Written Update - 12th June 2015 Piya Rangrezz

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Jun 13, 2015

Written Update - 12th June 2015 Piya Rangrezz (By sanchi)

Piya Rangrezz 12th June 2015 Written Episode

Sher walks out of Bhavris hospital room ignoring her offer of taking over her business. She feels sad. Vikas says even he is like her son and will expand her business overseas. She agrees. He thanks her and says he will not disappoint her.

Sunehri asks Shraddha not to interfere in mens issues. Shraddha says Sher was doing wrong. Sunehri says she is wrong instead and asks why did she leave her room. She says she should lure Sher with her latka jhatkas and says men come to dancers like her to see their senuousness. She says she is lucky to have a loving husband like Thakur saheb/Sher and gives her idea how to lure him. Sher passes by and hears their conversation. Once he leaves, Sunehri asks Shraddha to drop morning tea on Sher and see how he runs behind him.

Vikas takes alcohol truck for delivery and stops sees stone boulder on road. He goes to clear them when a masked man comes and hits his head on stones. Vikas falls unconscious on road. Man sticks a note on Vikass forehead.

Shraddha sees Sher busy on phone, reminisces Sunehris words and purposefully falls on stairs thinking he will get concerned, but Sher does not pay heed and comes calling Gajra. She asks if he needs anything. He says water is not coming in bathroom, so she should go and switch on motor. She feels dejected and walks with pain to switch on motor. she comes back and asks if he needs breakfast. He asks her to bring it and goes to bathroom ignoring her. She feels very sad. She prepares food. Sher shouts to bring food fast and gets irked. She brings food. He gets call and says he will come right now. She asks what happened. He says it is none of her business and says still some of her items are in his room and once he comes back, he does not want neither her or her items in his room.

Vikas comes to hospital to get his wound nursed. He tells mama that someone does not want to see him succeed, but he will make sure his local alcohol reaches overseas. Sher comes and asks what happened to him. He says some masked man hit him with stone and he fell unconscious, but when he woke up he was present but alcohol boxes were missing. Sher asks who dared to touch him. Mama says at least he is saved. Bhavri yells that she believed him, but he broke her trust. Sher scolds Vikas for giving tension to his mom and takes him from there.

Sumer informs Sher that he could not find who looted their goods van and when he sent another van to the village, shopkeepers did not buy it as someone is distributing alcohol freely. Sher says he will find out who is this new enemy. He goes to village arrack shock and asks shopkeeper how dare he is to reject his order. Shopkeeper says nobody is buying his alcohol, so he cannot keep it. Sher takes rival companys bottle and sees it is his companys bottle with rival companys label.

Shraddha limps with pain. Gajra asks what happened to her and why did not she inform her. Shraddha asks her to continue her work and not bother.

Sher reaches rival company owners house. His goons stop him and say he can get free alcohol in village. Sher points gun on goons and asks them to tell their boss that his pappa has come.

Precap: Sher enters rivals house and rival shoots bottles alcohol bottle around him.

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