Written Update - 18th June 2015 Piya Rangrezz

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Jun 19, 2015

Written Update - 18th June 2015 Piya Rangrezz (By sanchi)

Piya Rangrezz 18th June 2015 Written Episode

The episode starts with Rani reaching her home with partnership 1st installment of 50 lakhs. She addresses her partners Pandey and others and asks them to enjoy. Pandey says he did not make any mistake trusting him. Sher comes there just then and Pandeys jokers try to elope, but Sher asks them dare not to. He goes and sits on sofa. Rani asks who let him inside. He says when she can enter his house, why cant he. Jokers tell Sher that he is doing wrong and even his amma did wrong. He says his amma did wrong by sparing them and says he will correct it. He tells Pandey that he warned him not to come in his way. Rani says they are here to help him. Sher says he does not need anyones help. Rani asks who tried to kill his mom. He smiles and agrees that he did that drama to get them out of their nests. He leaves telling he spared him and they can be his partner. Once he leaves, Pandey says Sher did a big mistake and is not aware of a big problem. Rani says she will complete her task as promised.

Sher reaches Bhavris hospital room and tells her that he gave 50 lakhs to their enemies to gain their confidence. Bhavri praises him and says he is teaching her own game. She gives him gun and says it is his birthday gift.

Gajra tells Shraddha and Sunehri that she heard Sumer telling mama it is Shers birthday tomorrow. Sunehri suggests Shraddha to lure Sher with her beauty tomorrow. Shraddha says amma is in hospital, how can she enjoy here. Sunehri says amma will be very happy if she hears that she will get her legal heir. She gives her phone and asks her to call sher and ask him to come before 12.

Sher is busy in his godown arranging liquor boxes. Rani senses opportunity to lure him and falls box on him and holds his hand. Sher gives box to servant. He gets Shraddhas call, but ignores seeing her name. Sunehri then calls and gives phone to Shraddha. Sher picks and asks why is she calling repeatedly. she says even he was not picking her call. He asks why did she call. She says she called to know his well being. He asks if she is practicing patni dharam. She asks him to come early before 12 and cuts call. Sunehri scolds her for getting nervous. Sher calls Sumer and asks whose side he is in. Sume asks what happened. He asks why did he inform Shraddha about his birthday tomorrow. Sumer says he did not and says he is on his side and even Shraddha, so there is no question of opposite side. Sher gets confused. Rani stares at him and smirks.

Shraddha is busy preparing cake for Sher. Sunehri comes there and asks her go and get ready before Sher comes. Shraddha says she has to finish work. Sunehri says she will do it and says husband gets happy seeing wife well dressed. Gajra also backs her and they both send Shraddha to get ready.

Rani sees Sher alone checking ledger and senses an opportunity lure him. She removes her jacket and walks towards him lustfully. Shraddha on the other side changes her sari and gets ready with makeup, jewelry and gajra reminiscing Sher. Rani sits next to Sher closely. Sher senses her intention and to change topic says he has increased supply and work and his todays work is done. She says work is still pending and asks him to accompany her. She purposefully slips and falls and he holds him. She acts as getting leg sprain and not able to walk. He holds her and helps her walk and she looks at his face lustfully.

Precap: Sumer informs Shraddha that Sher went with Rani to her home. She gets sad. Sher drops Rani on her bed. She asks if Sher/tiger leaves his sherni/tigress alone like this in this condition?

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