Written Update - 15th June 2015 Comedy Classes

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Jun 16, 2015

Written Update - 15th June 2015 Comedy Classes (By sanchi)

Shashtri Sisters 15th June 2015 Written Episode

The Episode starts with Alka recalling Vrindas words. Anu and Devyaani have a talk. Devyaani and Peeya make balloons. Anu says she is not a 12 year old kid. Devyaani says you are 22 yr but still 12 for us. They recall the childhood. Alka gets sad and says she cant forget the problems. She wishes tough problems did not come in life. Anu asks her to think that everything is same and try to relive the old time. They all smile. Alka says we will celebrate her birthday as if Anu is 12 year old, we will make noodles and chutney and decorate the home. Devyaani says I have ordered costly cake and food for guests, delivery boy will come.

Kajal smiles seeing the food parcel and cake and says oh so its party, I will see what gift is Anu getting, I can know was Rajat doing drama or not, if he wishes Anu, then it means he is lying here. Sareen and Minty have a talk about Anus birthday and Kajal said there is a party, I thought she will be sad. Sareen says Anus birthday is tomorrow. Kajal says but she will cut cake at 12am. Sareen says what happened to her, she used to take tension for small things and now she changed.

He says its good chance to end fights. Minty says no need, its good Rajat has come and I m sure he will not go. Rajat says he is going to his friends home, he will be late. Kajal asks Minty is he going to his friend or somewhere else. Minty stops Rajat and asks him not to go. Rajat says I will not go, no friend if she says, and he will help her in making custard. Minty gets glad and smiles. Rajat says I will call Neil. Kajal gets puzzled. Anus birthday party starts and guests come. Anu talks to Shastri ji and he wishes her.

She asks him to come. He says he is stuck in work, and will come soon. She ends call and waits for Rajat. Rajat is with Minty in the kitchen making custard and her hand gets hurt. Neil and Minty care for her cut. Rajat asks her not to cut fruits now and take rest. She says I will just stand here and see. He says fine, I will cut fruits, just see. He sees the time. Neil sees Rajat tensed.

Anu gets sad and Alka pacifies her, saying they can always celebrate birthday together when things get fine. Anu cuts the cake and Rajat comes at the right time. Anu smiles seeing him hold her hand and they cut the cake together. Rajat says he has come as he does not want to be beaten up by his wife, I m sorry, I was stuck, someone helped me. He recalls how Neil has helped him. FB shows Neil saying there is no custard powder, I will get it from Mehta uncle. He asks Rajat to bring it, as Mehta uncle does not like him.

Kajal says Rajat would have gone to Anu, I will click pic and show to everyone that Rajat does drama. Everyone dance on the song Abhi to party shuru hui. Devyaani sees Kajal looking on and taunts her. Anu meets Kajal and says she will get return gift in few days. Kajal acts sweet and says she will go. She leaves. She comes home and sees Rajat with Minty. Neil asks where did she go, he was tensed, have custard, mum made it. Devyaani comes and brings the cake for them. Neil smiles seeing her. Devyaani says guest came to us so I got it for her. Minty asks who. Devyaani says Kajal came to us. Rajat and Neil smile. Minty gets shocked.


Rajat shows a tracking device to Neil and they plan to catch Kajal red handed.


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