Written Update - 17th June 2015 Dream Girl

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Jun 18, 2015

Written Update - 17th June 2015 Dream Girl (By sanchi)

Dream Girl 17th June 2015 Written Episode

The Episode starts with Ayesha saying life is for the one who knows to live life. She asks Samar to celebrate his new time. Manav asks him to get ready. Bua ji asks Laxmi to prepare, and fail Ayesha to become dream girl as you have rejected Raj to become dream girl, her success has everything linked, Raj, dad and Karthiks dreams and hopes. Laxmi says I m not so brave, I did not do anything right, I lied to dad fearing he will take me back to Jodhpur, I broke Rajs heart, I want to tell everything to dad and make things right, I will apologize to him.

She calls her dad and he asks about her shooting. She asks is he fine. He says kids drive cycle anyway and hit me, its fine, not any big wound. She says when you taught me to rude cycle, you always used to tell me to drive slow, I used to drive faster and when I was about to fall, you used to hold me. He says you got mature now. She says she is still careless, she lied to him that she became heroine. She cries and says she does not have any contract, she is trying to become heroine by the contest of dream girl. He asks about shooting. She says it was all fake, that guy was not Samar Sareen, he is Raj Samosewala, he shares this flat with me, its last day of this contest, I wanted to tell you the truth.

She says she know show hurt he is by her brothers failure, and he will be hurt by this, still she is going ahead, she will fall if he does not hold her. He says he did not send her that he fails and comes back, he did not teach kids to fail, and blesses her. He says he is with her. She promises she will win the contest and smiles. She tells Bua ji that dad has forgiven her, now she has no burden on her heart, she has to apologize to Karan Sir.

Samar gets ready wearing the best of the clothes and accessories. He looks at Laxmis bangle and keeps it in his coat. Laxmi meets Karan. He says he was thinking why did she leave from the party, he can get annoyed, but she has to prepare for her contest. She says no, its better to talk now. She says love and friendship are two different things. He says exactly, and then friendship takes loves place. She says then there is no place for love, I dont want to mix these things, I understood that I love Raj, and he is her best friend, but Raj is her love. Karan is shocked.

She says sorry and explains him well. She says forgive me, but I did not know I love Raj, maybe she has made him feel that she loves him, but even she did not know. She says he has done big favor on her and hugs him. Karan cries and smiles. He says its very good, you started heroines dialogues before becoming heroine, I m going to become directors and know actresses, he will not see any small town girl. She smiles seeing him divert the talk. He asks her to go for the contest. He says he has done many mistakes and apologizes to him. She says no thanks and no sorry in friendship.

He asks did she not hurry in taking the decision, its last day of contest and Samar Sareen is coming infront of the world. She says she does not care if Samar Sareen or SRK comes, its just Raj for her now. She thanks him and says you are very good. He says not better than you. He cries and leaves hiding his tears behind the glasses. She says I know Raj will come to wish me all the best.

Laxmi gets ready for the round and smiles. She does rehearsals. She is unable to focus and writes a letter for Raj, that she loves him. She writes that she knows his value after losing him. zara zara..plays.. She says the love which is realized late is strong, she loves him and will always do. She says you will be with me in all the births. She smiles and kisses the letter. She keeps it a box.

Ayesha and Laxmi come face to face. Ayesha asks is she ready, is there any confusion. Laxmi says she waited for this time. Ayesha says you dont have any pressure, her fans expect something new from her. She passes some taunts. Laxmi says she is not alone, she is in love and all fears have ended. Ayesha gets shocked. Laxmi smiles and leaves. Ayesha says love?


Laxmi says she forgot the letter in green room. Ayesha sends someone to get the letter. Samar gets the box. Ayesha and Laxmi perform, and Laxmi falls down.


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