Written Update - 16th June 2015 Reporters

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Jun 17, 2015

Written Update - 16th June 2015 Reporters (By sanchi)

Reporters 16th June 2015 Written Episode

Ananya cries hugging her papas wallet after knowing from Kabeer that her papa is no more. She informs her mom and brother. They are shocked and start crying. Ananya consoles them and asks mom to be courageous as she has to take care of them.

Kabeer meets Taruni and tells he is feeling sad that he had to inform Ananya about her dads dead and says he wanted her to cry vigorously and express her emotions and he wanted to hug and console her. Taruni says more than Ananya, he seemed more hurt.

Trisha asks Richa if she is going to meet Ananya and give her condolences. Richa says yes in the evening and asks where is she going. She says she will go and find PK in temples like Anushka Sharma in PK file did. She promotes PK films promo on 21st June on Sony TV. Richa says she is mad and she smiles.

Kabeer reaches his cabin and reminisces Ananyas words. He calls her to condolence her and she picks call. He says he called to inform her that she may seek his help whenever she needs it. She thanks him and cuts call.

Ronnie requests leave to Malvika. She yells that this is news channel and not school. He says it is an emergency and he needs only half day leave. She asks him to manage his work on his off days. He asks if she knows why Ananya took leave. She says Ananya is taking advantage. He says Ananyas dad was missing since many years and now she came to know that her dad is no more. He says he gave his life to this organization and thought it respects his feelings, but it does not, so it is better he resigns. She asks if he loves Ananya so much. He says he respects their friendship and tries to leave. She says he can take leave but after lunch. He thanks her and leaves.

Malvika goes to Kabeers cabin and invites him for lunch. He says he is going on an important work. She asks even if he is going to Ananyas house to console her, but he should know that Ronnie has already left to console her and was telling a dearer one should be near in tough times. He thanks her for the info and leaves.

Kabeer reaches Ananyas house and gets jealous seeing Ronnie hugging Ananya and consoling her. Crying Ananya says she was hoping to meet her dad all these years, but now that hope is gone. He tries to enter in, but stops and leaves. He goes back to his house and starts drinking alcohol. He reminisces prior incidents from the day he started noticing her, to introducing her to inspector Khurana, their hospital news, kidnap, her first news presentation, etc. He gets call, but does not pick and ignores it.

Kabeer gives end of episode moral gyaan.

Precap: Kabeer comes to Anayas house and via car sees Ronnie consoling Ananyas mom. He jealously leaves and meets with an accident after ramming his car.


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