Written Update - 15th June 2015 Mahakumbh

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Jun 16, 2015

Written Update - 15th June 2015 Mahakumbh (By sanchi)

Mahakumbh 15th June 2015 Written Episode

The Episode starts with Rudra bringing the water tanker. The people fill water in the pots. Rudra takes water and feeds a wounded man. The man blesses him. The kids play in water and hug Rudra. Rudra smiles seeing everyone happy. Thapadiya Maai gets glad seeing her son and hugs him crying. He asks how is she. She says I m fine, its good you came. He says he tried to find her. She asks really, then why did you let me go. Her bahu says then will we keep thief at home. She asks for her jewelry and checks her. Shivanand comes and asks whats happening, get away from her, you should have told this to your wife.

She says mum is next to Lord, when your mum left home, your tough time should have started, but it did not, as mum can be sad but never curses, she has given you this life. Thapadiya Maai tells her bahu that she will know her state when she goes away from her children. Her bahu says she has seen and heard all drama, will she give jewelry or shall I call police. Her son claps his wife and asks Thapadiya Maai to come to their home. She stops him and says she has forgiven him, she has work here and will stay here, she is happy knowing she has a son and home to stay. Her son and bahu leave. Thapadiya Maa thanks Shivanand and cries.

Dansh slaps himself and laughs. Rao asks how did he let Rudra leave with the tankers, what about the plan. Dansh says let it go to hell, now its war between Vish and Amrit, Garuda and Naag, Dansh and Rudra, you are not with me, you are ordinary people, Amrit fight is more over money and things. Rao asks him what is he thinking now. Dansh says its not time to think, but time to get into Paatal/deepest level, he will make Rudra lose and get Amrit, there is no u turn now.

Bhairavi sees people unwell and suffering. She sees the dry land and says Ganga left but the life hope should not end. A man brings his daughter and says she is dying of thirst. She asks him to come with her. He says no need, if she gives water, the girl will live for one day more, he will not give her false hope, why did she give them false hope that Ganga will come back. She says trust does not have reason, no one knows when, how and why will Ganga come, when all the doors shut, one door is still open. She cries. The water ends and all the kids and elders get thirsty. Bhairavi sings O Ganga Maiiyya Aa re Rudra sings along. Other Garudas and join hands to clean the place.

They all hold diyas and pray. A girl asks Rudra will Lord hear them. He says why not, he will make things fine. She says you are hero and can do anything, get Ganga ji back. He says I will get Ganga ji back and everything will be like before. He shows his beads and says his parents made him wear this, as there is crowd in Mahakumbh and she can be lost. She says how will you be lost, he is hero. He hugs her.


Bhairavi talks to all Garudas and asks Rudra to always the right side/right way among the two ways infront of him.,.

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