) and give Chotte the rest he needs.

Anjali: Nani,but who will stay up and take care of Chotte?

**Khushi arrives**

Khushi: Anjalji,I will. don't worry about Arnavji. I'm here.

Anjali: Alright,you stay here and I will send some dinner for you with Hari Prakash.

Khushi: No,I am not hungry. I will eat later.

Anjali: Okay,but if you change your mind just call me.

Khushi: Alright!

**Nani and Anjali leave**Khushi shuts the door while resting the food on the table.**

**Khushi,then takes the plate and heads towards Arnav she starts feeding him**

**He stops her**

Arnav: Khushi, I will not eat anything until you tell me what happened between you and that stupid shyam.

Khushi:(** does not want to tell him but since his health is not well she can't risk anything**) I promise, I will tell you everything after you eat.

**Khushi feeds Arnav with her own hands because Arnav looks to weak**

~*Raaba Ve*~

Arnav: Khushi,aren't you hungry?

Khushi:No,I made jalebi earlier.

Arnav:You only make jalebi when you are sad or bothered! What happened?

Khushi: Since I have promised you I will tell you everything about me and Shyam,and after hearing this you will know why I was making jalebi.

**She tells him the whole truth about her and shyam engagement.**

**Arnav is shocked and cant move his eyes start watering and he starts crying**

**khushi has never seen him cry and tells him to stop**

Khushi:Arnavji, I have told you everything about me. Now, I want to know why you married me?

*Arnav does not know what to do and is confused*

Part 5 will be up soon!!! HAPPY HOLI!!!

Mar 9, 2012

part 5 updated (By part 5 updated)

Part 5

Khushi:Arnav ji! Why are you so quiet? Tell me why you married me.

**Arnav finally manages to say something**

Arnav: Khushi I am sorry.

Khushi: What? Tell me what happened and why you took the most important decision of my life for me?

Arnav: The reason I married you is because I saw you with Shyam on the terrace and I thought that you and Shyam had an affair and you guys together would hurt di.

**Khushi was unable to move for a few minutes**

**She returns to her senses after Arnav shouts "Khushi!" a few times but still just sits there**

**Arnav grabs her by the shoulders and shakes her and says "I'm so sorry,I love you." and the he hugs her tightly**

Arnav: Khushi please say something!Shout at me,but please don't just sit here quietly


Khushi: you are not well so go to sleep.

Arnav: Khushi but..

**she gets up** he grabs her wrist **

Arnav: where are you going?

Khushi: (*with no expression or expression on her face*) to sleep

Arnav: but the bed is here where are you going to sleep?

Khushi: Arnav ji this is where rich people sleep,my face is outside

*she grabs her blanket and pillow and goes out by the poolside**

**both of them tried to sleep but just couldn't**

**their hearts ached to see each other but they couldn't gather up their strength ***

Khushi(*in her mind here face is still emotionless and unable to show anything*) the man who I trusted,more than myself,the man of my life,the one who gave me hope(*tears ran down her cheek*)


Arnav(* his hear was torn and he felt like the most stupidest man on Earth*) If I would of just told her instead of hurting her I wouldn't have to see her in this pain but no I has to hurt the most innocent girl he has ever met

**he tossed and turned then stood up and looked out the window** he saw her face and what he had done to her**

Arnav: Khushi, I have hurt you till your last breaking point but now I will do anything to get that smile back on your face, I promise to you Khushi

sorry if it was so sad I was trying to show their emotions

Part 6 will be up soon!

Mar 10, 2012

part 6 update (By Khushiarnav) (Thanked: 54 times)

*Sorry for the grammar mistakes in the previous update I had to go to school and I was running late*

Part 6

* The next morning,Khushi came inside and saw that Arnav was already awake**

*He noticed her and called out her name but she did not listen and she head towards the shower** after a few minutes she comes out and sits down on her dressing table to get ready**

**Khushi and Arnavs eyes meet through the mirror**

~*Raaba ve*~

**as she goes to apply sindoor**

Arnav:Khushi wait!

**he gets up and walks to her,taking the sindoor out of her hand and applies sindoor on her forehead and smiles** then he put his hand on her cheek*

~*Rabba Ve*~

Khushi: Arnavji,it is time for you to take your medicine.

Arnav:Khushi,for how long will you keep rejecting my love.

Khushi: Who are you to talk about love?(*then she remembers that the doctor told Arnav not to take any stress*)

*she quickly fills up a glass of water and hands Arnav his medicine and the glass of water*

Khushi: I have to go downstairs.You quickly get ready and come down because it is holi.

**Arnav think that Khushi has to forgive him today because it is her first holi at the Raizadas and he did not want to ruin her FIRST holi here**

Part 7 will be up soon!

Mar 11, 2012

part 7 and part 8 (By Khushiarnav) (Thanked: 57 times)

Part 7

**as Khushi finally reached the bottom of the stairs she was approached by Anjali,Nani,Payal,and Mami sitting on the couch**they all took turns applying color on her cheeks and said "happy holi!" and Khushi did the same**Arnav comes down and is noticed by everyone** they are all astonished when he applies color on them!**

Anjali:Chotte,you dont like holi and today you're applying color on us! wow!

Nani:yes,anjali bitya is right? what is wrong with you?

**Arnav looks at Khushi lovingly**

Arnav:I don't but nothing has been the same since I have meet Khushi!

**anjali clears her throat and they all laugh**

Khushi: Anjalji,I am going to go serve breakfast you bring everybody to the table

**arnavs face got disappointed but he did not lose hope**as everyone else makes their way to the dining area;shyam who has been watching and saw khushi head towards the kitchen follows her**Arnav noticed and follows him**when Arnav enters the kitchen he sees shyam about to apply color on khushis cheek and sees her in pain because shyam is holding her hands behind her really tightly**Arnav stops shyam just in time by grabbing his wrist**

Arnav: How many times have I told you that Khushi,is my wife and you have no right to lay your filthy hand on her.

Part 8

Shyam: sale saab,and how many times do I tell you that khushi did not agree to marry you! you forced her! and I hope that you know what "force" means.

*Arnav holds shyam by the collar and says..**

Arnav:Me and Khushi were meant to be together. We love each other. We always have and always will no matter what happens.

**khushis eyes widen and she stares at Arnav because she is surprised that he is saying this**

Shyam: Fine I get that YOU love Khushi! But Khushi only loves me. And you and Khushi were never meant to be together! khushi is supposed to be with me.

*Khushi gets angry and gives shyam a slap right on his face**

Khushi:Just because our engagement happened does not mean that I love you. I didn't even want to marry you. The only person who loved is Arnavji,and I always will till my last breath. You are the most ugliest man on earth with an even uglier personality.

*Arnav is really happy and gives Khushi a hug and Khushi SMILES!** and shyam kind of embarrassed walks away**

Arnav:Khushi thank you for this I love you! I promise that I will always trust you,make your dreams come true,and treat you like the princess you deserve to be treated like!Please,Khushi forgive me,if you don't forgive me I will..

*Khushi quickly puts her hand on his lips*

~*Raaba Ve*~

Khushi:Arnavji,I forgive you

Mar 11, 2012

part 9 update (By Khushiarnav) (Thanked: 44 times)

Part 9

**Khushi and Arnav were stuck in the moment and were staring in each others eyes and did not move a bit until payal arrived**

**Payal clears her throat and smiles*

Payal: Sorry for ruining your moment but Nani is calling you khushi

** arnav and khushi act like nothing happened and arnav walks out saying that he has some work to do**

**When arnav leaves payal and Khushi share a good laugh**

Payal:Okay Khushi lets go before nani wonders where we went.

**Payal and Khushi leave and start serving breakfast to the whole family**

Nani: Chotte,are you going to play Holi with all of us?

Arnav: Nani,of course I will play.

Nani: finally after all these years you're actually playing! we should all hurry up and get started to play

**the family all goes to the backyard and start playing holi,while the two love birds (arnav & Khushi) are lost in each others' eyes**

Arnav:Khushi I have a surprise for you.

Khushi:What! For me?

Arnav:Yes of course for you who else?

**the wind starts blowing really strongly and Arnav pulls Khushis hair to the side**

~*raaba ve*~

*Arnav takes Khushis hand and then takes her under a big tree and goes down on one knee**

Khushi:Arnavji?What are you doing? and what are you hiding behind your back?

**Arnav hands her a box**

Khushi:What is this?

Arnav:open it and see for yourself!

**she opens it and sees a red rose along with a letter in the box**

~*raaba ve*~

*****The letters says...***

Dear Khushi,

I have caused you a lot of pain. If I could go back in time,I would take all of the pain and give it all to me. I promise you that no more pain will be given to you and any pain that even comes near you I will block it all for you. I'm so sorry and I love you.


Arnav(or for you Arnavji)

~*raaba ve*~

*Khushi looks up and smiles**

Arnav: Khushi,I'm going to tell you the truth,you have no idea how amazing you look when you smile.

Khushi: Thank you! But actually I have a surprise for you. But for you to get that you have to be blind folded!

Arnav: What? Why?

Khushi:because I said so and you said that you will do anything for my happiness.

Arnav:Fine. I will do it!

**Khushi ties a blind fold around Arnav's eyes**

Khushi:Arnavji,are you ready for your surprise?

Arnav: I'm always ready.

*Khushi leans forward and gives Arnav a kiss on the cheek**

~*raaba ve*~

**then she unties the blind fold**

Khushi:Arnavji,now tell me how did you like my surprise?

Arnav:Khushi wow your surprise was even better than mine! And you proved today that you are really Khushi Kumari Singh Raizada!

**Khushi laughs and says...*

Khushi: thank you,now lets go play holi

*she applies color on Arnav and runs away**

*Arnav uns behind her and Khushi then sees Akash so she hides behind him**

Khushi: Jijaji,tell your brother not to put color on me.

Arnav:Akash move to the side! Don't listen to her!

**Khushi sees Nanhe so she goes and hides behind him**

Arnav: NK move out of my way.

Khushi: Nanheji,please don't move.

Nanhe: Sorry Nanav,Khushiji said not to move.

**Khushi finally catches her breath and then runs again and after a while,finally Arnav caught Khushi and applied color on her cheeks**

Arnav:Khushi,I told you that you can't escape from me!

Khushi:That was just your luck,Mr.Raizada we still have our whole lives ahead of us.

Arnav: Alright Ms.Raizada think whatever makes you happy.

**Khushi since she loves holi thinks of an idea**

Khushi:Arnavji,I have an idea why don't we apply color on Mamiji.

Arnav: (* laughing*) alright but lets get Payal and Akash to help!

Part 10 will be up soon!

Mar 13, 2012

part 10 update (By Khushiarnav) (Thanked: 39 times)

Part 10

Arnav:Khushi, we have to find Akash and Payal and then you can tell us your master plans (**with a smirk**)

Khushi:Okay lets go find them! you here and I will look over there and in ten minutes meet me back here

**Arnav and Khushi get to business,arnav finally spots them "having their moment" or romancing with each other** Arnav heads over to them and coughs** Payal and Akash are embarrassed just like arnav and khushi in the kitchen**

Arnav: Uh sorry to bother you but Khushi and I need to talk to you.

**They all headed to the place where Arnav was supposed to meet Khushi**

Khushi: Jijaji and Jiji you don't know how glad I am to see you. I wanted to tell you that I was thinking about a plan on how we could get color on Mamiji.

Payal: Khushi one minute(*she walks over to Khushi and takes her hand*) Khushi,you're not a child anymore,please stop behaving like one.And just think how sasuma will feel?

Khushi: Jiji please...(*Akash stops her by interuppting*)

Akash: Payal,please today is holi and khushiji is right we should have fun

Khushi: (*goes towards Akash and says..*) Oh wow jijaji you are amazing!

Payal: Alright,Khushi but tell us your plan now.

Khushi: Okay,jijaji you are going to get mamiji and bring her by the water tub over there but make sure she is close then jiji you are going to go and apply color on her cheeks that will cause her to be surprised when me and Arnavji shoot her with water guns

Arnav: Khushi,your mind sure is brilliant(*teasingly*)

**all four of them followed the plan perfectly and mamiji fell in the water tub/pool!!**

Mamiji:Hello Hi Bye Bye! Pati Sari whats haves yous done

**Nani,Anjali,Mamaji,and Shyam come to see what the commotion is and they all laugh when they see Manorma and stop when Manorma gives them and angry smirk **

Anjali:Mami,you look in the holi spirit today!

Mamiji: Anjali Bitya look and what Khoon Bhari Tang and Pati Sari and crew have done to me.

Nani: Manorma,today is holi and don't feel bad I was tricked and teased a lot when I was little too

**Manorma stomps her feet and angrily walks away while the rest of the family can't help but laugh**

**The rest of the evening was mostly spent playing Holi at the Raizadas and this was by far the funnest and mazzedar holi they have ever celebrated**

Part 11 will be up soon!

Mar 16, 2012

Part 11-last part (By Khushiarnav) (Thanked: 44 times)

hey how is everyone? Well, I just wanted you guys to know that this will be the last part because I only wrote this because the show was just getting depressing. I will try to think of a another story. Thanks you for everything.

Part 11

**after a long day of playing holi the Raizadas sat at their dining table eating dinner and even Manorma joined them**

Khushi: Mamiji sorry for the Holi thing we just wanted to have fun. I hope you're not mad.

Anjali:Mamiji,please forgive them.

Mamiji:Okay but Pati Sari I'm onlys forgiving yous because of Anjali Bitya.

Khushi: Mamiji,you are amazing! Thank you!

*** After dinner when everybody goes to sleep**

**Khushi shuts the door to her bedroom**

Arnav: Khushi please sleep on the bed don't go out in the cold.

Khushi: Arnavji,what are you talking about?We are husband and wife and why would be sleep in different places?

**Arnav is really happy and picks her and lays her on the bed** He goes to shut off the light and comes back and gives Khushi a kiss on her forehead**

After 8 years: Payal has one child whose name is Aadi :)

Khushi has two twins whose names are sapna and jayshree :)

Thank you!

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