Written Update - 12th June 2015 Reporters

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Jun 13, 2015

Written Update - 12th June 2015 Reporters (By sanchi)

Reporters 12th June 2015 Written Episode

Kabeer invites his brother for dinner. He ges Ananyas SMS and replies her. They both start chatting and she SMSes him good night. Kabeer serves food to his brother.

In the morning, Ananya enjoys halwa in breakfast and tells mom it is very tasty. She asks mom to pack some in a box. Mom asks for her friends. She says for Kabeer. Mom packs and gives it to her.

Ananya reaches KKN office. She enters Kabeers cabin and gives him halwa. He asks her to convey thanks to her mom and keep halwa box on table. She keeps and finds her specs on it. He says her eyes look more beautiful without specs. She smiles, wears specs, thanks him, and runs out of cabin.

During board meeting, Kabeer briefs tonights progams to Manav and Richa. Manav taunts Ananya. Kabeer tells Ananya that he expects 1 human interest story from her. She nods yes. She gets a call and says she got a lead and if she can. Kabeer permits her. Manav tells Malvika that there is a spark between Ananya and Kabeer.

Ananya reaches a builder where a boy is suiciding. She calls Kabeer, briefs him about the situation, and asks what she should to now. He asks why is she asking him. She says she is asking his suggestion as a friend. He cuts call and smiles.

Malvika comes to Manavs cabin and asks what was he trying to point during conference. He says he was right as Kabeer and Ananya were together for 2 days and it was like a 2 night 3 days honeymoon package for them and they must have developed a spark. Malvika leaves fuming.

Roshni runs to terrace and stops a boy from suiciding. She asks him to get down, else he will die. He says he came here to suicide. She asks the reason. He says love failure. She asks his girlfriends name and if she rejected him. He says Jyoti and says he has not proposed her yet at all. Roshni says she will suicide hearing him. He insists to let him jump. She gets an idea and says he can propose on national TV without getting nervous. He asks how will it happen. She shows her ID card and says she is from KKN and asks Sunny to start camera.

Richa starts reading news and moves over to Ananya. Ananya introduces Navdeep (boy) who wanted to suicide and his love for the girl. She continues KKN is Navdeep and he will express his love for his girl. Navdeep starts that he wanted to die, but now he wants to live for his girlfriend and proposes her. Kabeer watches news. Ronnie says it is definitely Ananyas idea and he knows her well. Ananya continues and ends her reporting on a positive note. Kabeer praises Ronnie for doing his job efficently. Ronnie thanks him. Kabeer asks why thank you. Ronnie says to save Ananya. Kabeer says anyone would have done the same. Ronnie says only he would have done and says if something had happened to ananya, his condition would have been worse than Navdeep. Kabeer realizes his love for Ananya.

Kabeer gives end of episode moral gyaan.

Precap: Ronnie goes to meet Ananya. She says Kabeer is coming to pick her up, so she will talk to him later. He asks if she loves Kabeer.

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