Written Update - 15th June 2015 Piya Rangrezz

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Jun 16, 2015

Written Update - 15th June 2015 Piya Rangrezz (By sanchi)

Piya Rangrezz 15th June 2015 Written Episode

Sher reaches his rival liquor contractors home and asks his goons to let him in. Goons say he can get liquor free from the market. Sher says it is not their fathers liquor and asks them to tell their boss that his father has come. They point gun at him and even he points his gun on them. Sumer insists to move from th and ere. Sher asks goons to tell their boss he should not have done so much hard work for liquor and if he would have asked, his mom would have given it for free. He says he knows their boss has ordered not to touch them, else they would have shot him by now. He leaves in his jeep with sumer.

Sher reaches home and sees Shraddha being treated by doc. He reminisces scolding her when she writhed in pain and feels guilty. He opens her door silently and sees her sleeping. Tu jahan mai wahan.song..plays in the background. He sits next to her and reminisces her telling if he thinks true love is a mistake, she has done it and says one day he himself will dorn her mangalsutra. Songcontinues playing. He touches her injured feet. She wakes up sensing his touch and asks why is he here. He says he thought someone called him, so he came here. He apologizes and tries to leave. She says he does not need to say sorry as she made a mistake by trusting a wrong person. He gets a message from rival to reach at some spot in 15 min if he wants to meet him and he leaves. Shraddha calls Sumer and tells she wants to go behind Sher as he got an SMS and left alone. Sumer says bhaiya ji is very angry on her and if he sees her, he will fume. She says if he does not want to come, she will go alone. He says he will accompany and asks Gajra to take at home.

Sher reaches rivals den, shoots his guns bullets in air and throws it at puppet goons. Goons say they did not orders to let him in. He says he is a tiger and does not need anyones permission. While traveling, shraddha insists Sumer to tell what is happening. He tells her everything. Sher enters rivals den and provokes him to come out. Rival comes out shooting bottles around him and Sher is shocked to see a girl as his rival.

Sher starts laughing seeing at woman. Rival woman asks if he is laughing thinking a woman looted his tempo. He says he is laughing at Vikas who got defeated by a mere woman. She says he should stop discriminating a woman. He says she is a thief. She says she is in front of him, so he cannot call her thief. He laughs. She says she looted Bengal, Bihar, Punjab, etc., and now came to loot UP. Shraddha reaches spot and asks Vikas to stay near car while she goes in.

Sher asks rival to stop trying to become a winner as in this area there is only one brave woman and it is his amma Bhavri Devi. She challenges him to fight with her and whoever wins will leave this place. He says he does not fight with women. She asks if he is afraid. He asks to mind her tongue. She throws gun and says let us decide now. He says if he shoots her, her puppets will come in. She promises that nobody will touch him here. He checks gun and what she wants to prove with empty gun. She gets 1 bullet from her pocket and says each of us will shoot one road over our forehead and whoever gets the bullet will die. Sher shoots himself first, escapes unhurt and then throws gun at girl. Shraddha is seen entering hiding from goons. Rival lady shoots herself and escapes. She points gun on him.

Precap: Rival lady points gun at Shraddha and is about to shoot when Sher pushes gun away and says Shraddha is his wife. Lady holds him and says she wants to make a contract with him.

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