Written Update - 18th June 2015 Reporters

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Jun 19, 2015

Written Update - 18th June 2015 Reporters (By sanchi)

Reporters 18th June 2015 Written Episode

Kabeer meets with an accident after ramming his car into tree. Khalid gets him admitted. In the morning, doc checks him and says Khalid that Kabeer is very lucky that he escaped with minor surgeries. Khalid says he is lucky instead as Kabeer is important for his channel. Once doc leaves, he asks Kabeer why did he show his old avatar and tells him about yesterdays incidence. He asks him to keep his heart and mind separate and concentrate while working.

Ananya reaches office and peon informs her about Kabeers accident. She is shocked and informs Trisha. Trisha says Kabeer was missing from office whole day and came inebriated just before 9 p.m., while reading news he called suicide boys girlfriend as Ananya and left after reading news. Manav created a scene and khalid also left silently. Ananya asks where are Richa and Ronnie. Richa comes and tells about Kabeers accident. Ananya says she heard about Kabeers yesterdays mistake.

Taruni comes to meet Kabeer and asks him to stop torturing himself. She continues confronting him.

Ananya tries to leave office when Malvika stops her and says she should remember KKNs rules that she has to inform senior via mail before taking leave. She asks her to apply leave and then go out. Once she leaves, Richa asks Ananya what was it. Ananya says she does not all this and just knows that she loves Kabeer. Richa goes to Ronnies cabin and asks what did he say ananya. He says before he could tell her anything, she got Kabeers call and left. Richa then goes to Ananya and tells Kabeer loves Tarini and not her. She reminds her how kabeer took Taranis blame on him and rescued her. She asks when she got kidnapped with Kabeer, did he tell anything about his personal life to her. She says no. Richa says she is ruining her life and should realize that Kabeer loves someone else. Ananya says she wants to meet Kabeer once at any cost.

Richa goes and informs Sunny and Trisha that Ananya wants to meet Kabeer and asks a plan to send her out. Sunny says he has an idea and tells some weird idea which Richa and even Ananya dont like.

Nurse brings injection to give it to Kabeer, but he resists and yells. Head nurse comes and yells at him that she did not call him here, etc. He asks who is she. She says she is head nurse sheila, not the one from sheila ki jawani, her favorite past time is to scold people. Kabeer surprisingly looks at her. She forcefully gives him injection and he writhes in pain. Tarani enters then and starts laughing and taunting him and says she will inform her son howmuch he is afraid of injection. He asks her to give his phone. She asks if he wants to call himself. They both laugh and share a lighter moment. Ananya comes there and gets sad seeing them together. She reminisces Richas words and thinks she was right.

Precap: Ananya asks Kabeer how is he feeling. He asks it is none of her business and says their relationship is just of editor and reporter. She says he is right.


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