Written Update - 12th June 2015 Comedy Classes

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Jun 13, 2015

Written Update - 12th June 2015 Comedy Classes (By sanchi)

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 12th June 2015 Written Episode

The Episode starts with Subbu saying about Laxmi getting shattered when Neha told her about my affair and she was incapable wife. He says he did not have any affair with Neha, it was not true, she used to work as my assistant in dental clinic, I dont know how she felt I like her. FB shows Neha asking Subbu to come on a date with her. Subbu refuses asking her to not think this. He says one day she went over board and was forcing her on him. She says tell your wife that I m pregnant with your child, she will leave you. He says shut up, I love Laxmi and slaps her. He says Neha went from the office and I felt everything will be fine, someone used to meet Laxmi and tell her that I have an affair, to make Laxmi leave me.






Laxmi used to doubt on me and was depressed, when I came home, she was standing near the window with Karthik, and asks about his affair. He says its nothing like that, I love you, why will I do this. She asks why are they saying this, you loved Ishita too and left her, you are liar and cheater. She says she will far from him and jumps down with Karthik. Subbu shouts Laxmi and cries. Sujata cries and everyone get teary eyed. Subbu says Ishita, you wanted to know why I m doing all this, even Simmi wanted to know why I m after her, Neha was Shailas daughter, but she is not the real culprit, its that woman who used to call Laxmi and made her away from me, that woman is no one else Raman Bhalla, she is your mum. They all are shocked.




Subbu says its Mrs. Santoshi Bhalla, she is the woman who interfered in his life and made me and Laxmi away, she has shown wrong proof to Laxmi about my and Nehas affair, thats why Laxmi and Karthik have gone very far from me. He says I will not leave you, you are the killer, I will not leave you. Sujata and Bala hold Subbu. Sujata asks Subbu to calm down and hugs him.


Mrs. Bhalla says no, this is a lie. She says why will I do this, and asks Mr. Bhalla to say will she make anyone commit suicide. She says Shaila you know me, I did not know anything, I just came to know from Shaila that Neha is having an affair with a married Indian doctor, Shaila was worried and I got pity on her, I wanted to help her, I thought if we tell his wife, she will control her husband, I just knew Neha aborted her child. Subbu says this cant happen, I did not even touch her. Shaila says she got mad because of him. Subbu says she was mad for me, she was not pregnant, ask the gynac, she told me she was not pregnant and made fake reports.


Subbu says you did not know the truth and told her everything, you could have asked me, you had to ruin my life. Mrs. Bhalla says Neha said you cheated her, how would you come to you, we thought your wife will teach you a lesson, I did not know she will take this big step, I remember when we met Laxmi Fb shows Mrs. Bhalla and Shaila talking to Laxmi. Laxmi says my husband is not like this, he loves me. Mrs. Bhalla says she is mistaken and asks her to control her husband, and scolds her. Laxmi cries. Mrs. Bhalla asks why is she crying now and gives her warning to keep her bad family away from her innocent family. She says he is fooling Neha and you, see he has made a scene here and shows neighbors looking on. She scolds her and leaves.




Subbu asks did they hear it, Laxmi lost name because of this woman, and Laxmi and Karthik died, she is the murderer, I will not leave you. Raman stops Subbu and pushes him. Subbu says I want revenge. Raman says my mum did mistake but you did all the planning, you are mad, and I m more mad than you, if you see my family, I will kill you. Raman asks Sujata to ask Subbu to be away from his family, if he wants to be alive. He takes his family and leaves. Sujata consoles Subbu.




Ishita asks Mrs. Bhalla to have food, will situation change if she does not eat food. Mrs. Bhalla says Shaila called the doctor and found out that Subbu was saying true, Neha lied to us, we did not find the truth, Shaila was so ill, I took her to Laxmis home and told so much to her in anger, why did I be rude to her without knowing the truth, Neha was immature, but I was not, why did I not realize her lies, why did I go mad in anger that I made Laxmi to commit suicide, I wanted to help Shaila and Neha, how did I take two innocent lives, I m a murderer. She cries and Ishita hugs her. Mrs. Bhalla says we believe what we hear, and society is laughing on our home, and I have regret fire in my heart, this will ruin me.




Ishita asks why is she blaming herself if she did not this intentionally, will Laxmi come back by this, its no use to feel guilty. She says think about Subbu, he is living in pain since years, we have to explain him that revenge does not have anything. Mrs. Bhalla says dont know what he is going through. Ishita asks her to talk to Subbu, she can apologize to him and help him. Raman says it wont be of any use Ishita.



Ishita says she will understand Subbu better, and he says he cant take risk. She convinces him and Mrs. Bhalla says she will apologize to Subbu.



Mrs. Bhalla apologizes to Subbu and says forgive me. Subbu says you did not think once that she is no one to interfere in anyones personal life.



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