Written Update - 17th June 2015 Piya Rangrezz

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Jun 18, 2015

Written Update - 17th June 2015 Piya Rangrezz (By sanchi)

Piya Rangrezz 17th June 2015 Written Episode

Bhavri calls inspector and asks shouts at him to find out who tried to shoot her. Sher comes and her goons point guns on him. She shouts at them how dare they are to point gun on her son. They apologize and leave. She fumes. Her goons bring Rani on gun point and says she was roaming here. Sher says he called her and asks her if she tried to kill his mom. She says if she shoots, target wont escape and says she doesnt like wasting bullets. Maama asks Sher not to trust her as she tried to kill Vikas. Rani says she does not lie and if she wanted, she would have killed Sher when he came to her den. Bhavri says she trusts her now and realized she is not a coward to shoot hiding. Sher thanks her for coming. She says when she has become his partner, she will bear anything and leaves. Mama says Bhavri that she got many enemies.

Shraddha tensely calls Sher, but he does not pick call. She asks Sumer to take her to Sher. He says he cannot and says Bhavri is safe. She says shooter warned that he will kill Bhavri next time. He says he cannot.

Bhavri tells Maama that Sher planned this shooting. Maama asks why did he do it. Sher says it was a drama with fake bullet. Bhavri says her son has become intelligent. Sher tells mama that Rani is sent by Bhavris enemies and with this drama, Rani will get alert and twist her puppets ears, he will identify whose ears are red and kill enemy. Bhavri says she now has got her business heir as her son. Maama says they both are same, shoots bullets on themselves.

Rani meets bhavris rivals Pandey and others and asks Pandey first why did he try to shoot Bhavri. He says he did not and says both times Bhavri escaped, there is something else to it. She asks other rivals who also deny. Sher watches everything from his binocular and identifies all rivals.

In the morning, Shraddha performs pooja and takes agarbati and bell to her room. Shers sleep gets disturbed and he shouts that he suffocates with agarbati smoke and bell sound.

Rani comes to Shers house and asks Shraddha where is her husbands room. Shraddha asks her to wait until she informs Sher. Rani says she does not wait for anyone. Shraddha says Sher does not like anyone entering his room without permission. Rani looks at her angrily. Sher who watches everything asks her to come up and not wait like a guest. She looks at Shraddha and goes to Shers room. She says him that his wife is very sharp and is brave.

Shraddha starts preparing breakfast sadly with Gajra and Sunehri. Sunehri angrily asks why did she allow Rani to Shers room and why did not she slap her. Shraddha says she trusts Sher and knows he will go near Rani. Gajra says she will stab Rani. Shraddha asks her to calm down and serve breakfast.

Sher gets ready and asks Rani why did she come here. She says she gave her 50% business share and needs his 50% share. He asks that is all. She gets closer him and says something else is also there, but he will not understand. Shraddha comes there and knocks door. Rani says Sher that his wife interrupts on time. Shraddha asks Sher to come down for breakfast. Rani says she prepares breakfast and also spies, she is all in one package. Sher asks Shraddha to serve breakfast to him and his guest.

Rani taunts that Shraddha and while walking falls. Gajra and Sunehri laugh and even Shraddha. Sher gets her up and scolds Sunehri and Gajra. Shraddha says it is good she did not get hurt much and asks her to have breakfast while she prepares herbal paste for her. Rani says she does not need her help. Sher gives her 50 lakhs as partnership token and gives 1 rs extra. Rani leaves pushing Shraddha.

Precap: Gajra informs Shraddha that it is Shers birthday tonight. Shraddha calls Sher and asks him to come home before 12. She gets ready like a bride. Rani lures Sher.

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