Written Update - 16th June 2015 Mahakumbh

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Jun 17, 2015

Written Update - 16th June 2015 Mahakumbh (By sanchi)

Mahakumbh 16th June 2015 Written Episode

The Episode starts with Bhairavi talking to all Garudas in the Saraswati kund. She says to get Ganga back, they have to get inside the deep valley, she cant say they can come back alive or not, they have not seen any such dangers, her work is make them realize the truth. Rudra says our signs tell us that we are chosen to protect Amrit, its a responsibility, not a punishment, the one who want to go back can go right now. They all refuse to step back. Shivanand says they have to move ahead. Charles says we are ready.

Bhairavi says then you will have to cross the 7 doors in 7 days, till Mahashivratri, we have to save Amrit from every evil powers, you will be tested by mind, heart and body strength, losing means death, they have last night today to meet their families. Shivanand looks at Rudra. Charles raises his hand and says he wants time. He says he does not have anyone, but there is something incomplete, which he has to complete.

Shivanand says even I have some imp work before I move ahead. Bhairavi says their final fight will start at Ganga ghat with sunrise, the one who does not come, we will think they have left. They all leave. Rudra stays with Bhairavi. Charles brings Katherine to the shore and says he values life before death, because of her. He says he wants to live now just for her. He says he used to love himself, and did not think to do anything to make anyone happy.

He says he did not know anyones smile would make his world., Katherine says she did not know she has feelings too, I realized love, when it feels like living for someone else. She says I love you Charles. He smiles and she hugs him. They smile. He sits on his knees and holds her hand. He makes her wear the ring and says he knows the value of these things today, their love will believe even if they dont survive. He kisses her hand and they have a talk. She says what if they dont come back. She shows the sky and stars and kisses her forehead. They sit looking at the sky.

Rudra and Bhairavi meet Maya. Rudra asks her to be with Bhairavi, after he goes, she will not be alone. Bhairavi asks them to be like Ram Sita, she has come to bless the bride and groom. She asks them to talk and leaves. Maya cries and says she will make a small home, so that he can return to it and where their children will grow up and he stays with them without any worry, does she have this right to make such home for him. He cries and hugs her.

Bhairavi talks to Rudra. He says no question makes him ponder as he knows his Maai Mui knows him more well than himself, and answers him before he asks. She says but he has the answers within, she told him that he is Garuda head and he has got over many challenges, today she wants to ask him why is he Garuda head. He says as I have more powers than other Garudas, they have knowledge and he has soul shield, they know their aim and he knows the motive of the aim, thats humanity. She says I told you there is no secret which I can tell you, its all within you. She says she is his guide so she is telling him, he will get 2 ways infront of him always, right and wrong, like right and left directions, you always take the right direction, that means right path. He looks on.


Dansh packs his bag and is ready. He holds something in his hand and looks revengeful. Vrish and Leela are somewhere in the tunnel. Rudra promises people that Ganga will flow again. The people get happy. Maya smiles seeing him.


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